Brave New World News: The elephant in the room is still there as the pure bloods are NOT getting sick!

As the propaganda bullshit lying inverted Orwellian news continues to ignore like how the masses ignore ALL FACTS, if you didn’t take the Rockefeller death shot you are NOT getting sick!

How do people not see this?

Why can’t people connect the dots that only the people who took the shot are getting sick, just like how those who take the flu shot are the ones getting the flu?  It is because it is a FACT and in the Brave New World FACTS are ignored!

The phantom virus? The vaccines are the problem as they are poison!

Every day I live in a comedy routine that is actually a tragedy, as I can tell the people the truth but it simply goes over people’s heads.  And you think I am joking?

Idiocy is reality!

If a person does not question where they blindly just took the clot shot, and it is obvious the government has lied about absolutely everything, but hey they were telling the truth about this, I just don’t know what to say.

Hello? Is there anybody in there?

If you believe you cannot be brainwashed, you do not think because you are brainwashed. If you know you can be brainwashed, it is because you can think.

Has the government ever told the truth? NOOOOO!!!

Humans are programmable is a simple FACT just like a computer can be programmed

The prime example of programmable NPC’s is your comatose lefty. Righty’s are a confused mess also, but lefties are insane at this point!

Not just this extremely poison vaccine, but all vaccines are bad.  Science is all a fucking LIE!  It isn’t science at all but a money making opportunity for subversive LIARS!

The media gets most of it’s money from big pharma! Isn’t the bias obvious? Who runs big pharma? Connect the fucking dots!

If you don’t read the media, you are uninformed.  If you read any of the media and are not appalled by the complete and utter bullshit, you are not conscious.  If you watch CNN you are a fucking gullible moron. But all msm is garbage and if you watch TV at all you are being programmed!  Turn it off!!

Every time you watch TV you are getting brainwashed! That is a FACT! Turn the damn thing off!!

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