Brave New World News: Why I hold the world record for being called RETARDED on God’s created FLAT earth!

In our dystopian Brave New World if you dare to tell the simple truth, you will be personally attacked. The blatantly obvious truth that I say and write to me is so obvious it hurts, yet is hurts precious fragile egos because the masses have been programmed with complete and utter LIES!

The cognitive dissonance produced by the FLAT earth truth is astounding to say the least!

True reality is that when someone resorts to insults to try and protect their fragile ego, I simply know I have won the debate. They then can only dig themselves a bigger hole which they usually do or turn into a complete mute.  Blocking me is a typical tactic since they get so butt hurt.

It is this simple, agent smith who is the human ego attacks the truth. It is blatantly obvious all comatose KKK slavery democrats are RACIST, yet people have trouble saying this simple truth. It dumbfounds me!

Our public brain damaging centers falsely called universities are simply creating a bunch narcissistic programmed RETARDS who regurgitate their nonsense without thought arrogantly. If you dare to question their beliefs they run away like a scared cat.  It is all so tiresome as the truth simply produces such cognitive dissonance in the masses they run away keeping them completely locked into Plato’s Cave.

Anyone who still believes in conspiracy globbery is completely in Plato’s Cave of nonsense. It is imperative you turn off your TV “programming!”

Mutes like all mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats it is imperative you never let them regurgitate their programming since all of them are completely unconscious and devoid of thought entirely.  It is also very suspect to let a confused Republican drool also since they also have the propensity to have Trump support syndrome.

The subversive LYING parasitical bankster paradigm is complete and utter nonsense! The narcissistic selfish slothful mental invalids days are numbered!

Everything is a satanic money grubbing bankster LIE!  All history, all common knowledge, everything.  If you don’t process that the love of money is the root of all evil and follow the money to figure out that evil, you are blind!  And in the Brave New World most people are blind as bats as they cannot even see that water is FLAT and always finds it’s FLATNESS, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth is definitely FLAT as confirmed in the bible!  If you deny this, you may be a twerker!

America fights on the WRONG side of every war for the satanic useless eating bankster TRASH! A very unfortunate reality!

Frankly, all a wacked out conspiracy globberyist can do is insult because they are simply unable to intellectually debate since they cannot comprehend simple FACTS, and that is why they must protect their fragile ego since they are so entranced by their programmed regurgitations of nonsensical gibberish like conspiracy gravity.

Very few minds can comprehend simple FACTS in the least. I comprehend all of them!

If you tell the truth it is assured you will lose friends and be personally attacked.  Cite bible verses that tell the truth expect people to disagree and offer you nonsensical narcissistic advice with their I believe I am right attitude EVERY SINGLE TIME!  Same with any moral depravity you will find the ashkeNAZI yid prominently displayed in their bio EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I don’t even have to look anymore after I see some filthy disgusting TRASH, I always know it is a genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED yid. 

Narcissists unfortunately rule the world and they are NOT fond of the truth as it triggers their fragile egos!

The masses never learn since they are in a Trance, and the simple truth will bring out agent’s smith’s cognitive dissonance over and over again.  I scare people because I speak the truth!

Once you look into all the patents they have for mind control, it blows your mind! It is everywhere especially with all the people injected since they are perfect receivers now with an operating system!

Jesus actually explains the Matrix in the bible, as it is based off of pride which is the ego.  Same with Hitler in Mein Kampf in a different way, as does St. Augustine and Socrates. Voltaire did it with flair and humor. But for sure it is a constant, if you tell the truth, it will trigger fragile egos.

Follow the money! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

I will never win a popularity contest nor do I want to.  I just seek the truth.  It is that simple.  Because of that my world record of being called RETARDED will continue to skyrocket.  I assure you my ego is just fine!

Unfortunately very true!

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