True Reality: Duality vs. Triality

We often hear about man’s nature of duality but how often do you hear about Triality?  You have probably never even have heard of the term because I am the one who has created it due to my original thinking.  You will not find any of this in a book anywhere as I do not regurgitate anything nor have I ever even read a psychology book as I know they are all complete bullshit to actually keep you in the Matrix.  Like science it is all a manipulated satanic LIE.  I figured out the human ego not by reading books on it but by practical experience and interactions with many people.  The ego is pride is stubbornness to keep people in the Matrix so they are good slaves to the beast system.  That is what I expose.

The ego simply will reject truth! The ego is satan!

I am what could be referred to as a controller as I know the programming so I can manipulate people especially catatonic lefties who are devoid of any thought and are all programmed the same.  Righties not so much because their mind is very confused and all over the place due to their Orwellian doublethink.

Well, he did try and warn you!

Duality which people who have delved into subject is where inside all of us we have a fight between good and evil, or as I describe it the natural soul which is in tune with God, and the ego which is in tune with satan.  The good portion of us fights with the devil on everything since in the world it tells us that materialism, sex, and drugs are what will satisfy us which is never does.  All of these things you will never have enough, as it is a simple FACT that some of the most miserable people in the world are the financially wealthiest yet are spiritually poor. 

The duality of man because of the ego is exactly what inverts the reality of the masses.

The definition of being rich is a duality in itself, as being rich in the world is to have a lot of money, but to be rich in God’s realm is to achieve wisdom and peace which is true happiness. Scripture tells us correctly that the fear of God is wisdom while the fear of man is folly.  This is entirely correct and is another part of the duality we live with every day.  If you fear a made up virus it is to keep you in fear so you can be controlled and enslaved in your mind so you don’t think.  I obviously did not fear it because I was humble enough to seek wisdom and researched the Hegelian Dialectic which is how satanic governments do things to achieve their desired result, which is always the opposite of what is good for the people.  I screamed to say do not wear a slave mask nor take the Rockefeller death shot as I knew both were nonsense, but the human ego does not listen so plenty of people ignored me.  The satanic pedophile “authority” figures are what they listened to because they have been programmed to trust them.

The ego will stop someone from reading this simple passage and taking it as literal which it is. So who are the Khazarian ashkeNAZI pharisee money changers who falsely call themselves joos? But in the Brave New World people ignore FACTS like this don’t they? How much more obvious can it get yet it is ignored!

The programming is designed to circumvent this natural duality which is very evident in KKK slavery lefties since they are devoid of any decency or decorum due to being catatonic.  The poison injection further destroys the connection to God and their DNA making those who took it completely hackable, as least until they die from the poison injection. Frankly there is nothing you can do to help them as their whole system is fried. It just may be the best thing for the miserable gullible morons to die.  You simply cannot fix catatonic which lefties are.

Understanding the earth is FLAT is done by simple reasoning, not faith. And the Tyndale bible translated in 1526 even says FLAT earth which has been revised in all the most widely used bibles. Obviously Tyndale was strangled to death in 1536 on orders from the satanic heritical catholic church. Organized religion sucks!

What I mean about expanding it too triality is really a more precise way of defining the human ego.  To get a basis of what that is I will reference the false left vs. right paradigm as merely the one side of the equation. 

The first part is those who are stuck in the false paradigm and are merely polluted thumb drives of misinformation, as their ego is completely controlled and is programmed with complete LIES.  This is obviously where most people are as their reality is completely and utterly farcical, but they will cling to their beliefs.  Both are very BIGOTED and will reject the truth outright.

The illusion we can get out of this by voting is completely absurd. The subversive LYING bankster scum control both parties! It is merely a puppet show!

The second part is those people who call themselves truthers and are branded as conspiracy theorists as such by the masses due to the propaganda media nonsense.  These people have seen thru the BS from the government and media and are awake to such things as the controlled demolition of 911 to the earth being FLAT.  Their mind simply has escaped the Matrix somewhat due to their ability to comprehend simple FACTS which is the hallmark of the Brave New World to ignore all FACTS. It is hit and miss as most of this group recognizes big FACTS but still ignores a lot of small FACTS.  For reference I get attacked by these people constantly as I challenge their paradigm by showing them there is one more layer to deal with.  Their belief that because they have figured out these truths they are awake, while these truths are merely symptoms of the issue, not the full picture.  This group of people which is growing is still in Plato’s Cave somewhat, or maybe you could call it above ground yet still confused.

