Great Tartaria History: Spokane

Unlike the truth about FLAT earth which they have set up controlled opposition such as the farcical Flat Earth Society, they have not set up mind control words to stop the inquiries into the history of Tartaria. For most people it doesn’t even go into their conspiracy theory folder because they have not even heard of it, yet I bet they have eaten Tartar sauce right?  This right here makes a connection to it in a non threatening way as it is just a simple FACT they have never thought about.  So this gets people interested in investigating it further since.

Everything is a LIE like anything coming out of propaganda CNN to program the catatonic lefty zombies.

Another FACT that is good about Tartaria is they have never been programmed with any information about it unlike what has been programmed into people for absurd globbery.  So people don’t have to unlearn the LIES first before they look into it.  I am the first one to present some FACTS about it.

Kind of grainy as this map from 1605 shows Chilaga and San Francisco. The architecture between San Fran and LA is very distinct, as San Fran is old and they obviously had the Tartarian street cars and LA did not. But the buildings in San Fran are much older and that is clearly evident, probably from the 1500’s or even older.

Now we are told that all these buildings were built in the times of horse and buggy all around Europe and realizing now all around the US which frankly is completely absurd.  The precision cuts in stone require diamonds as stone is very hard.  Our history we have been programmed with is a LIE, but these buildings do not LIE and are literally telling us the truth if we simply open out eyes.  Buildings are FACTS and substantial ones also.

Schwerin Castle in Germany from 973? They built this with horse and buggy? How absurd!

Reconstructing true history is not easy and is a continuous connecting the dots to see if it fits.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.  It is a changing puzzle.  I have come to the conclusion that any history prior to 1900 is completely farcical and thru my research of finding clue after clue especially with looking at the buildings, The Northern part of what is currently America and Canada used to be part of the Great Tartaria based out of Russia and was the largest country in the world.  But Napoleon and Alexander the Great who were Free Masons it appears defeated the Great Tartaria in Russia in their war from 1771 to 1775.  The Tartarians were peaceful benevolent people it appears who did not bother the native Indians in America and peacefully coexisted.  But when Tartaria was defeated in Russia, it appears there was a reason America was founded in 1776 to clean up the vestiges of Tartaria that existed in North America.  How was Tartaria destroyed and the people eliminated is a question I can only speculate, but certainly the mud floods that happened in the 1800’s that we have never heard anything about seem to be a relevant discussion.  Tartaria certainly existed in the 1800’s as evidenced by this free mason magazine from 1865.

So the luciferian free mason’s are still in 1865 taking down the Tartarians. It is quite apparent remnants of Tartaria still existed up until the early 1900’s, as around this time is when the free mason’s were changing history dramatically. I regard history prior to 1900 at his point null and void.

So now I would like to examine Tartarian history of Spokane. Since the Cathedrals were actually free energy stations and have been repurposed, I focused on looking at those.  However, since they are big tourist attractions and they have had a long time to cover up their past, it is harder to find clues.

St. Michael’s which according to the cornerstone was built in 1949 and is up the hill away from the river. You see the spires like on the other cathode-drals, but you do not see the housing for the toroidal inductor and transformer for the free energy from the aether. A nice replica for sure and very nice, but without a housing this was not built with free energy in mind. Very nice but it was merely the contrast I was looking for.

It appears around 1900 is when the Tartarian structures were no longer being built, but replicas as this one is.

Impressive yes, Tartarian no.

The next building is St. Aloynius Cathedral on the Jesuit Gonzaga campus. St. Aloynius was martyred at 23 which I thought I took of picture of his statue but my camera was reversed so I got a picture of my face. I won’t post it to not scare you!

The cornerstone says this was built in 1909, and as you can see it has the toroidal housing for the spires. It certainly looks like they incorporated some sacred geometry in the as it has some intricate work. Model T cars were around to build this right? Sorry, something still does not add up as those doors are 10 ft doors so people were bigger when this was built. My guess this was built at the end of the Tartarian time sometime in the later 1800’s.
The pipe organs for Tartaria were put in the Cathode-drals to have water pipe thru to give it the proper frequency since water is very important to life and for the mind since all memory is stored in water.
Since the 1900’s they have been trying to screw up the frequency to make it so people cannot think to question the false narrative, and this is just another one of the ways they do it besides flouridation of the water and TV programming etc. The banksters want good slaves!
The cornerstone says 1909, but it would be easy to match grey granite like this so the free masons probably replaced it at that time. This was supposedly built when Model T’s were cars which doesn’t make any sense.
So here you have window levels at street level and you have to walk down to go into the building. That doesn’t make sense as there must be a few floors buried. This building is by the riverfront park so it is in the area that would be first developed. This looks Tartarian.
The free mason’s connections to ancient Egypt are well know and of course their are symbols around the US everywhere if you have eyes to see. All the levels like master mason are from Egypt obviously.
While this is not my research, this description of Senmut which is Senenmut short, and this completely contradicts what wikipropaganda says so I tend to think it is well researched.
The year is AL 5904 and to get to the AD time you just have to subtract 4000 years so my guess is the free mason’s stole this building from the Tartar’s in 1904 and redid the cornerstone. The L stands for Lucis which the subversive LYING masons will say stands for light, but what it really stands for is Lucifer. 99% of free masons are completely deceived as they hear it is an organization which makes good men better, but what they really do is use them as useful idiots to further their satanic agenda.
Gosh, an egotistically RETARDED faulty inbred! Such a cohencidence he would say such a thing!
Lady of the Lourdes which is the oldest Cathode-dral right accross the street from the luciferian free mason lodge. The 2 towers you can see where they can house the toroidal inductors. Beautiful building.
Here is a better picture of where the spires would have been in place of the crosses and it looks like it had some type of dual toroidal system from the housing.
The doors were 10ft tall judging from the approximate 6 ft height of the vagrant in front. You make doors to accommodate the height of the people and they were taller in the 1800’s, or at least there were some giants as compared to the little people.
So the cornerstone says this was built in 1903 as electricity was finally available right? Beam me up Scotty as this is a Tartarian building and when it was built is anyone’s guess. Could be 1500’s or 1600’s as I bet it supplied electricity to the miners and such in the area. I don’t know and no one else does either. The stone work alot of it would be difficult today.

