The Racist supremacist domestic terrorist pedophile HATE groups Blackrock and Vanguard!

If you desire the truth and want to find the evil, always follow the money, as money is the root of all evil!  It really is that simple yet because evil controls the subversive LYING propaganda fakes news media which controls the minds of men, very few people actually have eyes to see because their mind is blind.

The bible is right! All wars are bankster wars! Hitler fought the thieving bankster scum! And he did NOT dispose of the narcissistic RETARDS!

If you print money out of thin air that you can buy up hard assets for basically free from someone else’s hard labor, it is called thievery and that is exactly what our whole fraudulent banking system is!

The men who opposed the criminal federal reserve private bank died in the Titanic. This was NOT a cohencidence! It did NOT hit an iceberg as it was blown up. Nothing by chance!

The walking programmable zombies of the RACIST domestic terrorist mentally deranged useful idiot antifa and BLM are merely pawns in the overall war on humanity by the devil, and the devil uses money to move the pieces. The satanic agenda of LGBT, pedophile and transgender bullshit is pushed thru the soon to be disposed of extremist deplorable sycophant KKK slavery demonrat morally depraved filth. Lefties simply cannot be saved and the decision to dispose of these sycophants was entirely correct, and the useless eating Pharisee money changers must also be eradicated as any anti-Racist would desire.

These are typical conspiracy theorists who believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain! But how would they know? Comatose KKK slavery Lefties have been euthanized and there is nothing you can do about it!

The bible is very alive as the sub human prideful BIGOTED beasts that Jesus fought are most certainly here fighting God as usual spewing their selfish slothful HATEFUL diseased sludge wherever the maggots who falsely call themselves joos go. It is clear that the ugly smelly inferiority complex sub human parasitical diseased puke will not stop as the narcissistic RETARDS are so mentally deficient and clouded by the evil that the useless eaters will never stop being diseased sludge.

And you thought the bible was metaphorical? Sorry, just as it says the earth is FLAT is it true. Obviously it has been tampered with so it behooves you to ask God for guidance when you read it!

The mental midgets of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL simply have the delusion that they are God’s chosen which if not so laughable since they literally have NO intelligence whatsoever as evidenced by the vast majority being RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit.

The ugly smelly faulty inbreds days are numbered!

The wood chipper is exactly where all unclean REPULSIVE retarded dick sucking rabbi will end up after being used properly as a urinal as God designed the vermin for. The first shall be last and the last shall be first as this shall be so.

Notice how the ugly smelly inferiority complex narcissistic RETARDS always accuse what they are guilty? The sub human yids are humanities misery for sure! God merely made the diseased puke as urinals!

St. Augustine in his book City of God so brilliantly illustrates the difference between Good and Evil, as those who exalt themselves will fall, and those who humble themselves before God will be exalted. Pride goes before destruction as this is playing itself before our very eyes with mentally ill prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat disgusting garbage dying in droves from the Rockefeller death shot. So too will the RACIST supremacist bankster TRASH die and there soul will suffer eternal misery where it will ask for death but it will not be granted.  I can hear the Rothschild and Rockefeller scum scream in brutal agony as I write this!  LOL!!

All mentally ill unconscious vomit KKK slavery lefties are pure refuse! The sooner they die the faster the world can heal!

God gives all of us free will and obviously satan does his best to subvert it as he did in the garden of eden tempting Eve which ultimately got Adam to be complicit because of his union to Eve.  Satan focuses on women because women are much more gullible then men, and thus he attacks men through women.

Feminism was created by the ugly smelly inferiority complex sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin to destroy women as feminism is pure birth control!!

As evidenced by all putrid vulgar KKK slavery leftist vomit brainwashing which focuses entirely on emotion that is devoid of intelligence whatsoever, this is able to manipulate the prideful ego of the unsuspecting comatose leftist moron. Once a lefty is created where their minds are complete and utter mush, it is unfortunate that the diseased puke cannot be saved since they do not have a conscious mind that is required to figure out free will.  They cannot be saved unfortunately as it is frankly impossible to wake them up.  The blithering idiots will mindlessly attack until the poisoned lepers die.

If you don’t understand this whole scamdemic was for depopulation yet by using the hegelian dialectic, you are simply gullible and not awake in the least. This same method is used to get people to fight all the bankster wars also, as like the controlled demotion on 911 done by sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL, Pearl Harbor was also a known attack by Rosenfelt (Roosevelt was a subversive LYING yid!)

If you haven’t figured out we are in a spiritual battle by now, you are simply not awake in the least.  As good people are waking up to our clown world in droves, the battle is at hand. As a philosopher myself, I will fight with the most powerful weapon of all, and that is the words I write and say.  Open minded liberals who care for women and children like myself are what is good in the world, and the satanic parasitical pedophile banksters are exactly what needs to be disposed of for world peace to be attained.  And this truth after much blasphemy by the prideful BIGOTED TRASH shall be so, as God is truly about done with all of this.  And when God speaks the truth, it is very important to listen and humble yourself. The embracing of self or your ego which is satan himself shall be your demise.

The inversion of reality is lifting! Just not fast enough!

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