“Experts” have determined 1 out of 3 vegetable Biden supporters are as stupid as the other 2!

We must trust the experts right?  If they are going to do all this research to determine this thru an extensive scientific study that concludes KKK slavery lefties are not technically alive, we better trust them or else!

I agree with this extensive scientific study as it completely matches my research also!

These same experts have concluded that poison injections for depopulation purposes are safe and effective.

How come pure bloods aren’t getting sick? And why are all the gullible moron poisoned lepers dying? Quite a cohencidence don’t you think? Or don’t you think?

They also have told all the stupider animals on Orwell’s farm that oxygen depriving slave masks where you breathe in your dirty bacteria that makes you sick are great way to virtue signal your abject stupidity.

The sheep who wore the slave masks are simply comatose!

The expert have also told us that we live on a spinning ball flying thru space at 1000 mph with no wind while water curves and is held in place by the farcical gravity theory of complete and utter nonsense.  This is called “science.”

Notice how those who defend the magic spinning ball have never EVER done any research? And they call me retarded all the time!! Oy Vey!!

Republican’s obviously do not want to Racist by mentally insane morally depraved unconscious psychologically projecting RACIST prideful BIGOTED satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrat filth, as we are reminded by Trump that African American’s who burn their grocery stores where they get their food produced by white farmers, built America.

“African Americans built this nation, through generations of blood, sweat and tears.” – Donald Trump Oy Vey! Yes, the same African American’s who vote for the RACIST KKK slavery party who burn down the grocery stores they get their food at from white farmers. Blacks are simply still slaves to their parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fake joo slave masters! Did obvious FACTS bother you?

Intelligence is not regurgitation in the least as clearly evidenced by this, and it is more than obvious the masses are extremely brainwashed. Anyone who still is getting programmed by their “TV” is a non thinking zombie. 

TV is a deliberate inversion of reality using doublespeak. It is all brainwashing programming and must be shut off!

As an ardent anti-Racist and anti-Depravity, mentally insane putrid vulgar morally repugnant KKK slavery demonrat lives who have willingly euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot do not matter, and I obviously recommend social distancing from the poisoned lepers. The mutes are despicable TRASH.

The NPC’s are just walking programmable zombies!

The RACIST supremacist domestic terrorist pedophile satanic HATE groups like Vanguard and Blackrock are still in our midst, as the narcissistically RETARDED subversive LYING loser parasites have not been destroyed yet, as God will obviously be disposing of Sodom and Gommorrah ItsaHELL in due time.  For now we must just wait to inflict his brimstones and fire upon the Pharisee money changers whose father is clearly the devil as the inbreds are all LIARS!

JFK issued money silver backed directly from the US Treasury with executive order #11110. This is what ultimately got him murdered by the satanic bankster TRASH!

RACISM, HATE and BIGOTRY will diminish significantly when useless eating unconscious vomit KKK slavery demonrats die of the Rockefeller death shot. The gullible morons pride has led to their destruction and much more calmness will prevail when the filthy TRASH is dead.  The world will be a better place with each death of the KKK slavery demonrat! They are already dying in the thousands and that will dramatically increase this winter as they pull back the food supply so people start killing each other for food and water. Big cities are certainly not the place to be coming up in the least.

The truth I say doesn’t match what the masses are programmed with does it? The mass of men simply do not think unfortunately. The brave New World ain’t fiction in the least!

The Satanists blew up the Georgia Guidestones as they have accomplished their mission of depopulation.  Disposing of unconscious RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED comatose KKK slavery lefties is a good start to bringing world peace.  I look forward to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL for the grand finale!

The narcissistic parasitical RETARDS days are numbered!

2 responses to ““Experts” have determined 1 out of 3 vegetable Biden supporters are as stupid as the other 2!”

    • The inversion in a nutshell as the truth will make people laugh and frankly cry at the same time. We participate in trajedies, but watch comedys.

      1 in 4 vegetable Biden supporters believe men can get pregnant proves this point easily!


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