Brave New World News:  It is a FACT the human mind is as programmable as a computer!

This obvious FACT that humans are programmable is easily illustrated by the walking programmable zombie KKK slavery democrats being programmed to believe men can get pregnant as this is completely absurd.  Not only absurd but frankly rude and offensive as HELL!  The prideful BIGOTS are beyond help and like I have said many times having RACIST KKK slavery demonrats euthanize themselves via the Rockefeller death shot may just be the correct approach as it is completely impossible to wake the comatose gullible morons up in the least.

Public brain damaging centers falsely called schools are pure TRASH! It is child abuse to send any child to a public school!

A brilliant friend of mine who has figured out the mathematics of life wrote me yesterday that humans are a computer with 4 program steps: Read, decide, act, remember.  This is exactly right and for sure the controlling satanic pedophiles who run the world know this implicitly as they have thru public indoctrination centers have implanted so many viruses into the human mind the masses simply cannot think, and only react.  I obviously speak about the human ego which is the I believe I am right disease as the ego does not have an logic itself, but like a computer program it is logical in it’s actions.  Like a computer program it does what it says without question and will ignore all FACTS contrary to it’s programming.  The program will also accuse of what it is guilty namely to insult the person’s intelligence while the program has no intelligence whatsoever, which is the irony of everything.

We have been fed LIES our whole life to keep the hidden knowledge aways from humanity. It is more important to unlearn than learn at his point. People have been programmed to react instead of think which keeps the slaves in place. One lie exposed like the shape of the earth is FLAT with a dome exposes them all. Until a person admits they are wrong, they will continue to live in a false illusion!

I try to debate with many wacked out conspiracy globberyists who are completely programmed with nonsense.  This can be clearly illustrated when they call an open minded liberal like myself a mentally deranged comatose RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty.  Calling anyone a lefty is extremely heinous and uncalled for obviously at any time, but if after I repeat I most definitely am not an extremist deplorable sycophant unconscious KKK slavery lefty numerous times, their programming still continues this insult proving just how strong their programming is.  As is obvious, calling a mentally deranged programmed RETARDED KKK lefty liberal is despicable HATE speech and a mendacious LIE!  If you cannot even form a complete sentence like a lefty, you are NOT open minded in the least.  Lefties are mutes obviously.

Lefties are pure NPC’s! Not an ounce of intelligence as they are all programmed RETARDED!

But I literally know exactly what their programming will say before they even say it.  That is because their programming is logical in it’s actions, but has no logic in itself similar to a wacked out HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED lefty.  Their programming will insult my intelligence over and over and over again, which I know is merely what I call the ego or you could call it the sub conscious minds programming trying to protect itself.  When debating a conspiracy globberyist I know beforehand it is a closed mind and directly from the sub conscious mind which is just like the hard drive on a computer. 

Everything about conspiracy globbery is simply absurd!

The conscious mind is where a person questions things and has creativity.  A lefty can be creative as we see with many artists, but none of their creativity has any logic whatsoever behind it.  The highest form of intelligence is creative thought backed by Socratic logic.  This is when the conscious mind is firing on all cylinders and is the truest intelligence there is.

Socrates was very dry but extremely logical. Voltaire who is my favorite philosopher had logic but backed it up thru comedy. As we know if you are going to tell the truth, you better make them laugh or they will kill you! I can make comatose lefties laugh while insulting their intelligence as I have done this my whole life. Nothing takes however since their is nobody home since they are simply a software program of LIES!

Men and women are different especially when it comes to the mind.  Women are nurturers for the next generation as God designed them to raise children.  Women clearly should NOT vote as overall women are just stupid. Not that voting matters anyway. The amount of women who agree with me shows their clearly are intelligent women, but those will always be in the minority which factually proves women should not vote.  Obviously this FACTUAL statement will throw many women into a complete hizzy fit which also proves women should not vote EVER!  Women overall simply do not have critical thinking capacities to make a wise and thoughtful choice.  As the bible states, women are designed by God to be subservient to men, as men are designed to protect women.  Right now this is completely inverted by satan. As evidenced by women voting for RETARDED KKK slavery democrat so often, this only further makes this blatantly obvious.

Women voting was a very big satanic mistake!

To not to be able to see the ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED useless eating subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid TRASH who thru black magic have programmed the masses is completely absurd as their still are RACIST supremacists who care about the life of these urinals. God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL obviously cannot come soon enough as none of this vermin belongs in any civilized society.  It is long past the point of no return as you cannot be RACIST or HATEFUL towards the faulty narcissistically RETARDED anti-semite inbreds who falsely call themselves joos!  The bible is very literal when discussing this filth!

The bible is very literal in this as it states those who call themselves joos are NOT! A little research shows this to be the truth about the subversive LYING parasites!

Gottfried Feder’s banking system that he used for Germany was brilliant as Hitler saw this.  It eliminated the parasitical influence on the economy from the useless eating bankster scum and produced a thriving economy that was beneficial to all, except the faulty inbred loser TRASH.  All the RACISTS who care about the life of narcissistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid vermin need to go pound sand. 

The bible states usury is a big problem, yet peoples pride ignores this FACT! And it is a very BIG FACT!

This inverted world we live in has been completely caused by the parasites love of money, as the selfish slothful yids are the bane to all humanity, and that is the simple TRUTH!  And the truth does not care about your feelings in the least!

The mind control stops people from seeking the truth, as the truth requires effort since it has been hidden! The yids are chosen by satan and they even admit it, yet don’t mention them or people go berzerk! How much more obvious can it get?

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