Liberalism is brainwashing 101: Ignoring this FACT is the same as ignoring all Truths!

Liberalism does NOT create a liberal in the least, as all KKK slavery lefties are HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED mutes.  The art of brainwashing has progressed so at this point lefties are literally insane as they do not have any intelligence whatsoever. If it comes out of the mouth of a comatose lefty it is pure gibberish.

Lefties truly are unconscious vomit!

A true open minded liberal rejects all liberalism as it is all complete and utter TRASH.  From morally repugnant drag queens to LGBT pedophile TRASH, it is more obvious than ever that no mentally deranged putrid vulgar brainwashed RETARDED RACIST KKK slavery demonrat should EVER be allowed around children.  Absolute disgusting selfish slothful TRASH!

The mutes are NOT open minded in the least! Thus, it is a FACT they are NOT liberal!

As I have known all my life that lefties are just plain stupid, the realization that KKK slavery lefties are comatose is something I realized quite a while ago now, as none of them are even remotely capable of debating an open minded liberal like myself. The prideful BIGOTS programming simply is unable to regurgitate any of their mendacious programmed LIES nor should they in my presence as their programming can only play offensive and is obviously very offensive and rude.  They are not able to play defense and become instant mutes.

KKK slavery demonrats base everything off of emotion and HATE! That is why the mental invalids psychologically project everything the prideful BIGOTS are guilty of! It is simply nauseating.

As is obvious as an adamant anti-Racist, KKK slavery demonrats lives do not matter, and obviously our corrupt government agrees since they have euthanized the gullible morons with the Rockefeller death shot.  So who will RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats blame when they are dying from the shot?  I am sure it will be me since I am a straight white male!

God sure has found a unique way to eliminate extremist deplorable sycophant RACISM, HATE and BIGOTRY of morally repugnant KKK slavery leftist TRASH hasn’t he? I have to resist screaming at the filth because I know it will not result in anything good as I just have to let time do it’s thing. The useless eating gullible morons will not be with us much longer!

I have had just about enough of piece of shit KKK slavery lefty at this point, and since I know they cannot be saved, the faster they die from the shot the better to end their miserable LIVES!  I am constantly getting attacked and interrupted by the mental invalids because I tell the truth which I obviously avoid the comatose morons as much as possible, as I know they are poisoned lepers at this point also.

Despicable evil satanic scum like soon to burn in hell Hillary know just how easy it is to manipulate comatose lefties, as even I can get the useful idiots to attack each. And I wasn’t the one who programmed them!

The Brave New World’s hallmark is the ignorance of FACTS, as the brainwashing stops the mind from thinking and only reacting by shutting down the discussion.  The ego will give me advice but since it is the I believe I am right disease it will never stop to consider their own beliefs.  Wisdom is acquired only by questioning oneself first as introspection is needed before we can decipher reality.  Thus the first step to real wisdom is to actually admit we are wrong, and the ego resists this intensely. Nobody wants to admit they are WRONG, and this is exactly what is WRONG.

For some reason nobody believes me! LOL!! Philosphers who speak the truth are not very popular to say the least!

Unfortunately, the mind control stops people from even looking at what I write as it creates pure BIGOTS.  Philosphers like myself as simply NOT popular and I wouldn’t want to be as I would rather speak the truth.  Clinging to mendacious LIES is a very miserable existence for sure, and narcissistic ashkeNAZI yid fake joos are the most unhappy people of all since I truly believe they have such an inferiority complex that pushes them to be such LIARS, thieves and murderers, as it forces them to attack anything good, and they try to attain more of the devil’s money to appease their selfish slothful desires.  But it is never enough for the RACIST supremacist faulty inbreds as their soul remains empty.

This is exactly how the mind control works EVERY SINGLE TIME!! This is why we have the inversion and clown world! This is NOT from some book as this is what I as an open minded liberal figured out. The books will tell you the opposite of this unfortunately. A free mind will simply ask questions of why you say what you do. No emotion needed for this!

The inversion makes it so they erroneously believe you are successful when you have more money, but the opposite is true, as the love of money is what actually brings despair, and it was them who were jealous of me, not the other way around in the least.

The bonus the doctors get when they kill someone with the poison Rockefeller death shot or Remisvider is very good isn’t it? Money is satan’s tool entirely and is the root of all evil!

I could never quite figure it out, but I have felt people being jealous of me my whole life.  I didn’t choose my wonderful wise father as he was the rock that solidified who I am today, or being a good athlete and having good looks so women became infatuated with me all the time when I was younger.  God gave me all this and all I did was try to take care of myself.  Now that I am older and wiser where these things fade, I only can look back at what my life was.  My asking my father why democrats were stupid at 5 years of age gave me the fortitude to reject all repulsive leftist brainwashing, as I simply never considered it relevant, and if any programmed lefty tried to regurgitate their nonsense I shut it down immediately.  You could say I have been very fortunate, but if you tell me I have white male privilege you better expect quite a linguistic enema shoving your shit back in your face!

I am very privileged in my intellectual ability to give linguistic enemas I assure you! I most certainly have never been jealous of anyone.

While comatose lefties are simply not alive, obviously righty’s are a confused mess.  Both in their own way ignore simple FACTS like the Racist terrorist Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL doing the controlled demotion on 911, and all FACTS point to this blatantly obvious truth just like how the God’s created earth is blatantly FLAT.  To not realize this you have to ignore FACT after FACT after FACT!

There were not even planes as it was all bombs done by the dancing ItsaHELLies who celebrated when the bombs went off. Mossaud admitted it! But people keep denying the truth since they ignore FACTS!

Or how about ignoring that America fight’s on the WRONG side of every war for the satanic bankster scum? The Racist supremacist subversive LYING propaganda media deliberately uses doublespeak for everything, as everything they say is the opposite of the truth, as Orwell described it all very well as far as the mechanics.  But a person must read the book and extrapolate what they are telling us for the truth, and the truth is always the opposite of common knowledge, EVERY SINGLE TIME!

The unfortunately reality! Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL bankster TRASH orchestrated the whole farce and then perpetuates the holohoax nonsense. FACTS prove I am right beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Erroneously calling a comatose lefty a liberal is simply absurd since they are completely braindead, and if a person does not admit this means they are brainwashed, they are still programmed and ignoring FACTS so they ignore the truth. But I just can’t seem to get this thru peoples programming.  It is a FACT folks and if you can’t see the satanic agenda all the useful idiot KKK slavery demonrats are pushing, you are completely blind!

Even Orwell is amazed at how screwed up everything is!

This truth is obvious, but of course the programming resists it immensely.  Then it always violent opposes the truth.  But in due time, the truth I write is becoming more self evident every day.

Hitler’s favorite philosopher was right!!

God will win as he is sorting out the wheat from the chaff as we speak. God simply has no need for prideful BIGOTS in the least and neither do I.

Those who exalt themselves and seek mammon will fall. Those who humble themselves will be exalted. It certainly is a very slippery slope isn’t it?

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