Breaking Brave New World News: TV’s are a satanic programming device!

TV “programming” it is called for a reason, as watching TV for “entertainment”, where the word really mean to enter the mind.  The TV is a major distraction from reality and while a person is watching a TV their mind is in a total alpha state.  Thus, during this time a person is extremely programmable and practically any absurdity can be installed into someone’s programming.

The amount of patents for brainwashing a person with a TV is immense. They are researching this all the time but most certainly never talk about it!

I grew up with the TV and thought nothing of it. But every year less and less because the programming was getting worse and worse and worse.  The 90’s were the last time I spent any significant time watching TV and I wish I wouldn’t have because now I know I was being made a zombie by it.  Since I believed the absurd controlled demolition on 911 it is clear I was in a complete trance.

Since about 2000 I have mostly just watched a few movies and football, and obviously since about 2015 when football decided to be extremely racist towards me, I have almost stopped all of it. I love football but the racist commercials are unbearable, as I did watch the super bowl last year to see how atrocious the parasitical ashkeNAZI yids have made it, and I was not disappointed as it was disgusting.  I predicted the fixed game and everything.  I can imagine the brainwashing going on during this event, but very few people realize it in the least.

Invert everything the TV says! Do they ever tell the truth that prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are Racist? They say the opposite don’t they?

I currently live in the woods off grid for the most part, but there are other people around also. I have a neighbor who is separated by about 25ft of small trees, but you can still see thru them.  They have a TV that can be loud plus now they have it in the window facing my place playing many times all thru the night. For someone like me who despises TV it has been very bothersome.  But in the interest of peace I did not complain. But I do not live in the Matrix obviously and it is very frustrating on how people never look at their issues, and to vent my frustrations I say errrr occasionally.  The TV is most certainly part of the issue but not all obviously, but I don’t play loud music or make any other noise.  We also have train noise which is certainly bothersome but that cannot be changed.

This is very true as the TV creates complicit sheep on demand!!

But they complained with all this other noise going on so now I will have to express my concerns.  They are literally TV zombies so we have no intellectual compatibility in the least, so I have just lived my solitude existence.  But they decided to make me even more perturbed with this bullshit. I have plenty of awake people I talk to and they are not capable of waking up as they will live their zombie lives out not in my presence.  If they stay where they are I will stay where I am at. 

I don’t recommend watching much, but the movie They Live is a documentary to where we are! Watch that!

TV’s are disgusting satanic TRASH, and all media as told by Kanye West or Ye is done by what subversive LYING parasitical tribe?  Of course the narcissistic RETARDS will not deny they control the propaganda media, they will use the used up canard anti-semite that is losing it’s effectiveness immensely for the mind control.  The yids simply are NOT semite but canaanites or descendents of Cain.  Master LIARS!

The bible is very literal and it is telling the truth. But a TV brainwashed mind cannot see this as it will ignore FACTS!

So satan actually controls all of our propaganda bullshit media, as the yids are psychologically projecting media garbage.  And the reality is even if you have figured out everything is inverted as hell by catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats be RACIST Trash, every time you watch the TV you are getting signals to your brain to close down your thinking without you knowing it.  They do it by a mathematical sequencing event that you will never know it is happening.  Very few people know this obviously, but this is the very reason I tell people to shut it down for good even if you can invert all the bullshit the yids say.

Yet the subversive LIARS deny this truth and they have too, or people will realize who the subversive LIARS are! The false anti-semite canard is dying and the narcissistic RETARDS are scared!

The number of patents proving this are immense as it purposely manipulates your nervous system to make people zombies.  It simply brainwashes people so they cannot think and since your average American watches 8 hours of TV a day, that is your reason American’s are zombies.

Stop watching ALL TV “programming!”

The TV is pure mind poison.  If you desire to actually think it must be turned off completely.  Knowing what I know the TV actually pisses me off and makes me mad. All your catatonic KKK slavery demonrat can do is regurgitate what is on the propaganda news as lefties are walking programmable zombies.

Lefties are so catatonic regurgitation is all they can do!

Did any of the media report the truth about KKK slavery democrat ashkeNAZI yid Pelosi’s gay tiff with the hammer and the erection fraud?  None of it was the truth and they can get away with this since in the Brave New World people ignore FACTS.  He has security guards so if the yid didn’t want them there they would not be there.  Pelosi yid went to the bathroom to call the police in a gay sex break from the mentally deranged green party lefty wacko male prostitute.  And completely inverted Times of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL reported it was a fictitious “White supremacist” and anti-semite.  What fucking bullshit!

If the drunk RETARDED bitch isn’t enough proof the puppet show is all nonsense!! All catatonic lefties belong in the rubber room!!

Yet catatonic lefties will actually believe this shit is unbelievable. Turn off the satanic brainwashing device for good!  Only then can you start to think and exit the Matrix!

The major reason people are in Plato’s Cave is the garbage TV! Exit the Matrix REQUIRES you turning off this disgusting device of nonsense!!

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