Brave New World News:  KKK slavery democrats are still unconscious!!

At this point it is more that obvious that our whole world is completely inverted.  It is not called clown world for no reason.  KKK slavery demonrats are unconscious and are programmed with the exact opposite of the truth.  KKK slavery democrats are the RACIST BIGOTS entirely as they are what they accuseth.  This can only be accomplished if they are not actually conscious. If you do not recognize that all KKK slavery democrats are RACIST TRASH, then you are simply ignoring FACTS!

Response from a KKK slavery lefty:
The one top, through statements and actions endorses the murder of children and enjoys the increased volume in sales after a bunch of kids get killed.

The one on the bottom is a health care provider.

If you cannot see the complete inversion of reality here I can’t help you. Calling the satanic blood human sacrifice of children at the KKK planned Parenthood a health care provider? It is beyond pathetic!

But Republicans cannot figure out this inversion because they are simply confused due to their Orwellian Doublethink.  They don’t recognize simple FACTS either.  When speaking to a typical Republican who is still watching TV “programming”, I mentioned to him chem trails which made the sky white yesterday when it should have been blue.  He said he didn’t believe in chem trails yet all a person has to do is look at the sky to see them.  A typical Republican does not believe in climate change which is just completely absurd so they are able to figure this nonsense out, but not a comatose lefty who along with climate change will believe men can get pregnant also.

Republican’s are a wet noodle!

Because of this, a Republican will remain a good slave to the banksters as long as they do not recognize simple FACTS, they just keep going along with all the bullshit!

Talking to most people is like talking to a brick wall!

As an anti-Racist, all comatose mentally deranged RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat lives do not matter as simply are not alive and it would be best if their miserable lives ended frankly.  The gullible morons overwhelmingly took the Rockefeller death shot so they will be dead soon and a dead KKK slavery democrat is a dead RACIST.  This is not HATE as it is just stating simple FACTS which are ignored obviously.

KKK slavery lefties truly are NPC’s with NO intelligence!

The absurdities in our dystopian world right now are so immense that it is really hard to believe any of society functions. Every single KKK slavery demonrat is a useless eater as they produce nothing but selfish slothful  whiny ass filth. 

If they can make people believe men can get pregnant, the skys the limit!

It is quite simple as if anyone is still watching TV and eating junk food, drinking fluoridated water and using fluoride toothpaste, using aluminum in their deodorant etc,  they will not wake up in the least.  We are being killed by a thousand cuts and each of these cuts has a debilitating effect, as all of them together are devastating to the minds function.

I see this every day!

It is a simple FACT that KKK slavery democrats are a simpleton software program programmed into their sub conscious mind while their conscious mind does not function in the least.  This is not suggestive conjecture as it is just stating FACTS which a KKK slavery democrat couldn’t comprehend if you shoved the FACT up their ass.  Obviously, Republican’s ignore FACTS almost as much as a KKK slavery democrat which is why the false left vs. right paradigm is complete and utter satanic bankster nonsense.

It is all a complete puppet show!

The reality that most people live in has been formed thru all the propaganda we have been subjected too our whole lives.  It is simply not even remotely real as the evidence that the earth is FLAT with a dome or firmament like as described in Genesis attests. It truly is amazing how the FLAT earth truth evokes such cognitive dissonance, as this truth is NOT political and that is why they fear it so much as it starts exposing all the satanic LIES.  Once one lie is exposed, the rest invariably follow.  The breakdown of the first LIE is always the hardest since it breaks down the trance.

Plato’s Cave is very real!!

Satan is very good at deception isn’t he?

The narcissistic faulty inbreds shove it right in front of your face! And they are not real joos!

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