Brave New World News: Please stop calling a FACTUAL open minded liberal like myself a closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat!

Have  you ever met a KKK slavery democrat that wasn’t bugeyed and full of cognitive dissonance?  Can they form a complete sentence?  Are they not CLOSED MINDED?  Why yes they are and thus it is a FACT they are the anti-thesis of a liberal!

The narcissist programmed morons are NOT liberal!

If propaganda CNN calls KKK slavery democrats liberal, isn’t that proof enough that is a disgusting mendacious LIE?  Why yes it is!!

CNN is disgusting offensive vomit!

It is a FACT that an open minded liberal has common sense and knows there are only 2 genders, men cannot get pregnant, and the wind changing directions should not cause a hizzy fit right? 

Whatever disgusting google says, you must invert for the truth! This simply process unfortunately is too difficult for masses!

Thus, it is blatant and irrefutable HATE speech to call a mentally deranged cultural swine RACIST closed mined prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat a liberal, because they are the anti-thesis of one!

Lefties are NPC’s and NOT alive!

I am just a simple open minded liberal who knows the earth is FLAT!  Why does this cause such cognitive dissonance to wacked out NPC conspiracy globberyists that they insist on calling me a comatose narcissistic RETARDED lefty? 

How many FACTS do you have to ignore to believe free mason extortion fraud NASA and their CGI cartoon images anyway?

It seems they are even such conspiracy theorists that they believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain also?  How absurd it that?

What a drooling mental invalid!!

All I know is the repeated HATE and insults I get as an open minded liberal as the amount of trauma is horrid when someone calls me a cognitive dissonance bugeyed democrat! This insult is uncalled for and obviously heinous! I am forced into therapy by drinking an IPA (As a purist I like a smooth strong single IPA) with sometimes advanced therapy I eat pizza.

Everything you have been told your whole life is a LIE!! It is more important to unlearn that to learn! This is the immutable truth!

How would you like to be insulted by being called a KKK slavery democrat? It’s disgusting!

The programmed morons literally euthanized themselves!

I do my best to cope but it is obviously been very tough to withstand this abuse! 

I try my best!

I hope you can help me thru these tough times!

If the truth is offensive, that is your problem not mine!

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