Brave New World News: When will the Racist domestic terrorist HATE group zombies of antifa and BLM start rioting and looting again?

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS, but that obviously rears its ugly head when some mentally deranged comatose KKKK slavery lefties can be convinced that men can get pregnant. But the masses simply ignore simple FACTS and that is why they can be convinced to believe in absurdities.

It is a FACT we are here!

It is simply a FACT all prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST filth while being selfish slothful scum. The Orwellian inversion couldn’t be more defined by the closed minded BIGOTS being programmed to believe they have an open mind when they are not actually conscious.

A picture of a KKK slavery demonrat paints a thousand words doesn’t it?

It is not suggestive conjecture in the least to say all comatose KKK slavery demonrats are Racist, it is merely stating a FACT! All the walking programmable lefty zombies can do is psychologically project what they are guilty, just like the RACIST supremacist genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids, as it truly is unfortunate that Hitler did not dispose of the narcissistic ugly smelly inferior LYING thieving useless eating parasites.

Marxism or communism 101 is always to accuse your enemy of what you are guilty! Marx’s real name was Levy! What a cohencidence!

As we know, the soulless subversive LYING parasites call me a goyim, which makes sense since we know the faulty inbreds are master LIARS being satan’s chosen minions. To think there are still ardent RACIST supremacists who care about these RETARDED assholes is still quite disturbing to say the least.

Every day more and more people name the narcissistic money grubbing mental invalids!

There are even people who still deny that RACIST terrorist Synagogue of Satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911 which is completely absurd since mossaud even admitted doing it!  This is an extremely BIG FACT that the brainwashed masses ignore!

The ashkeNAZI yid banksters are behind all death and destruction! JFK took them on and was murdered for it!

God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL will be well deserved for sure, as the ashkeNAZI yid fake joos are a pure cancerous tumor on all humanity.  God did say satan would rule the world right?  God doesn’t lie as he did tell us in the bible the earth is FLAT right?  Yes he did!

The end is near for sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL!

As I read the book the City of God by St. Augustine, he states that the City of God has to exist in the selfish slothful City of the World, as Cain who the ashkeNAZI yids descend from, not Seth are the ones ultimately rule the world because of their greed.  They are the banksters as we know who are the parasites in our midst and useless eaters.  Satan programs people to believe the opposite of the truth in every single thing, so the canard of anti-semitism is completely absurd, but satan uses it as a mind control mechanism.  The City of God is defined by the descendents of Seth who took the place of Abel who Cain was jealous of so he killed.  Hitler did NOT dispose of the descendents of Cain in the least.

The Khazarian’s literally stole the joo name like they steal everything else! The ashkeNAZI yids are NOT real joos nor are they semitic in the least!

Cain’s jealousy of Abel is not different than the ashkeNAZI yids jealousy of white people, as the yids inferiority complex is simply immense, as it should be since they are intellectually incapable of producing anything but total debauchery of disgusting cultural swine compared to high culture produced by white people. The narcissistic mental midgets have very little creativity, unless that creativity on how to be subversive LIARS and steal from people.  Then the faulty inbreds are able to concoct an unlimited number of ideas since their DNA is part leach.

The yids have an immense inferiority complex because they know they are NOT chosen coupled with intellectual deficiencies make the subversive LIARS the parasites they are!

If we did not live in an inverted beast system as we do, then the selfish sloth would obviously starve to death since the parasites are unable to fend for themselves.

So who are the Racist supremacists who control the propaganda subversive LYING bullshit media? Such a cohencidence!

When will the controllers unleash these unconscious domestic terrorist zombies?  As an anti-Racist myself I most certainly do not have control, as the gullible morons have no decency and decorum so they can be tasked to kill themselves to attack law abiding citizens, not that our laws are being followed in our current twilight zone anyway.  God’s laws are the only ones that matter at this point!

If you fear man you are lost!

Be safe out there as the Brave New World is not a safe place in the least with these zombies running amok. Comatose KKK slavery lefties simply cannot be saved and the sooner they die of the Rockefeller death shot to end their miserable tortured lives the better for all of us, as when they are dead they can no longer get sick!

You think I am kidding? LOL!!

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