How to deal with rude and obnoxious KKK slavery lefty mutes!

Until the useless eating mentally deranged  RACIST prideful BIGOTED programmed RETARDED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH dies from the Rockefeller death shot, we still have to morally repugnant walking zombies right?  What I will be doing today is to give you some tips on how to deal with the unconscious leftist vomit.

Most gullible moron KKK slavery lefties took the Rockefeller death shot so arguing with the walking dead is not productive. Stay away from the poison lepers as much as possible!

As is obvious KKK slavery lefty mutes have NO intelligence in the least, but you must remember they are programmed to believe they are intelligent plus their regurgitation of nonsense is correct. So the mutes actually believe what they are saying because they have absolutely NO reasoning to determine FACT or fiction.  A comatose diseased puke KKK slavery lefty wouldn’t be able to comprehend a FACT if you shoved it up their ass which is a tight fit since their head is already up there!

Obviously righty’s ignore FACTS also but if they actually did some sustained thinking they could actually figure it out. KKK slavery Lefties brains are completely fried and a lost cause! The Brave New World is NOT fiction!

Forget even for a second that you can reason with the zombies because you cannot reason with a brick wall which is similar to a KKK slavery democrat reasoning skills, but much more intelligent since it stays silent.  We are not so lucky with rude and obnoxious KKK slavery lefties obviously.

This is unfortunately true! Vegetable Biden whether it is actually him or a clone, is really the walking dead!

We know the zombies psychologically project what they are guilty, as all KKK slavery lefties are RACIST prideful BIGOTS and are only programmed to regurgitate an attack.  The zombies only know how to play offense and in a typical meaningless confrontation with a confused Republican, the emotion of the mindless blithering idiot RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty will overwhelm the Republican.

As am open minded liberal like myself knows this very well!

I simply like to tell the truth with a little emotion by asking them are they a RETARDED democrat? Or if I need to escalate further I simply state all KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST prideful BIGOTED mutes. These simply truthful phrases render the mutes dumbstruck and are you will render the mental invalid a wet noodle.  At this point the rude and obnoxious KKK slavery democrats because as smart as they will ever be by being silent.  When you look into their eyes at this point you will see the glaze of nobody being home.  A closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty simple has no chance to even get their one programmed regurgitation against an open minded liberal like myself and it is best to stop the regurgitating zombies before they start spewing their ignorant HATE and impish blitherings.

KKK slavery lefties are truly NPCs! The regurgitating zombies have a line in their software literally saying they are very intelligent as I have heard it numerous times when I have glitched their software and they jerk their heads. It certainly startled me when it first started happening.

I obviously don’t recommend associating with any comatose KKK slavery demonrats because at any time the wind my change directions so the zombies will possibly throw them into a conniption fit. Do not engage the zombies and keep your hands away from the stupid dumb animals mouths as most are poisoned lepers since the vast majority of mentally deranged gullible moron KKK slavery lefties have taken the Rockefeller death shot.

KKK slavery lefties truly are zombies! This is not a joke!

Thus, my advice is to never engage a comatose lefty, and if one of them does interrupt you for some reason and they will, ask them with a little emotion, are you a RETARDED democrat? It is a must that you play offense with the unconscious morons.  This will glitch their programming enough so you can at least wake away from the walking dead.

Notice how rude and crude all comatose lefties are?

Stay away from all KKK slavery lefty TRASH is my advice!

Are upside down world is where common knowledge is a complete and utter LIE, especially if someone believes comatose lefties have intelligence! That is simply absurd!!

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