The love of money is the root of all evil:  Money out of thin air!

How do you find the source of all the problems we face today?  Follow the money!  It is that simple and it is biblical entirely.  How do they get churches to preach the opposite of the truth?  Just requires a little bit of money!        Then most people being in Plato’s Cave and not questioning the beliefs they were raised with will continue their erstwhile ways and not questioning what they were raised with.  This is the problem entirely.

You must invert everything propaganda CNN nonsense says!

If you want to figure out who did the controlled demolition on 911 just follow the money!  Every single problem we are dealing with today you just follow the money and you will find the evil.  There is simply 1 group of narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical RETARDS who run the criminal fraud private bank “federal reserve” who creates money out of thin air backed by nothing!  And they can use this money to buy up hard assets like Rockefeller satanic Bill Gates buying farmland while at the same time making money off the Rockefeller death shot to depopulate the masses.  Money is exactly what is creating all the evil as it feeds the human ego so it does the WRONG thing. 

Racist sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL did 911! FACTS beyond a shadow of a doubt the subversive LYING thieving satanic banksters did this!

If a person does not realize America fights on the WRONG side of very way by now for the thieving criminal bankster scum, they are not awake in the least. America supporting the RACIST terrorist Sodom and Gomorrah sub humans of ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is the exactly opposite of what is right.

Hitler fought the bankster scum, but he lost so that he why he need to be demonized by the demons themselves!

We obviously have sub human beast RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE groups like ADL, a narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical faulty inbred maggot group. Amazingly there still are ardent RACIST supremacists who care about the life of a useless eating ashkeNAZI yid fake joo filth, as that is extremely HATEFUL and BIGOTED as we know.  So sad Hitler did not dispose of the vermin!

The sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids run the criminal fraudulent private federal reserve printing money out of thin air, and this ultimately is the source of all the evil.  The Satanism and pedophile’s source is who prints the money out of thin air!  And as the bible says, money is the source of all evil!

Money fuels the narcissistic ego so people do the WRONG thing! It is the problem entirely as it is clearly stated in the bible! Did you know the bible is right?

As is so obvious to see, the extremist deplorable sycophancy of the prideful RACIST intolerant KKK slavery demonrats is quite immense at this point, as the closed mined BIGOTS spew their HATE wherever they go.  The wind changing directions can triggered their mentally deranged KKK slavery lefty minds at this point as it is best to avoid all interactions with the poisoned lepers.  KKK slavery lefties have certainly progressed from RETARDED to insane at this point. As an open minded liberal who is an anti-Racist, KKK slavery democrats lives do not matter especially since they have euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot.  I obviously am against all violence and abject stupidity not that I am able to stop mentally deranged comatose KKK slavery leftist TRASH!  It is tough to stop zombies for sure as I just avoid them!  They are all obviously conspiracy theorists since they believe the absurdity that vegetable Biden has a functioning brain!

Vegetable Biden is despicable TRASH!

Did you know 1 in 4 KKK slavery democrats believe men can get pregnant?  Fuck me!

KKK slavery demonrats are NOT alive!!

Even how your local bank operates is completely fraudulent, as people simply do not understand fractional banking where the bank only needs $10000 deposit to lend out $100000, thus creating $90000 out of thin air.  That is 10% fractional.  If you default on that loan, then the bank takes those hard assets!  The whole thing is a total scam and they do not want you to realize it in the least.  It is the key to the whole beast system.  And this is entirely the source on why we live in such as inverted upside down world where everything is a complete LIE!  From the modern medical scam where doctors are really pill pushing big pharma salesmen for profit, to the injustice system where lawyers are well paid to enact the opposite of justice, but tyranny.

Repulsive RETARDED sub human beast dick sucking rabbi TRASH proudly admits they are satanic scum! What else would you expect?

Follow the money and you will find the source of all the problems in the world, as money feeds to the narcissistic ego which will do the WRONG thing so they will be rewarded by money printed out of thin air.  Jesus and Hitler fought the parasites and in reality they have already lost, and they only have the illusion they are winning in the minds of the masses.  The reality is LIARS are losers no matter how you slice it and that cannot be changed.

Hitler was so smart he figured out where we are at today amost 100 years ago. Absolutely brilliant compassionate man that has been vilified because he told the truth! His analysis of the subversive LYING narcissistic RETARDED maggots was absolutely brilliant!!

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