Truthers love to give me advice while not listening so they are still ignoring FACTS! I tell them I am an open minded liberal and they typicall freak out but they don’t ask why I call myself that in the least! Have you had a Patriot want to come and beat you up yet because of this? I have! Their programming says catatonic lefties are open minded and liberal! How fucking absurd!

The third part which is truly awake is the complete understanding of how the human ego works in a logical format where it inverts the masses reality in their minds.  The simple inversion for most people just seems too easy so they will reject this FACT.  You must have an open mind so you can erase all you have been programmed with your whole life to attain this final stage, and it is the only place you can actually call yourself a true liberal, and it is only attained by admitting you know nothing so you question everything.  It is where you fear no man and fear God which is exactly what they bible tells you to do.  This is being rich by having true wisdom, while anyone still in the matrix will regard the confidence you possess at this stage as arrogance which is just more of the inversion of the duality.

The free mind questions everything while the Matrix mind reacts emotionally. The Matrix mind only insults with exactly what it is guilty! EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Thus, the programmed catatonic lefties will arrogantly regurgitate their programmed beliefs and never listen simply because they cannot.

Your righties won’t really listen either since they are in the false paradigm but because of their confusion will just kind of drool a little and then go off somewhere like you never said anything.

Both lefties and righties are in stage one as their reality is complete nonsense.  Plato’s Cave is where they live entirely.

Turn the satanic star of remphan 666 programming trash off for good!

Your truthers because they believe they are awake will be more adamant in their exposal of what they have researched will not listen either because of their ego which keeps them from questioning the biggest thing of all, the ego which is satan. The truther’s are still not fully awake and still restrict their speech by not calling out the satanic bankster pedophiles who run the world, so the controllers are fine with this stage.  If this group just maintains this level of awareness they still are not thinking in the big picture and are compartmentalized. Their ego is still controlled.

The truthers minds are still controlled but they reject this because they believe they are awake. I present the ego issue to them and almost always they reject. The ego is still hiding on most truthers!

The Matrix is one thing and one thing only and that is the ego. An ego that is bound and recognized so it cannot hide. This is the final stage where you have given up self and put your trust in God. When you look at your own ego in the face on every decision you make, it runs very scared.  Refusing to acknowledge your own ego is denying satan exists and that is exactly what he wants.  I find it extremely incredible that anyone can deny satan exists with all the bullshit going on nowadays, but most people do.  That is because they are in a Trance.  Only in this last state of the awakening which is frankly 90 to 100% of the awakening do you truly have a free mind. This last mountain to climb is like comparing an elephant to a mouse with all the truths.  While the most important mountain to climb of all, it is a very daunting task indeed. Only the few even make an attempt at this and the bible states this.

The truthers will still judge as only God has the right to judge. I am always behind them while they yell at me and give me thoughtful criticisms which is just them judging me. I certainly confuse them for sure by calling myself an open minded liberal because their programming puts me in with catatonic lefties. It makes them scared when I tap them on the shoulder from behind!

Nietzsche is a prime example of someone who speaks truth, yet when reading his work the arrogance of his thought was exceedingly obnoxious.  Did he speak truth?  Yes he did but he spoke truth with his ego so it is tainted.  I could not read everything he wrote because of this as he was too entrenched in his own ego.  He was in the truther category and still in the Matrix, and widely disseminated because his writings keeps people in the Matrix.

While mostly the truth, sometimes should be replaced by all the time. Nobody wants to admit they are wrong period and they have been programmed with complete LIES. The ego doesn’t like being exposed in the least!

Only in this final stage are FACTS from the bible and in life are revealed and vibrant as God reveals them.  Once the pride in self is demolished comes true wisdom from God.  A person at this stage will be able to speak truth with emotion and this final stage is the only place it can be done.  This stage is very calm and collected and obviously does not have a fragile ego in the least since it is bound and gagged in the corner.  When people try to insult this stages intelligence it will cause laughter since confidence is very strong.  Of course it will be viewed as arrogance by any other stage.

This is very true! This is the ego in a nutshell!

Unfortunately I cannot figure this out for anyone as it requires sustained individual thought and a willingness to admit you are wrong.  The ego does not want that one bit.  That is why I say the ego protecting the ego is exactly what they ego is. It will makes excuses upon excuses to justify it’s existence like saying we need an ego to protect ourselves, while the ego is really trying to destroy.  The ego’s logistics are pure duality as it is black and white.  But to figure this out requires a significant inquire into the whole process, and to admit everything is a complete LIE.

Sparking the mind to think is a task for sure as they have tried to shut down the masses minds at every step. I simply cannot think for you as you must figure it out all by yourself!

But hey, I am just an open minded liberal telling the truth!  What do I know right?

Orwell did not write fiction did he?

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