Brave New World News: God’s created FLAT earth destroys the false vegetable Biden vs. con man Trump paradigm!

The amount of propaganda being produced and conspiracy globbery trolls trying to stop people from realizing they are God’s creation is simply immense, so immense they even have created such garbage as the FLAT earth Society.  Propaganda FLAT earth Society is merely a way to try and belittle the truth about the earth being FLAT to confuse people like what our public brain damaging centers are doing to children.

It is right out of Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange to get people to realize this simple truth. Probably one of the reasons they had yid Kubrick film the moon landing right?

With drag queen hours and LGBT morally depraved sexual deviant TRASH, it is very obvious to see that all mentally deranged putrid vulgar RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED are despicable unconscious vomit. I guess all diseased puke KKK slavery leftist filth ignores the simple FACT that pride goes before destruction and literally celebrate pride, which is obviously why we see so much extremist deplorable sycophant HATE coming from all useless eating comatose leftist scum.

The illusion that lefties are alive is simply a complete and utter absurdity!

There are many conspiracy globbery gullible morons who believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain which is completely absurd, as this is just how wacked out these programmed zombies are.  Are they so wacked out they believe bullshit propaganda CNN too? 

CNN is pure HATE speech by calling KKK slavery comatose demonrats liberal! The closed minded comatose BIGOTS are the anti-thesis of an open mind!

There are even conspiracy globberyist who think men can get pregnant who I am sure have no clue what their actual gender is while being upset if you misgender them, but not upset their head is completely up their ass.  I guess they are used to the smell by now?

I like to show I care by giving wacked out conspiracy globberyists a pass so people quit laughing at them! What can you say I am a nice guy!

Ugly smelly RACIST supremacist genetically deformed useless eating ashkeNAZI yid fake joos who Jesus is the bible rightly describes the narcissistic RETARDS as their father being the being and the father of all LIES are a bane to humanity and anything godlike. The mental invalids pride and love of money will be their demise.

Just look for the big honker on the yids unless their extreme jealousy of white people made them get a nose job. Here is one of the narcissistic RETARDS before the nose job!

Tell a LIE often enough and people believe the bullshit like the HATEFUL RACIST holohoax LIE as you would expect from satan’s minon, like conspiracy globbery and the holohoax nonsense and the masses start believing it.  This is a very unfortunate truth.

Since the wooden door for the gas chamber was so leak proof at Auschwitz, they used it to stop the Nordstream leak done by mossaud! Such a cohencidence right?

The ignorance of FACTS is immense in even the Rockefeller death shot poisons people ignore, and people ignore that Hitler banned all ashkeNAZI yid poison injections.  Once again, Hitler was right like when Jesus thru the pieces of shit out of the temple.

All vaccines are yid poison!

As an anti-RACIST and Christian, I support God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL with all of it’s vile incorrigible whores as Martin Luther so eloquently stated in his book the jews and their LIES!!  Obviously, all prideful BIGOTS who took the Rockefeller death shot like the vast majority of selfish slothful despicable comatose KKK slavery demonrats did so God destroyed the prideful filth.  As an open minded liberal who care s for women and children, I am very pro choice on those who feel brutally murdering innocent babies against God’s will is ok, as they should have the choice of what wall they stand against to have their head blown to smithereens. None of this shit belongs in any civilized society and I applaud God for euthanizing this shit!

Gosh, sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL is proud of being prideful!! Satan chose wisely didn’t he?

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, and to ignore what you see everyday is a FLAT stationery plane is quite the FACT to ignore.  Do we call it a planet or spheret?  A planet is a plane and a plane is FLAT as is water is FLAT.  Water needs a container and a spinning balling thru space at 1000mph with no wind is obnoxious in itself, but it certainly is NOT a container in the least.

You literally do not need another FACT to prove the earth is FLAT! Every other FACT frankly confuses your programmed normie and that is why this is the only FACT I ever use. The shape of the earth is NEVER the issue, it is the shape of their programmed ego that is always the issue.

