To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize!

This is a quote from Voltaire and it like all his quotes is very true. If you tell the truth you will be accused of being anti-semitic!  Even though the ashkeNAZI yids are not semitic in the least, it is a trigger word in the Matrix which will cause cognitive dissonance to occur.

How much more obvious can it get?

The Stockholm Syndrome is immense where people cannot name this faulty inbred race even though they see them controlling all the moral repugnancy and malfeasance that is going on.  The ego denies the truth and the masses deny everything about this genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED useless eating narcissistic subversive LYING race, and that is because the vermin control the propaganda bullshit media nonsense because they mainly have programmed the masses with complete LIES like conspiracy globbery or the holohoax of the parasites.

Don’t tell the truth about your oppressors or their fragile egos will get hurt!

Like all unconscious vomit KKK slavery demonrat TRASH, the vermin simply does not have intelligence in the least, as the narcissistic extremists have an extreme I believe I am right disease.

KKK slavery lefties are simply not alive!

ashkeNAZI yids are simply stupid dumb animals, and they psychologically project onto white people what they themselves are guilty. Their well deserved inferiority complex binds their polluted DNZ together like no other race.  If it comes out of the mouth of an ashkeNAZI yid, it is a subversive LIE period!  The narcissist simply are not intelligent enough to tell the truth EVER!  Massive case of Einstein RETARDED syndrome.

Einstein was a plagerizing RETARD!

It is a simple FACT that all the issues of today stem from the bankster scum of this tribe.  If our constitution was actually functioning, the private bank federal reserve would not be able to exist since it is illegal.  But the constitution at this point is merely a piece of paper that is not even remotely observed. Until you admit this is the case, you will not be exiting the Matrix.

Executive order #11110 issuing silver backed dollars direct from the US Treasury is the main reason they killed JFK. He was obviously a blood elite but he went against the bankster TRASH! He knew Hitler was right and said so. So they murdered him in a satanic blood human sacrifice and put despicable RACIST LBJ in to follow the satanic zionist banksters orders!

The earth is FLAT, chem trails are real, 911 was a controlled demolition and the list of LIES goes on and on and on.  Until someone can admit what they believe is a LIE we will not be going anywhere.  Admitting what you believe may be wrong is the first sign of intelligence.  Unfortunately the human ego NEVER wants to admit it is wrong and this is the problem.  In most cases like KKK slavery democrats their brain has not the intelligence to even do this as if you cannot see KKK slavery vegetable Biden is a completely angry psychologically projecting actor fool, you cannot be helped.

You know the mental invalid did not win a fair election not that we have ever had one. But this angry vegetable is just pathetic. The satanists are doing their best to laugh in our face!

The modus operandi of the Marxists is too accuse your opponent of what you are guilty to create confusion, as the master LIARS are experts at psychological projection. Everything a RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat accuseth they are 100% guilty.  But do they have any intelligence to figure this out?  No, as all lefties are braindead.  All a lefty can do is regurgitate what they see on the propaganda news nonsense and nothing else.  Intelligence is NOT regurgitation in the least and the leftist mutes can hardly do that anymore.  The public brain damaging centers falsely called schools have most definitely done their job at destroying intelligence.

This is exactly how they do it! And it does create confusion for sure!

The cognitive dissonance is all so tiring as I state the truth over and over again.  It is all so obvious who rules over the minds of the masses as all you have to look it is who controls the Racist supremacist media nonsense.  It is right in front of everyone’s face and people’s ego’s refuse to see it.

All run by the Racist supremacist star of remphan 666 tribe members!

Mind control is extremely real and it has been going on your whole life.  It is time to break free!

The US government serves the interest of the satanic corporation of bankster scum, not the people in the least. It is all just a puppet show to keep the slaves preoccupied! They are pulling the curtain and the back of the stage which is a brick wall can be easily seen by anyone who has eyes to see!

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