While searching for the Tartarian truth in a little town like Spokane, it is obviously important to go to an Irish Pub and drink a Guiness with fish and chips, because it comes with Tartar sauce right? No Steak Tartar on the menu or I would have been tempted!

The last stop we made was actually the best as we went to the Schade Brewery. It seems this building started it’s revised history around 1900. But it had the most clues of all.

I saw the bottling building and thought that would was the building, but it only looked like the top. That building is gone. The Brewery was in the big building but it appears by all the picture we took much of it is buried even at this time. But even this picture had electrical poles and it was 1903? The time frame of everything does not add up. This is a Tartarian building as you will see.
So here is the front tower today. Very similar to the picture from 100 years ago.
You can see they put some entryway in that I think detracts, but I am not looking at aesthetics obviously.
Now why are these windows so low? As you can see on the right side of the picture, at the street level there is a different type of stone from the rest of the structure, and with the windows being so low it does not seem like this is the first floor in the least.
Now this is where it gets interesting. The bricks correspond with the rest of the buildings bottom, and this stone masonry is nowhere else but here and you can see a little on the other side under the sill. But these doors actually appear as windows to me as how far does this go down? Doesn’t this stone work look like from Europe and 500 years ago? It does to me. Yet it is in Spokane? They dug this out to put in an addition in back and make a parking garage I believe or a docking point for deliveries.
So this door has a window sill and over the slanted driveway. A bricked up window to the right. This brick here seems to be the original building and the brick to the left seems to be an addition. The foundation of this building is very old and could it have been buried in a mud flood but because it was taller not everything was covered? The entryway seems like it should be the windows over the entry doors which seem to be underground?
See the angle?

The reality is I would not have been able to see this if they didn’t do an addition where they dug around the building on the one side. But it still doesn’t appear to be the bottom of the building. Did the mud floods eliminate the Tartarians? There certainly was a great reset in the 1800’s and trying to figure out what exactly happened is pure speculation, as they only thing I know is what they have told us is not true, as it is just as false as calling a catatonic lefty a liberal which is absurd!

So the Spokane Court House was supposed built in 1895 with no electricity and horse and buggies. Yet in this picture there is an electrical pole on the left? This Tartarian building which produced free energy was taken from the Tartarians in 1895, and when it was built is a good question. Notice the detail of this and the dark colors contrasting with the light stone? What a nice building with numerous spires to produce free energy!
When is this from? Doesn’t it look spectacular?
Look! They have painted everything beige!! No dark contrasts and it blaze as hell! The stone probably got dark in some spots so instead of cleaning they painted it over to cover it up!! Hey it was cheaper right?
I assure you all those intricate details are NOT one color! If you stripped all that ugly paint off you would have an incredible display of beauty. They painted it over to hide an aspect of Tartaria as this building if there was a mud flood from the river is a little higher that the others.
They made it ugly!

It is a LIE that these were made when they only had horse and buggy. They had something else that is being hidden as they knew how to produce free energy.

History is a lie commonly agreed upon is no doubt. The dystopian world most people live in is farcical at best.

Maps prove Tartaria existed beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it has been erased for a reason.
Flags of the 1700’s with Tartary!
They had their own language that has disappeared!
Batu Han is possibly Ghengis Khan? Was he a Tartarian, not chinese? Did he live 275 years? Did the Tartarians defeat and kick out the Khazarian ashkeNAZIs who falsely call themselves joos today out of modern day Ukraine in the 1200’s? It makes logical sense and if they did the yids have been trying to avenge the Aryan Tartars ever since?
Controlling energy is one of the aspects of controlling the masses. Learning about Tartaria is just one more rabbit hole to free your mind!

3 responses to “Great Tartaria History: Spokane”

  1. Very good presentation. My mind goes al over the place because there are so many things to comment on. Those large doorways (not to mention historical photos of large people) shows that those entrances were meant for taller people. Some are extreme with heavy 20′ doorways.

    When I look at the details in so many of those old architectural features of those buildings I have no doubt they had their own version of 3D printing technology hundreds of years ago. Likely far more sophisticated than what we have today.

    And like we both agree that history is a lie, I’ve read somewhere that much of Egyptian Pyramid history (and some of their other architecture) is only a few hundred years old and not the many thousands of years like we’ve been taught by Masonic Egyptology.

    I grew up in the modest size city of Regina, Saskatchewan (presently just over 200K). And when I returned there a few years ago with my mind more awake, I was amazed to realize how many of those older style Tartarian buildings are there; an unusually large amount for its small population. And many of those buildings are of a much smaller scale than those glorious sized buildings you show here.

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    • Any history before 1900 is a complete LIE. How they were able to erase and rewrite history could only be done under black magic. The satanic agenda of today is so blatant as I read this morning how a Catholic priest was reprimanded by a bishop for being against homosexuality and abortion. The inverted world in a nutshell!

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  2. I know of a very outspoken cancelled priest Father James Altman who was fired by his bishop for stating the truth that, because of the democrat stance on abortion, you can’t be a democrat and be a Catholic, let alone a Christian. His bishop didn’t want to offend anyone. It’s all very inverted. But unfortunately Fr Altman needs to wake up much more because he believes the Germans were bad and the holohoax was a real thing.

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