God’s upcoming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL!

Every day we get closer to God’s annihilation and total devastation of the ugly smelly narcissistically RETARDED subversive LYING satan’s minions of ItsaHELL, the low life vermin of the world.

Stop denying the narcissistic TRASH did the controlled demolition on 911!

As per the bible for those you do not read it with pride and deceive themselves, this eventuality is a guarantee.  The bible tells us satan will deceive the world and he most certainly has, as the useless eating faulty inbred maggots most certainly have with their control of the fraudulent banking system.  The devil has effectively used the human ego and it’s desire for money and all the selfishness it can bring to control the masses.  This is laid out very clearly in the bible as pride goes before destruction, and the schizophrenic psychopathic mental invalids will be destroyed, as their low life thievery and deception will ultimately prove their demise.

So what useless eating vermin do you think Jesus was talking about anyway? The pharisee money changers that Jesus fought have not gone away in the least! The faulty inbred’s falsely call themselves joos and are NOT semitic in the least! The schizophrenic psychopathic mental midgets are still here!!

God’s first act in this whole process has been to euthanize the disgusting selfish slothful prideful BIGOTED useless eating KKK slavery leftist diseased sludge with the Rockefeller death shot. The unconscious vomit will be dead soon and the sooner the better to put the TRASH out of their miserable disgusting worthless lives. I can’t say I blame God one bit for this.

The prideful BIGOTED easily led KKK slavery demonrat sheep love death so they euthanized themselves! There will so much less HATE, Racism and BIGOTRY once the selfish slothful TRASH dies it will be nice!

Anyone supporting the satanic Zionist filth will perish, and that obviously includes many who falsely call themselves Christian yet worship the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL and all it’s genetically deformed minion’s. Only extreme RACIST supremacist anti-semites support these parasitical sub human beasts who worship money and the devil.  They have gained a ton of money while losing their soul.  It is how the devil does it with everyone. Just look at child sacrificing pedowood propaganda as all of them must sign the devils contract.  Fame and fortune in exchange for their soul.  Many regrets just like all those who took the Rockefeller death shot.  Same process over and over again!

This is exactly who Jesus was fighting and of course people are extremely deceived to support their own demise by supporting satan’s minions!

God lays out his rules in the bible, not me in the least.  He despises pride or the self as he explicitly states those who exalt themselves will fall, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.  This mantra in the bible is repeated over and over again on our God’s created FLAT earth with free energy as evidenced by the Great Tartaria who the Satanic scum have tried to erase from history.

Gosh, God even tells you how the inversion works in the Bible! Comatose KKK slavery lefties are a complete and utter disgrace and their destruction is taking place as I write! Money grudding theiving subversive LYING yids pride will lead them to the fiery pit!

It is all so tiring to deal with the narcissists every day as they all deny the truth of everything.  It is so obvious it hurts.

Pride or the ego is how the masses are controlled, and it is what inverts our reality!

The Pharisee money changers who falsely call themselves joos are obviously Khazarian ashkeNAZI mafia and not semitic in the least.  How else would satan deceive by than by calling his legion of parasites the self proclaimed chosen ones.  It is the perfect cover as satan has a fragile ego and doesn’t like it when you notice!

Modern day Ukraine is where low life egotistical losers were from, not Palestine in the least!

The end is near and the inferior faulty inbreds of the Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL will be destroyed by God.  Every repulsive RETARDED dick sucking rabbi will be disemboweled and mutilated beyond recognition. There will be much gnashing of teeth for sure as the narcissistic RETARDS will cry for death and it will not be granted.  When you live by the sword you will die by the sword.

So the ashkeNAZIs pray at the wailing wall which was the Roman fort Antonia that was built to destroy Jerusalem in 70ad, and the jews of the day were not allowed to enter. Makes sense the satanic zionist filth prays and copulates there to satan.

God’s will be done and rightly so!!

FACTS do not care about your feelings, and God does not like pride in the least, and the subversive LYING narcissistic ashkeNAZI yid parasites of sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL looks very bleak. History has a way of repeating itself over and over again! People simply do not learn from history, and pride always goes before destruction!

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