What to expect when the prideful BIGOTS start dropping dead from the Rockefeller death shot!

People are still in denial that people are going to die and that this whole scamdemic is a depopulation event.  If a person refuses to research anything or understand what the Hegelian dialectic is, or problem reaction solution, then their ignorance will cost them their lives.  It is not a matter if people will die, it is a matter of when. 

You do not inject poison in your body and be delirious enough to believe you will live, but most people are! Pride has it’s consequences doesn’t it?

I am not a soothsayer as one only needs to be able to read and comprehend, as the satanic creed is that they must tell you what they are going to do beforehand so they have your consent.  Just like your persistent mentally deranged morally repugnant RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty TRASH, the liars are persistent and will not stop.  Their satanic software program only knows how to attack, and get very upset if it is challenged, and that is why leftist filth constantly interrupts me.  The simple FACT that almost all programmed RETARDED selfish slothful KKK slavery leftist sludge willingly took the Rockefeller death shot to euthanize themselves is a good thing, as everyone of the zombies is rude and offensive.

It has been in writing for a long time, but the masses simply do not read!

The mind control has produced such drones that the amount of people who can actually think is very limited.  The masses can only regurgitate what is presented before them and this includes Republicans as anyone in the false left vs. right paradigm is a unthinking moron.  Trump derangement syndrome vs. Trump support syndrome is a confused mess, with only the conspiracy theorists who believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain taking the lead in unconsciousness.

This is so true in our Brave New World as people are offended by FACTS that show the complete inversion we are in! Vaccines are poison period. All of them!

I did a poll today to determine who is more unconscious.

Who is more unconscious? Those that have Trump derangement syndrome or those that have Trump support syndrome?

  1. Trump derangement
  2. Trump support
  3. How would they even know?
  4. Vegetable Biden will drool for the winner!
  5. All the above!
Here is your problem reaction solution Hegelian dialectic! The scamdemic made it so they could depopulate with the Rockefeller death shot solution. It’s is obvious as hell!

It really is this bad as the vast majority of people cannot form complete sentences and only regurgitate what someone else thinks. 

Who are the CEO’s of the poison manufacturers? Do they not have a star of remphan 666 supporting sodom and gomorrah racist supremacist ItsaHELL? But this would be a FACT that would hurt the narcissisitc subversive LIARS feelings wouldn’t it?

The satanic schizophrenic psychopaths blatantly have put in writing their depopulation plan, and even Rockefeller Bill Gates says if we do a good enough job on the poison vaccine injections, we can lower the population by 10 or 15%?   They can say these things blatantly because they know people cannot hear what is being said since they cannot comprehend what a simple FACT is!  Obviously despicable KKK slavery lefties are not alive in the first place.  Righty’s are a confused mishmash so they flail in the wind.

The ugly smelly inferior mental invalids deserve their eventual place in HELL!!

Being an anti-Racist, I obviously do not care about any KKK slavery lefties lives since I care.  A dead comatose KKK slavery leftist piece of shit is a dead Racist prideful BIGOT period. Being that the useless eating despicable pieces of shit took the Rockefeller death shot willingly, they will be dead soon!

The NPC leftist sheep are programmed to do whatever you tell them to do! And they euthanized themselves!

Expect a lot of dead people very soon.  Prideful BIGOTRY has it consequences as God has clearly stated. 

Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL? The ashkeNAZI yids are disgusting prideful TRASH!

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