Pink Pilled is NOT Red Pilled!

The Red Pill is the reference to the Matrix movie and the very truthful scene where there is a Red Pill and a Blue Pill.  The Blue Pill is obviously the pill someone would take to stay in their wonderland of complete nonsense where most of the masses live.

This scene is 100% correct! I cannot think for you as you must figure it all out yourself. If I could I would! The matrix is one thing and that is the ego!

The Red Pill obviously waking up to reality.  Waking up takes a while for the mind to figure everything out.  However the vast majority of people are merely Pink Pilled, not Red Pilled in the least.

People believe that once they figure out the controlled demolition of 911 done by the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL, or chem trails, or GMO’s that they are awake.  They are NOT in the least as all the truth’s are merely a consequence of the Matrix, but NOT the Matrix itself.

I wish this had the pink pill but I would have to make that meme. You do not embrace reality until you deal with your own ego! Until then you are in the Matrix or Plato’s Cave!

People who cling to these truths think they are awake and make statements like someone who understands all these truths such as Benny and say I hate it when everything thinks they are right!  Is that not a statement that Benny thinks they are right?  Yes, it is Bennies huge ego that thinks it is right which he is on the truths correct?  If the ego is involved when either a person is LYING or telling the truth, they are still in the Matrix.  Thus, because they believe they are awake it actually stop them from taking the biggest step of all, understanding their own ego.

Just because you know certain truths does not mean you have exited the Matrix in the least!

The Matrix simply is one thing.  The human ego.  Narcissism. Stubbornness. BIGOTRY and an unwillingness to listen.  The ego even if you knows some truths still ignores FACTS and believes it is right so it won’t listen.  Thus, if I am talking to someone who has that ego they do not listen.  This is very evident when I speak to truther’s who understand many of these truths, but do not understand their ego in the least which is the minds’ inverted thinking.

People are offended by the truth as that is agent smith. People who have figured out many of the truths are offended when you point out their narcissism!

I met someone a little over a year ago who was ex CIA but has since woken up to most reality.  I will call him Lance.  When I met him I could tell he was a killer and he had so much more detailed information on Luciferian free masonry it was very nice to get all this information to confirm what I already know.  However, Lance’s ego was huge and I knew this was a problem from the start. He would state his truths and pictures as he even had OJ crime scene pictures.  Very gruesome but we are doing blood human sacrifices on innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics right?

How inverted is this? It is amazing there are comatose lefties and some rightys who actually believe all these ashkeNAZI false flag shootings as it is sad! So the heinous selfish slothful disgusting innocent baby murdering KKK Planned Parenthood wants to said children’s lives? How about shutting down your blood human sacrificing clinics? But that would be common sense and lefties are simply NOT alive!

We would get together and his ego would start showing me all his researched information.  However, I tried to bring points up and I would get interrupted all the time, while as I know the inversion it was he who interrupted me.  It is because what he says merely confirms my beliefs, while what I say challenges his programming, just more of the inversion.  Going in I understand this completely, yet I always have hopes I can deprogram someone.  This inversion is the ego and it applies to everything.

All these books are reality, and all propaganda msm bullshit is disgusting vomit! Turn off your TV!!

Now it is different for each stage of the awakening as there are many stages a person goes thru.  None so difficult as the ego awakening as that is the last step which most people do not wake up too.

Here are the steps on the ladder of awakening:

KKK slavery demonrat: Not alive and not worth trying to wake them up.  No conscious mind as the wind changing directions will trigger their fragile ego.  NPC’s who willingly have euthanized themselves. They all regurgitate what the propaganda media says and are programmed not to support vegetable Biden, but HATE Trump!  Complete zombies!

Lefties are walking unconscious zombies! This is not an exaggeration!

Republican: Anyone in the false left. vs right paradigm is still basically unconscious, and those robots voting straight ticket Republican are not much different that a comatose lefty.  Orwellian Doublethink makes Republicans as confused docile mess.

If someone calls themselves a Republican today, they really are not much better than a KKK slavery lefty.

Trumper: These are people who bash Rinos but still have massive Trump support syndrome. Trump is part of the cabal and just an actor for the satanic bankster scum who he is completely beholden too.  This too is not even remotely awake. 

So you trust someone who pushed the Rockefeller death shot? Trump is an actor like all the others and if he tried to do something good like how he talks, he would have been JFKed!

Truthers: These are people who know the many truths like the controlled demolition of 911, Chem trails, GMO’s, Slave masks, FLAT earth etc out there and are waking up, but most of these people still have the narcissistic traits so they still live in the Matrix.  Both Lance and Benny are in this stage.

ashkeNAZI yids are LIARS so they must control the media to perpetuate their LIES. Many pink pilled people are NOT yid awake! This is called stockholm syndrome!

Here is a recent conversation I had with a “conspiracy researcher” which is so typical of someone in this stage:

Me: “If they can make you believe in conspiracy globbery, they can make make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

Just another day of living in conspiracy globberyists heads!

Globberyists make me laugh!

Conspiracy Guy:  Liar
he said..

“Those who can make you believe #absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

(Note: egos love to give me advice!)

Me: Yes I took a poetic license with Voltaires quote and he would be delighted!

Conspiracy globbery is an absurdity so it fits!

But that FACT will go over your head won’t it?

“Common sense is not so common.” Voltaire

Him: Well you’re very naive if you think Voltaire was referring to conspiracies, you obviously know nothing about him nor what he stood for.

Secondly and most importantly,I never finished High School even though I’m educated in two languages but truth is I’d never be as #awake as I am nor would I have such a massive Track Record of being able to predict events had I not started researching #conspiracies Full-time since late 2007.