Flight patterns prove FLAT earth as does the seasonal change with the sun being local and obviously NOT 93 million miles away.  It changes the size of the circle it does to create the seasons.  ALL FACTS prove FLAT earth along with the complete comedy hour that is free mason extortion fraud NASA CGI cartoons.

The raindow is a reflection off of the dome! Just more proof right in front of your eyes!

FLAT earth simply destroys all the LIES that satan has set before us, as everything everybody has been programmed with is a complete and utter LIE!  The human ego or the sub conscious mind which was programmed at the public brain damaging centers falsely called schools believes all the LIES because it ignores all FACTS due to non comprehension.  This is how the Brave New World works folks.  Through brainwashing the LIES over and over again while knowing how to shut the brains thinking down in many different ways thru TV programming, music especially rap music, poison in the food, energy drinks, etc, as all these cause cognitive dissonance on purpose to keep the masses docile and stupid.  Flouride in the drinking water is clearly one of the biggest brain deadening issues as it is a pure neuro toxin.

The ego ignores FACTS! It is that simple!!

The satanic pedophiles who run the world do not give a shit about you in the least and will obviously end up paying the ultimate price.  The first shall be last and last will be first as the bible states, and only those who humbled themselves before the lord by admitting they were wrong about the shape of our FLAT earth are worthy, as you must humble yourself by admitting you are wrong to seek the truth.

You simply cannot see the forces of evil around us blinding the masses from the truth, but I assure you they are all around you! They are not very fond of me in the least!

Yet, the FLAT earth truth is not the end but sometimes the very beginning of the quest to seek truth, as are all truths.  The controlled demolition on 911 done by Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL was my first awakening to the truth, and I asked myself so what else has satan programmed me with?  From there I kept finding satanic criminal yid bankster TRASH at the end of every rabbit hole.  This combined with my life long confusion of how KKK slavery democrats tie their shoes has led me to the truth, as the human ego, not all these truths which are just symptoms of the problem, is the Matrix.  It is occam’s razor as to figure out the Matrix it is so simple too figure out everything is inverted it just doesn’t seem people can be fooled by it.  An interview of a repulsive RETARDED dick sucking satanic rabbi told larry “bronstein” king a few years back that the yids control the goyim by their ego.  I wish I would have saved that interview but I did not.

Your typical organized religion Christian is prideful and worships satan! FACTS prove otherwise!

The bible emphatically shows what Jesus said about the Pharisee money changers or how he thru them out of the Temple.  The biggest deception of all is when I see people say Jesus was a jew!  Jesus was an Israelite and fighting the satanic Talmudic filth which is exactly what the child sacrificing filth is?  Who do you think pushes murdering innocent babies?  It is the yids who falsely call themselves joos!  Jesus fought these useless eaters tooth and nail, just like Hitler and many others in History.  Unfortunately God said satan would rule the world and he does is very evident by all of the satanic LIES out there like conspiracy globbery.  Globbery is just the tip of the iceberg tbh.  Well maybe I should say the tip of the Antarctica ice wall acting as a container for the FLAT water instead to be correct?  Jesus is NOT related to the faulty subversive LYING inbreds who falsely call themselves joos today, as they are not even semitic.  Everything about the Khazarian Mafia is an inverted LIE as it has to be for satan to rule the world via the corrupt criminal banking system.  Why do you think they want digital currency?  It is for the Khazarian mafia to enslave you. 

Gottfried Feder system of eliminating usury produced an incredible economy under Hitler, as the satanic yid bankster filth was cut out, so of course the yids had to defeat Germany, as they were producing a society as nice as the Great Tartaria with free energy that the yid banksters have eliminated from our history.

Gottfried’s system built prosperity for the people, and none for the criminal bankster TRASH. The subversive LYING parasitical yids have been attacking this ever since!

The bible is the truth as it confirms the earth is FLAT, and everything else is a LIE.  It is that simple.  If that causes you cognitive dissonance that is your problem, not mine!

The cognitive dissonance unfortunately causes people to not even look at information like the bible. That is how the mind control works as the ego is the I believe I am right disease, and of course it always accuses what it is guilty. This is the mechanics of the Matrix entirely!

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