By now anyone with a modicum of intelligence realizes Einstein was a narcissistic mental midget who made up absolute convoluted gibberish of nonsense. An absolute fucking moron!  The theory of relativity is such worthless garbage and meaningless yet it is his most well known conspiracy theory isn’t it?

What a subversive LYING RETARD!

What conclusions did it make?  None

Can it be proven?  No, and like conspiracy gravity people are gullible enough to believe the nonsense as long as it is repeated over and over again!

Stupidity is most assuredly not a lack of knowledge, but the illusion you have it, and Einstein was a master LIAR who made complete bullshit up.

Einstein had his head up his ass but obviously got used to the smell!

Einstein RETARDATION or really narcissism is pervasive in our current clown world as clearly evidenced by programmed RETARDED RACIST hateful intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties who are under the absurd notion that intelligence is regurgitation, when it is really the ultimate act of stupidity.

Reading anything narcissistic RETARD Einstein wrote is pollution for the brain!

Extremist deplorable morally depraved sycophant KKK slavery lefties even have trouble with their gender nowadays and have the erroneous belief that vegetable Biden has a functioning brain!  How absurd it that?

Rude and obnoxious KKK slavery democrats are narcissistic gullible morons just like Einstein!

Einstein obviously avoided all simple FACTS while making up useless garbage which is actually taught in our public brain damaging centers falsely called schools! Einstein was a complete and utter dipshit as he had NO logic or discernment of fact or fiction, as the narcissistic faulty inbred simply was a liar who wrapped his sticky turd in pretty paper.

So sad Einstein’s mother didn’t make the right choice and dismember the incompetent moron before it was born.  Today I wouldn’t doubt Einstein would have trouble figuring out it’s gender.  Obviously I am always politically correct by doing my best not to misgender mental invalids!

Tesla was right! Regurgitating Einstein is an act of mental masturbation!

What we have in our current world is plenty of arrogant polluted thumb drives of misinformation who simply will not listen nor do they have any common sense just like ugly smelly egotistical Einstein.  This is exactly what everything is completely upside down.

Doctors and Lawyers are programmed RETARDS! The inversion is right there!

The despicable HATEFUL mendacious LIE of closed minded mentally deranged comatose RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH is a pure example of Einstein RETARDATION if there ever one, yet like the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING bankster propaganda media nonsense who continues this despicable canard that a selfish slothful innocent baby murdering KKK slavery demonrat has a functioning brain.  Absolutely fucking absurd! It is more than obvious that all putrid vulgar diseased puke KKK slavery lefties are unconscious vomit!

I despise the extremist HATE speech when programmed mental invalids call closed minded BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties liberal! The mental midgets cannot even form complete sentences!

On the bright side obviously is the FACT that almost all useless eating despicable morally repugnant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats have euthanized themselves with the Rockefeller death shot, as it is very fitting that the gullible morons sure love death being in a satanic death cult like the KKK slavery demonrat filth!  The sycophants HATE and pride will soon no longer be with us.  I can’t say I will miss the unconscious TRASH in the least.  This will make up for the simple FACT their mother made the WRONG choice! I am sick of the mental invalids interrupting me and that is why I do not let the prideful BIGOTS regurgitate their programming in my presence!  If I do not give my permission for comatose morons to speak, just by them opening their mouths they are being rude and offensive.

My god people are easily led sheep to the slaughter aren’t they?

Einstein RETARDATION is the problem with the world today, as those who are dumb as shit talk the loudest while those you should be talking remain quiet typically should be doing the talking. 

We obviously have psychotic subversive LYING satanic pedophiles ruling the world. The narcissists are the exact opposite that Socrates knew was right, but the faulty inbreds all are diseased with Einstein RETARDATION unfortunately!

As we know a brick wall is more intelligent that a whiny ass programmed RETARDED KKK slavery demonrat, as it remains silent which factually proves this!

KKK slavery demonrats are simply rude and obnoxious!

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