Open letter to propaganda CNN anchor Jake Tapper

Dear Jake,

As an open minded liberal straight white male I applaud your efforts in euthanizing all mentally deranged putrid vulgar morally depraved RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat catatonic TRASH!  Unlike your rude and obnoxious programmed RETARDED viewers, I easily know my gender which there are only 2.

I have never even had once an apology from a diseased puke leftist piece of sewage for their blatant RACISM, HATE or BIGOTRY. I am obviously saddened their mother made the WRONG CHOICE!

Any gullible moron who believes your obnoxious propaganda bullshit deserves to be euthanized as they simply do not belong in any civilized society.

The HATE speech alone by calling catatonic closed minded leftist sludge liberal is bad enough, but you continue your subversive LYING unabated don’t you? Thus your euthanizing the unconscious leftist vomit is quite acceptable to an open minded liberal like myself.

May God have mercy on your soul because I surely don’t!


God’s humble servant on his FLAT earth!

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