Space is fake and gay!

The cognitive dissonance over the FACT that the earth is FLAT with a firmament or dome as explained to us in genesis and other verses is immense.  It is what you see everyday of your life!  But the cognitive dissonance over this is completely immense as God created this incredible planet which means plane or flat, yet satan had to invert everything so he had to get everyone to believe the opposite of the truth.

People throw a conniption fit over this truth. Just how did people get this stupid?

Free mason extortion fraud NASA is more of a comedy skit at this point as their CGI cartoon images as completely laughable. So who was the first man on the moon?  Evidently Stanley Kubrick who admitted filming the moon landing since he was the cameraman.  Sorry, you cannot land on the moon and we have never been there, and it is not 238,000 miles away.  If it is the rocket must get extremely good gas mileage right?  Must be using a Geo Metro rocket!!

The dots are easy to connect once you have eyes to see!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS as the mind in a Trance is unable to comprehend them so they ignore or have some emotional reaction to them, so the mind controlled individual to protect their own incompetence will always personally attack by insulting your intelligence or calling you a faggot.  It is what is programmed into them as that is all it is is a software program regurgitating what it has been programmed with. 

FACTS are offensive in the Brave New World!

But as with any situation when you speak the truth about FLAT earth it is actually never about the shape of the earth.  It is about the inverted mind or the human ego which believes the opposite of the truth.  This as I have explained many times is the issue and it is the Matrix.  This is why people are offended by the truth. Obviously programmed RETARDED comatose KKK slavery lefties are offended by the wind changing directions. Comatose prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are simply not alive!

Gosh, what subversive LYING parasitical tribe is this bamboozler from? The bamboozler like all narcissist with the arrogance will tell you they are bamboozling you to your face as Sagan did. Like all Einstein RETARDED narcissists, Sagan was just that telling farcical stories he made up that nobody could prove or disprove, like the conspiracy theory of realitivity nonsense.

As an open minded liberal who cares about women and children like myself,  you must have an open mind to figure out the truth about FLAT earth.  Conspiracy globberys absurdities are so immense as a person must be in a Trance to believe that bullshit.

It is in the bible you know! Conspiracy globbery is NOT!!

As a liberal I am obviously pro choice, for gun control and very anti-RACIST.  But it is very important to get the proper meaning of these word instead of what is programmed into people by the schizophrenic psychopaths.

Pro choice:  I think it is the right and caring approach to give all selfish slothful HATEFUL despicable scum who believe it is OK to murder innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics the choice of what wall to stand against for the firing squad.

Gun Control: Gun control is very important as a person should practice shooting their gun so they have proper gun control in case a zombie tries to steal the gun or if any poisoned leper RACIST KKK slavery lefty comes around in a zombie state to protect women and children.

Anti-RACIST: I obviously encourage all RACIST putrid vulgar diseased puke KKK slavery leftist TRASH to get their boosters, because a dead lefty is a dead RACIST. Same obviously applies to narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fake joo TRASH! The synagogue of satan ItsaHELL will most certainly crash and burn as God predicted.  Interesting biblical times for sure!

Comatose lefties do not have any intelligence as they are just filthy RACIST prideful BIGOTED comatose gullible morons! AND they euthanized themselves!

If this simple truth bothers you, you are in a Trance.  Most people are programmed to be narcissists so they do not trust God, but try to reason themselves and that is why they are fearful, and that is why they do not think.  It is how satan controls the masses.

Obviously HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED lefties are not in the least liberal since they are not conscious, and they get angry when you challenge their programming so they do an emotional outburst of childishness. Lefties simply are not conscious in the least!

The FACTS proving FLAT earth are immense, as simple science proves this.  Per science, things rise and fall on our FLAT earth by density of the object as compared to oxygen by the atomic weights on the periodic table of elements.  It is always like conspiracy globberyists have never heard of the periodic table of elements or something, and cling to such absurdities as conspiracy gravity magic dust which fixes all the anomalies of the spinning ball thru space at 1000 mph with no wind nonsense. Conspiracy globberyists obviously only wear slip on shoes because if they had shoelaces they would trip on them all the time since they are not usually programmed on how to tie them.

See this periodic table of elements? Notice both Helium and Hydrogen have lower atomic numbers then Oxygen? And both of them rise!! What a cohencidence right? It is this simple! Gravity is utter nonsense!

