The ignorance of simple FACTS is the hallmark of the Brave New World!

Existing in our Brave New World where my mind does not ignore any FACTS at all while the masses ignore almost all FACTS is frustrating to say the least.  I simply cannot think for other people and most can only regurgitate their programming which will almost always be different than the truth I speak.

People’s minds simply ignore FACTS. Doesn’t matter how precisely I lay out my truth, if FACTS are ignored because their programmed opinions disagree, it will disagree so it will trigger their ego. It is why I am constantly called retarded so they can protect their fragile ego!

There is a reason I do not let any prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats regurgitate their programming in my presence as it avoids the zombies throwing a conniption fit.  The comatose gullible morons unfortunately will hear me speak triggering their programming and then rudely interrupt me all the time. I simply have to use emotion to subdue the zombies since they cannot comprehend a single word I say.  Since 91% of the KKK slavery zombies have euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot I know I won’t have to put up with their bullshit much longer.

All a prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery’s lefties brain is is a polluted thumb drive of misinformation. No intelligence at all!

One of my pet peaves is the programming of the masses that closed minded RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are called liberal when that is a blatantly mendacious LIE since KKK slavery lefties cannot even form a complete sentence.  I am not joking when I say the comatose morons get triggered by a change in the wind direction, and when they can convince 1 in 4 KKK slavery lefties that men can get pregnant, that only solidifies just how comatose the gullible morons are.  Republican’s are conscious enough to figure out this complete and utter absurdity. 

KKK slavery lefties cannot even form complete sentences so they are NOT open minded in the least. A liberal wants to debate and all KKK slavery lefties run away! That means they are FACTUAL closed minded prideful BIGOTS and the anti-thesis of a liberal. A very important FACT that should not be ignored!

Simply put if you ignore FACTS you ignore the truth.  That is how the control mechanism works so they can program the masses by repeating the LIES over and over again.  Obviously the public indoctrination centers want good programmed slaves, so creating a bunch of mind controlled zombies KKK slavery morally depraved leftist TRASH is exactly their goal.  The satanic pedophiles soon to be cast in HELL Zionist banksters want a nation of good slaves, not thinkers in the least

If a person just listens the bankster scum tell you what they are doing! But people do not read and unfortunately the narcissistic parasites know that!

If you ignore the water being FLAT, then you will not be able to figure out that God created our FLAT and stationery plane.

This one simple FACT which is ignored is all you need to figure out the earth is FLAT. But if it is ignored then people deflect with their programming. I do hold the record for being called retarded by conspiracy globberyists because this FACT cannot be comprehended.

If you don’t look up into the sky and see all the disgusting chem trails the Satanists are spraying, you just might be gullible enough to believe an autistic RETARD like Greta Humbug and climate change.

The RETARD is a Rothschild btw!

If you don’t see that altering God’s creation of food by genetically modifying it is bad, you might embrace chemicals by injesting them which makes you sick

The farmers were enticed with money to do the WRONG thing! The FACTS that had to be ignored are simply immense! Monsanto is a subversive LYING yid company! What a cohencidence!

If you cannot figure out a slave mask deprives you of oxygen and causes you to breathe in your own bacteria with no benefit at all, you are simply a walking zombie.

100 years ago the unmasked buried the slave mask wearers and we will repeat it again. There was no spanish flu as people died from the poison vaccine injection. People who do not learn from history always repeat it!

If you are a prideful BIGOT who did not look at the ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot showing they are blatant poison and a bioweapon meant to depopulate, you will be dead soon!

Intelligent people have warned about this poison to destroy humanity as it is clearly satan at work when you see the synagogue of satan star of remphan 666 ItsaHELL behind it. But these FACTS are ignored! How obvious can it get but people do not read!

If you cannot figure out that even if planes hit a steel building (they did not as it was pure CGI like NASA), that steel building do not collapse even if a plane hits them, then you will deny 911 was a controlled demolition done by mossaud/cia to get American’s to die for RACIST terrorist Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL.

JFK even though is a blood elite fought the satanic banksters so he was killed. The controlled demolition on 911 was done so America would go fight sodom and gomorrah terrorist ItsaHELL’s wars. It is that simple and the dots should be very easy to connect for anyone who has an ounce of critical thinking skills.

If you cannot figure out the federal reserve is a criminal private bank who prints money out of thin air, you are not searching for the truth, and the truth simply requires you to follow the money since money is the root of all evil.  Heck, it’s even in the bible!

So the rich men who were in a position of power to stop the criminal federal reserve were killed on the Titanic which did not have enough lifeboats for a reason. JP Morgan at the last minute cancelled as he knew the bombs had been planted to blow it up. It did not hit an iceberg as that was the story they made up to fool the masses! Thus, the federal reserve act of 1913 was passed and America has been at war ever since fighting on the WRONG side of every one of them for the zionist banksters!

If you don’t realize that Hitler, JFK, and Jesus all fought the satanic Pharisee money changer bankster scum, you are not searching for the truth.  There is a reason both Jesus and Hitler are constantly attacked is because they told the truth, and agent smith or satan does not like the truth at all!

The satanic zionists enjoy killing people and that is a FACT!

ashkeNAZI yids who are all the satanic Zionist banksters obviously have fragile egos and are very offended by the truth about the narcissistic RETARDS since it puts their inferiority complex of the prideful BIGOTS on full display.  Satan obviously chose wisely when picking the mental invalids as they are master LIARS which proves who they serve.  If it comes out of the mouth of a mealy mouth faulty inbred yid, I known it is a subversive LIE. The fate of Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL has obviously been determined as the useless eating ugly smelly vermin’s destiny is certainly not pretty in the least.  The RACIST supremacist yids god is money and that is why they are so financially rich and so spiritually poor.  This is exactly what the bible talks about where the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The subversive LYING yids control almost all media and that is why it is all garbage propaganda

Rosenthal told the truth in his interview about what subversive LIARS the whole narcissistic parasitical tribe is, and because he did he was murdered a month after he gave his arrogant truth.

St. Augustine contrasts the city of the God where we are humble and seek wisdom, versus the city of the world where the ego seeks sinful pleasure which satan provides for by rewarding people for doing the wrong thing with money printed out of thin air.  Quite ingenious on how to control the masses satan has designed hasn’t he? Satan loses and he actually knows this, but he wants to take as many souls as he can.

The truth I write is obviously shocking as it exposes the Matrix entirely, and I rarely have to defend it because either people refuse to look at it, or if they do are in such shock they cannot respond. If you tell the truth, you will be attacked though. I understand this completely!

Follow the money and you will always find the evil.  God tells you this and it is pride or the selfish ego or the I believe I am right disease that keeps someone from listening to this truth. I don’t make the rules, I just listen.

The inversion is true right now as evil like pedophilia is unfortunately tolerated because of the satanic agenda. It is obvious who controls the world as God said he would. God wins btw!

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