Why I was kicked out of my first FLAT earth group!

If you read my Pink Pilled in NOT Red Pilled post which I recommend to understand the different stages of waking up, you will see that Truther’s are still in the Matrix entirely as they do not understand their own ego which is what the Matrix is.

FLAT earthers are not necessarily out of the Matrix as knowing the earth is FLAT is just understanding one of the LIES, as symptom of the Matrix. My getting kicked out of the FLAT earth group proves this!

Pink Pilled is NOT Red Pilled!

All the Truths are merely a symptom of the disease and just because you know the earth is FLAT, ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition of 911 (which is the first thing that woke me up many moons ago), Chemtrails or other satanic bankster LIES, does not mean you live outside the Matrix.  If you don’t follow the money which is printed out of thin air, you are not searching as they are right in your face.

If you do not know the satanic banksters are the problem, you obviously are unable to connect the simple dots! It is right on your dollar bill as they tell you!

Before I went to my first Flat earth group I had figured out the inversion and how the inverted mind works producing the ego.  In my first meeting is was quite apparent to me nobody else had figure this out so 15 minutes in like the truther potlucks I had attended I was the odd guy out.  So I knew I could trigger egos which I actually called them inverted minds at the time.   I can tell by how someone talks if they have this, and it is most everyone else except me.  Nobody else has unraveled the inverted Matrix like I have and as much as I explain it all, the inverted mind simply is unable to comprehend the mechanics since it goes the wrong direction when trying to figure it out.

The world is completely inverted. It is so obvious it hurts!

So I was invited to a FLAT earth group which it was something I had never looked at in the least.  Like the programmed responses I probably said why does it matter as that is what is programmed into people.  I honestly don’t remember, but being where I was at finding out everything is a LIE, I never pass on a chance to listen to new information.  I am an open minded liberal (which I have been calling myself that for over 5 years now since it is a FACT) I sat down in the first meeting and I stated I have not looked into FLAT and all of you have so I am here to listen.  I remember stating my ignorant opinion is not valid on this subject so I will not state it.  I knew some people in the group while others I did not so they knew me to be very quiet and demure.  I am being very facetious with this statement as I am not inhibited with anything I say EVER.  Thus, my remaining quiet is a little shocking to people. 

I took the information I received and personally focused on the water since if it was a glob it would have to curve right? So I did a test over a large lake which was 10 miles accross and for sure I did not see any curve in my experiment. This combined with all the thinking about it on a few hikes, it fully confirmed the FLAT earth is the FACTUAL truth.

So the leader of the group who is someone very substantial in the 911 truth movement at the end of the meeting was a little perplexed that I remained quiet and did not interrupt with my opinion and said we usually have new people questioning most everything we say, and you are quiet, what gives?  I said if I were to speak I would only be illustrating my ignorance on this subject so it is wise of me to remain silent and contemplate what you are saying.  The look on his face was utter shock. 

Since the Lutheran Church does not follow any of Martin Luthers principals in the least, this makes total sense that Luther was a FLAT earther since he followed the bible.

Thus I started attending these meeting on a fairly regular basis as they were held monthly at the local library and started doing some research on my own so while remaining mostly quiet, I did add things that I had figured out.  The last meetings I attended I mentioned the word “joos” and the cognitive dissonance eyes of the leader bugged out while someone else in the group quickly closed the door so other people did not hear that cognitive dissonance producing offensive word!

Don’t mention the “joos!” or you will trigger fragile egos!

Since I mentioned this offensive “joo” term in the meeting, I was then taken off of the email list and no longer invited to the meeting since that word causes significant consternation and constipation everywhere!  Mentioning the narcissistic inferiority complex self proclaimed chosen RETARDS always throughs the masses into quite a tizzy. As an anti-RACIST I am not shy about mentioning the RACIST supremacist intellectually deficient faulty inbreds EVER! And I know mentioning the urinals does this as this is how people’s minds are controlled, but certainly not mine in the least.

If you mention the ashkeNAZI yids with the big honkers like the picture about, you should expect some triggered egos for sure!!

So while joining the FLAT earth group certainly helped me figure out the truth about the planet we live on, I was unable to deprogram the rest of the group on what exactly the Matrix is because they would not listen to me.  All of them still were programmed with the I believe I am right ego disease. 

Most FLAT earthers are obviously very receptive to FACTS about the FLAT earth as it confirms their beliefs. Unfortunately give them FACTS on the ego which is the inverted mind, and you will typically trigger thier ego. Figuring out the ego and its inversion takes some sustained thinking for sure. And it is the biggest truth of all which then will make the whole world logical in not such a good way!

In reality, even flat earthers when their ego is triggered go back to the final comatose rung on the ladder becoming unconscious diseased puke satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrat vomit, the extremist deplorable psychologically projecting sycophant filth.  When the ego is triggered, the mind literally goes blank and spews its ignorance and emotional HATE like a prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist piece of TRASH!  As is obvious, KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive in the least.

The ego rejects the truth and denies it exists, as that is how the ego protects itself from being discovered. Just because you know the truth about the FLAT earth, does not mean you understand the biggest LIE of all which is how your own ego works. The Matrix is the ego and the ego only. The truths are symptoms of the Matrix, but not what the Matrix actually is. Clinging to the FLAT earth truth too much can actually keep you in the Matrix. Any truth can do this actually. Being a conspiracy theorist who believes vegetable Biden has a functioning brain however is a lost cause!

Unlike extremist deplorable sycophant RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED vegetable Biden, I don’t spew extreme HATE, all I do is point out simple FACTS!  Unfortunately those socratic logic derived FACTS trigger egos no matter where I am. It only takes one missing component of the Matrix to do this, and the biggest missing component everywhere is people not realizing their minds are inverted so they cannot comprehend what a FACT is, i.e. the hallmark of the Brave New World.

If you do not hit a few dead ends in your rabbit hole searching, and then admit you are wrong, you are not trying. You must keep questioning and never stop.

The truth only offends those who live outside of it.  The truth offends pride EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

Socrates was right!!

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