Brave New World News: And you thought your vote mattered? LOL!!

Vote harder slaves!!  If having a selected vegetable like Biden didn’t wake you up a little who clearly did not win by a long shot, then this farcical election results should.  But it won’t because to realize you have been absolutely LIED to your whole life about everything is quite a shock for sure.  Sorry, your vote has never mattered one bit.  The last time I voted was in 2012 where I really was saying something is really wrong here, all the candidates I voted for lost, all the propositions I voted for lost, and all those propositions I voted against won.  This was obviously zombieland California where the apocalypse is currently going on. California is full of mentally deranged Racist HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats who are all catatonic and not alive in the least.

What an absolute farce! The puppet show is nonsense!

No matter how you voted, Epstein’s friends are still running the government as evidenced by the corrupt agencies like the FBI protecting the satanic pedophiles who were Epstein’s clients. So what parasitical tribe is the useless eating sub human Epstein goblin from again?

So the subversive LYING parasites control the media which controls the mind as Kanye West or Ye pointed out. The narcissistic RETARDS control the media but don’t want you to realize they do!

Stockholm syndrome of American’s is immense as they simply will not name the faulty inbred ashkeNAZI yids due to their Trance.  Whoever controls the media controls the minds of men, and calling out the subversive LIARS like Kanye West or Ye has done will get significant backlash from the narcissistic RETARDS!

Naming the parasitical yids triggers the ego. They are financially rich due to their stealing and LYING which makes the inbred’s poor soulless wonders. Miserable wretches is what they are!

Obviously there are still extreme Racists in our world who care about the life of an ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yid maggot, as the LYING thieving pieces of TRASH obviously rigged the election results before this whole fiasco. The anti-semite used up canard is dying as the truth is supporting the Racist supremacist terrorist Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is in FACT being an anti-semite.  Everything is completely inverted as Satan designed it.

Satan’s minion are exactly what Jesus said about them in John 8:44. The bible is literal like stating the earth is FLAT, as satan wants you to believe it is metaphorical. Pride goes before destruction!

In my current state of Idaho where the majority of the population call themselves Republican’s, it is obviously impossible for a useless eating catatonic KKK slavery demonrat piece of unconscious vomit to win, the ashkeNAZI yids have put the R label on a completely corrupted piece of shit by the name of Brad Little.  At the few Republican events I have gone to if Brad Little showed up he would have been egged and run out.  The only thing Republicans want is too recall the bastard.  I do not know a single Republican I have ever talked to who would vote for him, as everyone is for Bundy who ran on a platform of attacking the subversive LYING parasitical bankster scum without actually naming the sub human yids.  Now my poll of people is very informal but Little won the reelection fiasco while I could never find a single supporter.  Little is universally despised and in a Bundy event he asked someone in the audience if they could name the KKK slavery demonrat opponent and somebody said Brad Little.

Trump support syndrome vs. Trump derangement syndrome prevails among the masses. The enemy of humanity and God is within!

But according to ashkeNAZI yid propaganda media nonsense, Little won everywhere.  Little literally needs security to protect him he is such an asshole, and Bundy walked around among the people.  Bundy’s agenda is exactly what is needed as it while very few realizing it was very similar to Hitler’s agenda where he took on the criminal yid bankster parasites.

Bundy’s platform was very similar to Hitler’s. The useless eating yid banksters knew that so they needed to attack Bundy at every stop. I think Bundy knows who the true enemy is but could not say it because of all the mind control.

Thus, they needed to election results to be so one sided to stop a recount or any questioning so they could not put it out as a close race which I erroneously thought they would do with Little winning by a small margin.  Make no mistake, Bundy clobbered Little in reality, but a post that was made before the election ended on AP at 2pm had the results, 5 hours before polls closed.  This FACT is just a little (pardon the pun) showing it was all a farce.  Everything was predetermined.

It is all so tiresome!

Satanic pedophile TRASH rules the world and their end is near as the fiery pit awaits!

The satanic Zionist filth control America as all government is just a puppet show to give you the illusion voting matters. If you vote you are surrending. The puppet is dead!

Wake the fuck up! It is all bullshit!

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