The upcoming demise of the narcissistic RETARDS who took the Rockefeller death shot! 100 million by 2025!

It way past time you admit the simple FACT that those who took the Rockefeller death shot are going to die from their pride and ignorance. The poisoned lepers are getting sick and dying all over the place and it will only intensify. For me I knew this was coming over 5 years ago and screamed as loud as I could for people to NOT take the poison injection as all vaccines are ashkeNAZI yid poison.  This is why Hitler banned them as like usual Hitler was right!

Hitler fought the bankster scum and was the good guy! Why does the good guy always lose?

Who knows exactly the correct numbers of American’s who took the Rockefeller death shot, but I heard these numbers and judging from my logistic analysis this seems to be correct.

91% of KKK slavery democrats

60% of Republicans

50% of Independents

If you do a simple and strictly basic analysis and completely hypothetical guess by saying each category has 110 million people out of the 330 million Americans, this means that this many people will be dying over the next couple years from the depopulation injection.

100 million KKK slavery democrats

66 million Republicans

55 million Independents

That comes out to 221 million dead Americans.  330-221 equals 109.  Compare this to the deagle report estimating 100 million American’s in 2025 and you can see why they blew up the Georgia Guidestones because the satanic Zionist/Jesuit/free mason/banksters etc know they have met their goal.

So my simple analysis says 221 million dead compared to 227. Deagle’s report before the latest ones had 54 million people left, but plenty of people woke up so they raised it. Deagle has since been taken down, but they know exactly what evil they are doing and simply have no empathy for the “cattle.” Stop believing the oligarchs care about you!

It is not a wait and see if they die, it is just a matter of when.  I don’t want to say I told you so, but I knew this right from the beginning.  But the narcissism created by all the mind control stopped people from listening to me when I simply told the truth.

Gosh, the subversive LYING propaganda news is not pointing this out are they? All propaganda TV “news” is mind poison at this point!

God eliminating the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and Racism projecting from comatose prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats is probably a blessing for them since they live miserable HATEFUL tortured lives anyway.  They are not alive and have no free will as they are easily manipulated sheep.

Talking to a lefty is no different than talking to a brick wall!

A quick little story about another encounter with a zombie lefty is I was eating in a restaurant on Monday where I struck up a conversation with a gentlemen who mentioned his inlaws were lefties and said when they visit they listen to their beliefs (programmed regurgitations obviously) but they would not listen to his.  I said of course they are prideful BIGOTS and mentioned it was I who was the open minded liberal.  When his family came which was his wife and 2 home schooled daughters, as I was leaving I started speaking to them about the criminal fraudulent federal reserve which he knew and acknowledged.  So I started explaining the banking system to him and very interested family.

 I asked his 2 daughters and wife if you deposited $10000 into the bank, how much can they lend out?  The first daughter said half of it, the second daughter and wife said all of it.  At this point I was interrupted by a lefty zombie saying she did not come here for a lecture.  I told her she was being rude and this is a public place and she should not come out then.  I told her to turn around and sit down but the zombie did not. The zombies don’t listen nor can they comprehend anything so she kept coming.  Since I know only emotion works on the zombies, I asked her if she was a RETARDED democrat?  By this time she was right next to me and I looked into her eyes (the mutes are not programmed to respond) as they were extremely clouded and vacant. The bartended noticed my increased emotion to keep the zombie at bay and said something.  So before I left I merely finished up that the bank can lend out $100,000 with that $10,000 deposit, so $90,000 is created out of thin air. With that I turned to leave and not see what transgressed with the zombie’s glitched programming.  But I know the inversion will take place in the minds by believing I attacked her.  The mind control creates this inversion every single time. The truth about the criminal banking system run by the satanic ashkeNAZI yid fake joos is something that will trigger the programming which it has happened before.  As we know, the wind changing directions triggers comatose KKK slavery lefty zombies.

Who fought the banks? Andrew Jackson, JFK, Hitler and Jesus! How do you figure out the Matrix? Just follow the money as it is the root of all evil!

As far as confused Republicans, still a majority of them probably egged on by con man Trump to get the poison injection is why they euthanized themselves, as their pride in their beliefs. Con man satanic zion Don pushing the Rockefeller death shot should give people a clue about about the Trump support syndrome, but confused Republican’s justify it in their convoluted minds and have mostly succumbed to the lethal injection.  Trump even was a big pharma salesmen pushing the poison while before the election he said vaccines are a problem.  I guess having a gun to your head makes you change your position and being the butt buddy of the satanic bankster Zionist filth you do as you are told. Trump is just an actor and nothing more as he has no power in the least.

People cannot think as it really is this simple. What narcissistic subversive LYING tribe controls the criminal federal reserve? Stockholm syndrome is immense I assure you!

The surprising number of independents taking the poison is a little surprising, but I am sure many were forced to keep their house and not fully realizing they won’t be keeping it much longer.  Money is always what keeps people from reasoning so they do the WRONG thing as it is Satan’s control mechanism. Money is the root of all evil for sure!

The ashkeNAZI yids are behind it all and they are not semitic! But don’t notice the star of remphan 666 or the cognitive dissonance kicks in! Sodom and gomorrah ItsaHELL’s days are numbers as their pride will lead to their destruction! It’s in the bible even!! Just as the earth is FLAT this is a guarantee!

So here we are and it has played out exactly as I expected and was literally outlined and told, yet very few people listen because of their prideful ego.  The amount of people who still think their narcissistic ego is a good thing is immense, and they truly will not exit the Matrix until this is under control.  The narcissistic ego stops the thinking and I deal with this every day.  It is the Matrix which I have stated over and over again but very few listen.  Because I tell the truth, prideful egos are always trying to tell me what to do as this is a constant just like the zombie on Monday in the restaurant.

So at what stage are you at accepting that I merely tell the undeniable truth? There are not many like me I assure you as the masses are asleep!

Nobody likes the truth much because they simply want their comfortable LIES they have believed all their lives.  The ignorance of FACTS continues unabated.  The narcissism from the mind control makes it so nobody wants to admit they are WRONG.  This is why we live in such an inverted clown world. I simply cannot stop the abject stupidity from happening because people simply will not listen.

If you tell the truth, do not expect to be very popular! LOL!! A philosopher will never win a jury trial and that is a FACT!

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