Breaking Brave New World News:  It is a FACT all unconscious walking zombie KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST!

This is not suggestive conjecture in the least as it is pure logic and common sense that all mentally deranged brainwashed RETARDED KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST filth, and they are the worst kind since they have been programmed to believe they cannot be racist at all. As is more than obvious KKK slavery democrats have absolutely NO intelligence.  NONE! Not a single ounce of critical thinking or reasoning ability.  Republican’s are a confused mess and certainly cannot figure this simple FACT out either unfortunately.

At least letting the unconscious morons attack each other is entertaining right? As long as they are like how blacks kill each other then I am fine with it. But there are too many innocent victims.

Since it is the hallmark of the Brave New World to ignore FACTS it makes sense this major issue goes unnoticed, as most people are mesmerized by the TV “programming” they watch as the propaganda on the news confuses people to not see this blatant FACT!  And let’s face it, the Republican party is RACIST towards white people also as both are controlled by the satanic Zionist subversive LYING ashkeNAZI bankster yid TRASH!

The ashkeNAZI yids are subversive LYING parasites!

Now as the Rockefeller death shot takes effect and comatose gullible moron KKK slavery lefties die off, there obviously will be less extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, Racism, and BIGOTRY as a dead KKK slavery democrat is a dead RACIST!  This is just another FACT and as an anti-Racist I can only applaude the FACT that mentally deranged RACIST KKK slavery demonrats euthanized themselves willingly with the Rockefeller death shot.  It was the right thing to do frankly as lefties are TRASH!

Gosh, the propaganda bullshit media doesn’t point to the blatant FACT that all the CEO’s of the Rockefeller death shot are ugly smelly subversive LYING parasites do they? The end of sodom and gormorrah ItsaHELL is near!!

The debate over the lack of intelligence of comatose rude and offensive KKK slavery demonrats is over, as if they can make the zombies believe men can get pregnant or there are more than 2 genders, this obviously indicts every easily offended mental invalid lefty.

Nice adam’s apple Michael!!

FACTS are very important if you are to discern the simple truth, and open minded liberals such as myself do NOT ignore simple FACTS.  The FACT that satanic zionist pedophiles control the false left vs. right narrative which is completely absurd, or that Sodom and Gomorrah RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911 are immutable truths.  The FACT that I can make 2 unconscious lefties attack each other is another truth which goes to show just how programmed RETARDED all lefties are.

As we pray for world peace, this obviously includes the destruction of sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911!

I have been telling the truth that all KKK slavery lefties are RACIST for years, yet people’s ego still deny this simple truth.  People still deny the Racist domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa exist?  Yes they do but FACTS are obvious these programmable zombies exist and are supported by our corrupt satanic subversive LYING government and propaganda media nonsense, as all they do is doublespeak meaning they project the opposite of the truth constantly.  It is how the mind control works since the ego inverts reality so people believe the opposite of the truth while ignoring all FACTS!

The mind control all RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are under is based on pure HATE! Getting the comatose gullible morons to euthanize themselves is pure karma!

Many people are starting to understand the complete inversion of reality we are in as outlined in the bible and also obviously Orwell’s 1984. It is so fucking obvious at this point it hurts.

The inversion is very real!!

Calling a closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat liberal is completely absurd, as zombies are not in the least open minded.  Vegetable Biden should give people a little clue right?

Vegetable Biden is just pathetic! How anyone believes this puppet show at this point is beyond me!

But American’s are in a Trance and cannot see it!  America is Plato’s Republic and has been used a cannon fodder for the satanic bankster TRASH to install criminal central banks around the world, as it is obvious Hitler was right, but he lost.  The world would be very nice if he would have won for sure and he should have disposed of the subversive LYING narcissistic RETARDED faulty inbreds!

Hitler simply told the truth and that is why he has been attacked by the ugly smelly subversive LYING parasites. Just like Jesus, he was crucified for telling the truth! And that is the immutable truth of where we are at today!!

The upcoming destruction of the useless eating vermin of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL will be a very good thing, as world peace cannot happen until the diseased puke is disposed of properly. As an anti-Racist I know for a FACT joo is just a fancy word for a RETARDED urinal!  All repulsive RETARDED dick sucking rabbi vomit will be defecated on since that is what God designed the filth for!

Whatever the narcissistic RETARDS accuseth, the useless eaters are guilty! Hitler was right!

We must all attack the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, RACISM, and BIGOTRY of all unconscious KKK slavery leftist TRASH!  To do this please do not use violence, just encourage the gullible morons to get their boosters!  It really is that easy to dispose of the comatose refuse!

Frankly you could not stop the prideful BIGOTS from taking the poison as I certainly tried. The ego does not listen and cannot think. Encouraging those who took the poison to finish the job with the boosters is the compassionate thing to do at this point. Their end is coming as death is a part of life, as evidenced by pride going before destruction!

The truth is not pretty one bit as the truth does not care about your feelings in the least. It is clear selfish slothful comatose KKK slavery demonrats cannot think, and this is why I do not let the TRASH regurgitate their programming in my presence! 

This is the simple TRUTH!!

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