My #predictions are ALL based on #Conspiracy research.

Read my profile for just a glimpse of what I’ve called since 2008.

Me: “Common sense is not so common.” Voltaire

That all a good philosopher like Voltaire or Socrates does is expose conspiracies.

You are very naive to believe otherwise.

Him: You’re talking to GAB’s Top conspiracy researcher.

you’re a #nobody with no track record and now you’re twisting words to make them fit your opinions.

#loser  (The ego always personally insults to protect their fragile ego, especially my intelligence!)

Me: Nice narcissistic response!

You are idiot!

Him: No, I’m a #Pro and a #Veteran with a REAL Track Record of being accurate ..even in the #Financial sector & #Crypto-currencies.  (The ego will always deny it exists)

Been researching conspiracies since ’07 w/ Long Track Record starting
March ’08 went public warning: depopulation #Agenda21 how Pandemic would be unleashed & Fear used to Fear us into taking #Vaccines + warned how #Illuminati planned Crude Oil & US stock market crash in 6 mths on 2nd week of Sept 08 + how #Silver would ‘Rocket’ after crash  (The ego will always be arrogant and tell you what they have done which is them trying tell you they are intelligent, which is the inversion!)

Me: The Matrix is the ego which you have a big one.

You can still understand truthful details and be in the Matrix which you are.

pink pilled is not red pilled!

Him: omg you’re fucking dumb…go back and vote Trump you dumbass.

( Gosh, his ego didn’t listen and insulted my intelligence!  A very common occurrence!)

Me: The narcissist with the inflated ego speaks!

You are an idiot! Just less of one than vegetable Biden.

Then he posts a quote about “To learn who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticize. This is a Voltaire quote from the 1700’s, but someone named Kevin Alfred Strom has stolen it to add to the confusion.  This is how they deflect from the actual statement.

This is your typical truther and he is arrogant as hell as that is his ego.  He is still locked into the Matrix completely.  Even though they speak truth they still have they still have the I believe I am right disease so they do not question their own ego.  The ego denying the ego exists is exactly what the ego is.  These are the quintessential truthers that go to the Red Pill expos to have their truths confirmed to pacify their ego.  This is NOT awake!  

The ego creates prejudices and this stops reasoning skills. This is a BIG problem because they still cannot comprehend simple FACTS!

Understanding the ego final stage: Nothing else matters as the human ego which inverts reality is the Matrix.  The ego can believe all the LIES or the truth, it doesn’t matter.  If someone doesn’t understand how the ego works they are not awake. The ego fights like hell to not be noticed.  The ego is agent smith so it will get very defensive and narcissistic when you point it out!  The ego will run for the hills and repeat over and over again it has nothing to do with my ego!  It is a simple FACT the ego will deny it exists and it is then you know that their ego is the whole problem, not all the detailed truths at all.  In FACT the whole Matrix is not about the truth about FLAT earth or others truths at all!  It is completely about the ego or pride or stubbornness or obstinacy, or not listening due to their blatant bigotry.

If you know all the truths, but have not had sustained thinking to figure our your ego, you are still in Plato’s Cave Period!

The great philosophers over time are almost always trying to expose this to make people think, but this truth will only be realized by the few as the masses simply do not think.  Most American’s are simply dumbed down by being led by their ego is realize this.  Materialism, sex, drugs, sports, etc all are weapons of the silent war against humanity by Satan.  Organized religion is almost completely infiltrated and designed to produce pride in their beliefs which frankly will completely contradict the Bible, as the common term they use is woke which inverted to the truth means comatose zombie.  Just look at your typical KKK slavery lefty to see walking zombies from hell.

The ego is the wall and it is exactly what many of the great philosophers have figured out. A person only regurgitates if the ego is not exposed as it is the pink pill, not the red pill!

The Matrix is one thing and that one thing is the pride in ones beliefs which is the ego.  Nothing else.  Just that. Until a person questions and conquers their own ego they simply are not awake and it doesn’t matter how many time they say it is not their ego because it is!

If someone tells you they are NOT brainwashed, they are brainwashed.

If someone says yes I completely understand I can be brainwashed, they will then and only then be able to fight it.

A person admitting they are WRONG is truly a sign of intelligence!

Pride is the ego is the problem! I person must have significant sustained thinking internally to figure it all out as nobody can think for you. Until a person fully engages their mind to figure out the ego and how it creates the inversion, they will remain in the matrix no matter how many truth they have figured out.

I leave you with a paragraph from the book City of God by St. Augustine:

“If there is any loveliness discerned in the lineaments of the body, or beauty in the movement of music and song, it is the mind that makes this judgement. This means that there must be within the mind a superior form, one that is immaterial and independend of sound and space and time.  However, the mind itself is not immutable, for, if it were, all minds would judge alike concerning sensible forms.  Actually, a clever mind judges more aptly than the stupid one; a skilled one better than one unskilled; an experienced one better than one inexperienced. Even the same mind, once it improves, judges better than it did before.”

A brilliant mind St. Augustine had where his pagan upbringing was contrasted when he converted areoun 30 years of age. He knew both sides very well! A great and wise delineation between good and evil. All that we are dealing with today!

Fully waking up is a journey and it never seems to end.  If you stop questioning because you believe you are awake, your ego is merely stopping you from fully waking up.

Never stop questioning EVER!  It is the only way to free the mind!

Until you figure out your own ego, you will still dwell in Plato’s Cave no matter how many truths you know. The ego ignores FACTS and is always wrong, but believes it is right. It is exactly how it works!

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