Fighting Mind Control!

This is the biggest problem of all as all mind control is designed to control the human ego. What is taught in public brain damaging centers is the opposite of what the ego actually is, and this is done on purpose to keep people locked into the Matrix. This is part of the inversion we are in where what they believe the ego is is the opposite of the truth, and this is designed so they trust man and not god. Very ingenious deception for sure, and spelled out in the bible also.

This article I am posting is obviously not written by me but is a very well written article on the satanic mind control people are under, and this includes all the truthers who know many of the LIES, but refuse to question their own beliefs because they still have the I believe I am right disease ego. It is narcissism and it is ultimately what the mind control produces. It is the inversion and takes some sustained thinking if a person can to figure it out. Well worth your time to go thru this for sure!

3 responses to “Fighting Mind Control!”

  1. Burn it all down DC dogs murders self serving scum they want you dead. Dead is their answer Washington DC is a corporation that is it protects corps U vote this way we will take care of u Polluted corrupt needs to go Away

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