Brave New World News!  Racism is blatantly towards white people fomented by the ashkeNAZI yid supremacists!

As Kanye West or Ye has pointed out so bravely, the media is controlled by the subversive LYING egotistically RETARDED supremacists with very fragile egos. The truth really bothers their intellectual deficiencies along with the ugly smelly goblins looking in the mirror.

This is a picture of Kyrie who is obviously telling the truth and the Racist supremacist pedophile HATE group ADL goblins have very fragile egos when the truth is told! Oy Vey. Lebron is a good nigger to his masters and wants the bananas to keep coming!

The used up canard anti-semite is not working anymore as the canaanites or edomites psychologically projecting tactics are simply dying as more people come out of their trance and realize our completely upside down world.

Psychological projection as a tactic is dying as it should!!

The beast system is designed to benefit victim status of which I obviously have none being a straight white male, but I do have white male privilege which means I have a functioning brain.  My white male privilege also grants me the ability to say whatever I want without repercussions while silencing all mentally deranged programmed RETARDED HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties and their regurgitations of nonsense. While the inverted beast system is designed to stomp on my head I simply invert it to stomp on the useless eating ashkeNAZI yid parasite as it should be.

Having a functioning brain does have it’s privileges for sure!

Recently Lebron came out as a good nigger to his masters by attacking Kyrie because Lebron likes his bananas and will LIE to get them.  Kyrie knows the earth is FLAT, did not take the poison injection, and stated the ashkeNAZI yids supremacists did slavery in America, not white people.

How ironic a narcissistic RETARD like skip insults the intelligence of Kyrie! Your bullshit doesn’t work anymore skippy!!

As is obvious, you cannot be HATEFUL or RACIST towards the narcissistically RETARDED faulty inbred TRASH, as God’s destruction of the RACIST terrorist Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL vermin cannot come soon enough.  The schizophrenic psychopaths days are numbered for sure.

Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL’s days days are numbered as the ugly goblin’s are being exposed!

The jealousy of white people by the cultural swine ashkeNAZI yid TRASH can be categorized by extremely deplorable sycophancy, as God has cursed the filth by making them look like goblins. I love when occasionally people say I am jealous of them because they have stolen so much money, but I will stick to keeping my soul.  I only have sympathy for the wretched incorrigible whores as they live out the rest of their soulless existence.  It is the yids who are jealous of me as I have felt it in real life.

Satan loves his goblins because they push his agenda! Oy Vey!! God is preparing the fiery pit as we speak!

The Racist Supremacist terrorist pedophile HATE group ADL and their goblins do NOT dictate what I say or do, as I do the right thing by my conscience as the ugly smelly faulty inbreds clearly have no empathy or sense of decency or decorum.  I will continue to tell the truth since it is I who am the open minded liberal who cares for women and children, as KKK slavery lefties are catatonic prideful sludge.

They live glasses help you see the truth about the goblins!

It is a simple FACT that I have never been called a Racist because I am NOT, and every KKK slavery leftie in my sphere of influence I have told them they are RACIST BIGOTS.  Even my sister who I love who is a classically trained excellent musician which unfortunately destroyed her critical thinking skills due to too much memorization whichI have told her this.  She is still recovering but getting better.

The fucking absurdities never cease to amaze me! Because I have a functioning brain this RETARDED bitch is fat? The Rockefeller death shot will make you skinny so I suggest you take it and and take your bullshit out of here!

While we know mossaud admitted doing 911, we know not all ashkeNAZI yids are bad, as most of them have just been deceived like the rest of the masses, but the narcissistic behavior of your typical ashkeNAZI yid stems most likely from their inbreeding which has caused their blatant intellectual deficiencies. Satan simply chose the race with nothing to lose to try, extremely programmable and to achieve his overthrow of anything good.

Obviously most ashkeNAZI yids are just stupid and naive and would never think of doing a controlled demolition like this. But terrorist mossaud admitted they did it. There is no denying this truth!

It is imperative that we have a nationwide effort to forgive, as giving all catatonic mentally ill KKK slavery demonrats the opportunity to apologize for their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, BIGOTRY and Racism is important for everything so we can all heal. Obviously this must be done quickly before the prideful gullible morons all die of the Rockefeller death shot.  I say this because I care!

And the narcissistic RETARDED yids are behind all of the poison injections, but don’t name them since you have stockholm syndrome! Oy Vey!!

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