Breaking Brave New World news: CNN to give deceased zombie certificates to their last remaining 3 droolers!

Taking the advice of their legal counsel, all certificates will be laminated so the drool does not ruin the certificate and the zombie flies into a hizzy fit!  We know how getting any award to a KKK slavery lefty is a thrill, and they will obviously not comprehend what the certificate means because it is a FACT, as FACTS are irrelevant when you cannot comprehend them!

Have I told you KKK slavery lefties are not alive? It’s true!!

Mentally deranged putrid vulgar cultural swine KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit can drool profusely on the certificate without damaging their new prized possession

Euthanasia which they have done willingly is the only cure for the comatose KKK slavery lefty zombies!

As is obvious, KKK slavery demonrats are programmed to regurgitate everything the “Most trusted propaganda bullshit network” says, as men can get pregnant right?

CNN is complete TRASH!

Since deceased zombie certificate is a status symbol among drooling gullible morons, expect some fisticuffs in the quest to obtain this prestigious award!

An actual headline!! Unfucking believable!

CNN is truly a treasure who has been relentlessly pushing the Rockefeller death shot to euthanize their viewers, and has even gone so far as to tell their viewers that just because people are dying in droves from taking the clot shot does not mean it’s not working right?  Really, how would any of mental invalids know? If you have trouble with figuring out your gender, the skies the limit on what absurdities you can program into the zombies right?

CNN should be illegal and does not belong in any civilized society!

As everybody knows I would not make so much fun of comatose KKK slavery lefties, but they simply give me so much material to work with I can’t help it!

Since comatose KKK slavery lefties cannot think, they will post propaganda from CNN as their FACT! CNN is for zombies only!

It is a FACT that if someone actually is being programmed by propaganda CNN nonsense, they simply are not alive!

Mind you all propaganda msm is controlled by ugly smelly subversive LYING parasites, but obviously CNN is a special case of worthless sewage!

I just tell the truth and if that truth bothers you, please fuck off!

Isn’t this the truth!

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