Brave New World news: Propaganda CNN has successfully euthanized their catatonic viewers!  All 3 of them!!

I have a friend of mine who has a neighbor who is a yid who did not take the Rockefeller death shot as she is married to a white guy.  You know why she didn’t take the clot shot?  She despises her race and wants nothing to do with them in the least, and if she meets one she runs away. 

Many yids have figured out the truth about their psychologically projecting inferior complex race, and if they haven’t they probably have been euthanized by their “fellow white people.” There is a reason they change their names isn’t there?

The best information I get regarding the ashkeNAZI yids were actually from them themselves, as not all of them are bad and can see thru all the bullshit.  Benjamin Freedman’s speech in 1961 where he was a satanic Zionist but spent the last part of his life exposing the subversive LIARS.  Gerard Menuhim in his book Tell the Truth Shame the devil which has many entries from Patton’s diaries after he figured out America fought on the WRONG side of WW2 is a great source of information.
Those with a conscience will spill the beans as they must have some empathy. Their inferiority complex simply produces their god complex of pride. Narcissitic RETARDS is exactly what they are!

American’s are in a big trance as nothing they have been programmed with is the truth.  Mentally deranged catatonic RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats simply have been successfully euthanized by the Rockefeller death shot, but really how would they even know?

It is time to admit that those who took the Rockefeller death shot will die. Deny it all you want but it is going to happen as it is a depopulation agenda!

As a pro choice open minded liberal I am obviously for giving the choice of what wall the innocent baby murderers stand against for the firing squard, as anyone who believes murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics clearly has a mother who made the WRONG choice in the first place.

Did you know the bible is against murder? But molech needs child sacrifice and this is exactly what the KKK Planned Parenthood is! And the murder of innocent babies is a ashkeNAZI yid value!

True reality of our situation is that a major portion of the population has been euthanized as that is exactly why they used the Hegelian dialectic to produce the solution of the death shot.  Ironically, American ashkeNAZI yids who are narcissistically RETARDED as evidenced by the majority of them being programmed RETARDED doctors and lawyers and almost all catatonic KKK slavery demonrats took the clot shot.  Just like the controlled demolition on 911 where only 5 out of 4000 ItsaHELLy yids died because they got the text telling them to not come in that day, almost all American yids died that day who worked at the twin towers which were built for that specific purpose.  The satanic cabal yids have no problem sacrificing their own narcissistically RETARDED kind.  A sane ashkeNAZI yid must repudiate their inferiority complex race to actually be saved from the genocide like my friends neighbor.  Just more of the inversion!

Hitler banned all yid vaccines because they are all POISON!! Hitler was right once again and he was fighting all the commie forces we are fighting today in America! America fights on the WRONG side of every war, especially WW2!

Jake Tapper from propaganda CNN has set up a Gab account where I parlay my open minded liberal ways.  Here is the post I sent him:

If you ever decide to tell the truth at propaganda CNN Jake, please use these terms when describing unconscious KKK slavery demonrats!

Polluted thumb drive of misinformation
RACIST prideful BIGOTED gullible morons
Selfish slothful narcissistical programmed RETARDS
Comatose entity whose mother made the WRONG choice

As an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, I would be happy too consult and answer any questions you might have!

As a pro choice liberal, I am fully in favor of giving the choice of the wall to stand against for the firing squad to those who are programmed to believe murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics is ok.

The end is near!

CNN is pure vomit propaganda! TV “programming” is called that for a reason! Turn it all off!

Will he see it I do not know, but you have to be catatonic not to realize CNN truly has euthanized their catatonic viewers. Obviously he will not believe it as a narcissist always denies the truth, at least until on their death bed they say oh fuck!

TV is brainwashing period as it keeps people in a catatonic state. I even know how they do it mathematically to close the mind and create the cognitive dissonance. All of it is bad!

The truth is not pretty as it never will be, and the truth certainly does not care about your feelings in the least.

Ahhh, did I hurt your fragile ego? But murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic is ok? Please fuck off!!

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