As a straight white male, I cannot be Racist or Sexist!

Since I am not a walking programmable unconscious RACIST KKK slavery demonrat zombie, the simple FACT that I am a straight white male gives me white male privilege so I simply cannot be Racist or Sexist!

Since I cannot be RACIST or Sexist, I can be as RACIST as I want as that is how unconscious vomit KKK slavery demonrats are programmed! Quite a privilege!

This made up term “white male privilege” was obviously made by the RACIST supremacist narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fake joo TRASH who are RACIST just for existing, and you cannot be HATEFUL or RACIST towards the genetically deformed massive inferiority complex faulty inbreds.

RACIST supremacist narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids are really good at accusing others of what they are guilty! Jesus called them the master LIARS and he was right just like Hitler!

As an ardent open minded liberal anti-Racist and a member of the anti-Racist Society, I am pleased that comatose diseased puke RACIST mentally deranged HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH has taken the Rockefeller death shot to euthanize themselves. The morally depraved sexual deviant satanic death cult unconscious vomit innocent baby murdering KKK slavery demonrat sewage does not belong in any civilized society. The despicable leftist filth cannot be saved and their upcoming demise will be recompense for the selfish slothful useful idiots having a mother who made the WRONG choice!

The idiots selected themselves to go to the slaughterhouse alone! No intelligence gullible morons!

Anyone who wants to be a certified anti-Racist in the anti-Racist Society must pledge their support for not caring about any upcoming death of a narcissistic easily led gullible moron leftist filth and state they are getting what they deserve.  We also pledge no violence and we don’t have too, as comatose RACIST  KKK slavery lefties literally euthanized themselves.  Can you say pride goes before destruction?

Well, the satanists did lay everything out didn’t they? But instead of researching, isn’t there a good game on that the ashkeNAZI yid fake joos can pyschologically project onto me their RACISM and extremist deplorable HATE?

I strongly suggest RACIST KKK slavery lefties fear God here on our FLAT earth, but the comatose TRASH will not since they are narcissistic scum!  God is in control not me remember!

The inversion in a nutshell! The power of trusting God is immense and fear of man is debilitating. The propaganda media is designed to keep you fearing man!

We all if we want to be anti-RACIST and anti-HATE should be burning the synagogue of satan RACIST terrorist ItsaHELL flag, as joo is just a fancy word for a narcissistic sub human beast maggot who God despises.

Gosh, right in front of out face! The star of remphan 666 which sacrifices children to molech! Chosen ones alright BY SATAN!!

The last shall be first and the first shall be last?  Are we not living in inverted times where the bankster demons rule the world with a bunch of LIES?  A narcissist is ruled by satan so they will adamantly deny they will eventually be judged for their evil, and the schizophrenic psychopathic faulty inbred’s who rule the world are in for a rude awakening eventually. This is a guarantee.

The satanic Matrix takes alot of work to unravel and God does not want the lazy for sure. God certainly knows how to test!

The cognitive dissonance is immense as the truth about the earth being FLAT like it says in the bible causes many to go into an extreme tizzy.  It is completely nuts to be honest. Any simple truth will bring out agent smith as the masses are infected with the I believe I am right disease.  The human ego is a very easily manipulated entity for sure.

I do enjoy playing with conspiracy globberyists heads as a hobby. The simpletons are all programmed the same!

The truth only offends those who are living a LIE as the subversive LYING psychopaths who run the world are satanic pedophile TRASH!  This is not even remotely debatable at this point, as you must have eyes to see this which because most people are in a Trance they cannot see it.  If you haven’t woken up by now you probably won’t as I keep trying but it is very tough.  The bible is real and God simply does not let you read it if you have pride.

St. Augustine was a very intelligent man, and he laid the good vs. evil out very well! Look forward to reading more of his books as I wish I would have read him much earlier in life!

To me it is all so incredibly obvious at this point.  God is in control and I am merely the reporter on site!

Everything is logical as it relates to the bible, as faith which the inflitrated organized religion pushes is a false premise meant to deceive. The logic of FLAT earth is what made me connect to the bible much more, and I understand why they must try and stop you from knowing the shape of the earth. It blows up the LIES!

If you do not fear God but fear man, you are going in the wrong direction!

The bibles message is direct to each individual and gets misinterpreted when it has to go thru a religion. The organized religion builds pride in ones beliefs and this is exactly what is wrong, but is denied all the time. The ego always denies the ego exists which is what the ego is!

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