Why I do not let prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats regurgitate their programming in my presence!

Our public brain damaging centers sure have done their job, as your typical comatose KKK slavery lefty at this point is completely Einstein RETARDED, as we know Einstein was a narcissitic blithering idiot who made up complete and utter nonsense. The mental midget I wouldn’t doubt had trouble tying his shoes.  The inversion couldn’t be much more pronounced with people having the illusion that this faulty inbred was actually smart, when he was an absolute moron.  Yet we brainwash children in indoctrination centers with his convoluted gibberish don’t we?

Take your children out of public indoctrination centers NOW!

KKK slavery democrats brain literally have been destroyed as they are simply whiny ass arrogant sycophants who have a software line programmed into them that says “I am very intelligent” when the total opposite is true. If you did try and debate a lefty they would do one programmed regurgitation and then run away to protect their programmed mendacious LIES. Since they have no reasoning skills whatsoever it is fruitless to even attempt a discussion with them.  It’s is not that the prideful BIGOTS will not listen, it is they are intellectually incapable of listen, as all they can do is psychologically project what they are guilty complete with emotional blather.  No intelligence in the least as they cannot think.

KKK slavery demonrats are easily manipulated NPC’s. It’s best they just they remain the mutes they are and stay silent. The most intelligent KKK slavery democrat is one who never speaks!

It is a FACT not suggestive conjecture in the least as I have known this for many years at this point and it only gets reinforced by every agent smith encounter I have, as KKK slavery lefties are not even remotely liberal or open minded, but actual mutes.

91% of the gullible moron KKK slavery lefties willingly euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot! They at least can post their got the vaccine picture along with their obituary! OY Vey!!

The FACT that Republican’s are unable to figure this out merely shows their own confusion.  The convoluted thinking process of a Republican precludes coming to this conclusion, or really any conclusions at all.  The inverted programming interacts with the logic producing a mumbling blithering idiot desperately seeking an escape from trying to think since it always goes into a quagmire.  It is what makes Republican’s get frustrated and stop trying to figure things out, as it takes many hours to unravel the whole Matrix.  And if they get a steady dose of TV “programming”, it will never happen.  A person must clean up their diet and stop watching TV to deprogram period.  There is no other way.

I should have more memes with stupid Republican’s but this one will have to suffice!

If a person is stuck in the false left vs. right paradigm they are not awake.  I see so many with Trump support syndrome out there it is very sad.  Trump is a cabalist and is an actor for the parasitical bankster scum and he really has done more harm to keep people from waking up than anything, as Trump is TRASH! Like Desantis, he serves RACIST supremacist Sodom and Gomorrah Itsahell who attacked America on 911!  Have they not all copulated with the satanic wall in the terrorist narcissistic RETARDS in ItsaHELL?  Yes they have!  God’s vengeance is coming for the selfish egotistical ashkeNAZI yid sloth!

Trump is not your friend in the least!

Morally repugnant prideful BIGOTED LGBT sexual deviancy, drag queen shows to pervert children etc, all financed by ugly smelly inferior useless eating ashkeNAZI yid maggots, the RETARDED mental invluad race of filth, as only the most ardent HATEFUL RACIST supremacist cares about the life of one of the subversive LYING faulty inbreds, as at this point.

So what inferior parasitical satanic demon tribe is financing the perversion of children? Same ashkeNAZI yid maggots I assure you!!

Thus, there is absolutely no reason to ever engage a narcissistically RETARDED programmed bot KKK slavery democrat. All you do is open up a can of spoiled whiny ass worms.  They are only programmed to attack and in no way shape or form can they debate an open minded liberal who cares for women and children like myself. Do yourself a favor, do not even give them permission to speak.  It is not worth your time.  If they do open their mouth they are being rude period. It’s best they remain the mutes they are!

KKK slavery lefties are simply not alive!!

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