Breaking Brave New World news:  JFK was the good guy!!

The false left vs. right paradigm is absolute garbage, and to further destroy it I am telling you a KKK slavery democrat was the good guy since he took on the satanic criminal bankster scum. If having an open minded liberal like myself saying a democrat was the good guy doesn’t blow your mind after everything I have written, I don’t know what will wake you up.

JFK was murdered because he was doing the right thing!

People will blame the murder of JFK on filthy disgusting RACIST LBJ satanic piece of dogshit, but who killed JFK goes right back to the Zionist bankster scum as there is no doubt who did it.

LBJ was an absolute disgusting satanic zionist piece of dogshit!

Who at the CIA was in charge of the operation?  None other than disgusting Bush Sr. as their were according to what I have figured out 5 assassination teams to shoot JFK in the satanic Daly Plaza, and ultimately it was the CIA driver of the car who after the first gunshots where every one was shocked, turned around and blew JFK’s head off at point blank range, as that is why his brains blew backwards.  Oswald was an incompetent patsy who was used to divert the attention from reality, and obviously probably couldn’t even hit the car from where he was at.  Jack Ruby whose real name was Stein or Cohen murdered Oswald to stop the trail. 

The Bush crime family!

JFK while being one of the illuminati families actually so he has the blue blood but had a conscious and talked openly about the satanic zionist conspiracy, issued money directly from the US Treasury (as stated in the constitution) with executive order #11110, wanted to end the private bank federal reserve criminals and break up the Rothschild CIA domestic terrorists.  Satanic pedophiles do not like anyone with morals so JFK was killed.

This among other things is why JFK was murdered! Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL stole Uranium for Nuclear bombs from America and JFK wanted it back also!

The controlled demolition on 911 was done by these same bankster scumbags who needed a new pearl harbor false flag (FYI 95% of American’s opposed going to war with Germany in WW2, so the bankster scum needed this to push their disgusting agenda thru) to get America to go fight another Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL war.  They even outline this in their document “The New America Century” which I have posted to my blog here.

As an anti-Racist and for being for world peace, God’s upcoming destruction of the narcissist subversive LYING parasites of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL cannot come soon enough, and it is coming as satan’s minion’s will all get exactly what they deserve.  I obviously do not advocate violence which is not needed when mentally deranged unconscious KKK slavery demonrats willingly euthanize themselves, but God has proven his displeasure with Pride many times, and that justice is forthcoming guaranteed!  I don’t make the rules, I simply understand them.

It’s all connected! What a cohencidence right?

The love of Money is the root of all evil, and it is a FACT the ashkeNAZI yids love money so much they will LIE, cheat, steal, and murder to get more of it.  Are the ashkeNAZI yids making a lot of money killing people with the Rockefeller death shot?  Why yes they are!  Do they not thru their criminal banking control the world?  Yes they do!  Are they afraid of God?  Inherently yes they are because I have heard this from numerous sources that yids when they die are very scared as the narcissistic inbreds should be.  They sold their soul to devil to acquire power on earth.  That is what makes the schizophrenic subversive LIARS the dumbest race on God’s created FLAT earth.  They failed ultimate test miserably and are literally internally tortured, as inherently they know they have been deceived.

Gosh, another narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid! Their inferiority complex is what Satan inverts into a God complex. Kissinger is really the face of evil!

God gives us free will and satan works to destroy this free will by the human ego and pride, and he obviously has done a very good job at it.  Pride goes before destruction so the bible tells you beforehand what will happen when you trust man instead of God.

The first shall be last and last shall be first. And comatose KKK slavery lefties celebrate pride! Are the gullible morons celebrating their death from the Rockefeller death shot? God is thinning out the herd for sure!

JFK was the good guy and he like many others such as Hitler, Joseph McCarthy, Charles Lindbergh and many more tried to warn the masses about the bankster scum, but people’s pride stops them from listening.  The propaganda we have been fed our whole lives comes directly from the subversive LYING bankster parasites to distort reality, as if you believe any of the history or common knowledge of today, you live a life of delusion.  Plato’s Cave is very real as the few always control the many.

Anyone who fights the banks is the good guy!

The truth is hate to those who hate the truth written by Orwell is a guide to true reality, as the mind control produces a complete inversion thru control of the human ego.  It is the Matrix and is how the masses are controlled.  A conspiracy theorist is someone who believes vegetable Biden has a functioning brain period.

Men can get pregnant and they can make 1 out of 4 comatose lefties believe this shit? Lefties are simply extremely offensive at this point. I have to refrain from screaming at them! The Brave New World is NOT fiction, but you must understand Huxley was an insider to the cabal, so you must invert what he says in his book, especially when it comes to Hitler as Hitler was the good guy!

I don’t make the rules, God does.  The truth does not care for your feelings in the least.  God simply gives you immense power when you put your trust in him.

It is logic on why you believe the earth is FLAT, and a person must have faith in man to believe the conspiracy globbery nonsense. Everything is completely inverted and I mean everything! Open minded liberals like myself know this very well!!

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