Water is FLAT and always finds it flatness and needs a container like a glass or the Antartica Ice wall.  How obvious is this?  Yet I have actually had conspiracy globberyists insist that water is never flat.  It is frankly unbelievable just how stupid conspiracy globberyists are, as they have not one ounce of common sense.  Ask a conspiracy globberyist how water curves as it must on their nonsensical spinning ball, how does water stay on a spinning ball and they all turn into a vegetable like diaper wearing Biden.  Now I know is quite insulting to call someone a comatose KKK slavery demonrat, but sometimes this harshness is warranted. In the case of conspiracy globberyists being this mean and nasty is appropriate.

Because it is not the shape of the earth that is the issue ever, but their I believe I am right ego, the only FACT I present is water being FLAT since I already know they will ignore it. It makes deflecting much harder when it is this simple. And that is why it is the only thing I ever use.

If we went to the moon in the 60’s, just how do we lose the technology of the 60’s so we cannot go back?  How can anyone believe this nonsense coming from free mason extortion fraud NASA anyway? 
And how do they get people to believe this anymore?  All the supposed challenger disaster people are still alive and well as they are put in cushy positions since they are such good LIARS!  Just like all the false flags everyone is still alive!  It is all a puppet show just like the whole subversive LYING satanic bankster TRASH who run the government.  Plato’s Cave is extremely real!

The fake webb telescope images are images from the 1947 film it’s a wonderful life. Everything to do with NASA is fake and gay!

How does a rainbow form?  It is a reflection off of the dome above with the sky ice!

This reflection is the off of the dome above! We are in an enclosed environment of God’s creation!

The schizophrenic satanic psychopaths work very hard to conceal the truth about the shape of the earth, because once people understand this their house of cards falls very fast.  The domino effect is immense, but it takes time for the mind to wake up to everything.  And obviously most people will not wake up at all as they live in pure quiet desperation never knowing the paradise that was stolen from them by satan.

Buzz Aldrin admits we never went to the moon!! Plus we lost the technology from the 60’s? Give me a break! You have to be in a total trance to believe this and people are!!

Because of the mind control I know not enough people will read what I write as their narcissism stops them from looking, and the Trance will not allow them to believe what I say.  Their minds if they do see it will block out what I say, and that is the very reason I can say whatever I want. Obviously, I do not let mentally deranged KKK slavery lefties regurgitate their programming in my presence which is very reasonable considering how rude and offensive all comatose lefties are.

NASA CGI cartoon images are photo shopped because they have to be!!

God’s wrath will be here soon.  God has already poisoned the prideful BIGOTS who took the Rockefeller death shot.  It is God’s way of throwing out the chaff obviously. God tells us the truth while satan deceives as satan uses the bible to deceive very well.  The amount of people who call themselves a Christian yet have taken the poison injection show they were not following God at all.  The amount of churches that have women ministers while the bible says that is not a women’s natural place and the bible is correct. If a church does not teach about the truth about FLAT earth also, it is not seeking the truth either.  Thus, the masses are deceived and organized religion is purely a control mechanism for the masses.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions indeed!

Unfortunately satan is very good at deceiving those who read the bible. I don’t know how many supposed Christians of many faiths who have pride in their beliefs which their pride usually has cohencided with taking the Rockefeller death shot. It stops them from seeing the truth!!

The truth is out there and God as told in the bible does not like lukewarm or pride in ones beliefs.  God wants you to have a contrite heart, but most people are ego driven living in the world and try to think with their head believing they are right, and not God. This is the inversion or Matrix I see every day of my life.

The I believe I am right ego disease is strong. God is the one who is right. The FLAT earth truth confirms this as it confirms the bible!!

This is the truth whether you believe it or not!

Reading St. Augustines City of God still as he was a very intelligent and wise man to say the least!

4 responses to “Space is fake and gay!”

  1. Good post. The range and accuracy of new digital camera technology easy shows water doe’s not curve. I believe it was Tesla who said that what we know as stars are attached to the firmament.

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    • Yes, and every time a conspiracy globberyist sees the quote they will ask for the source. I say Tesla and they do not get it! But they believe free mason extortion frauds NASA’s CGI cartoons!

      As we know there are conspiracy theorists out there that believe vegetable Biden has a functioning brain and that is absurd!


    • Please don’t upset unconscious mentally deranged KKK slavery lefties like that!

      You may hurt their fragile ego since they very could well believe Bugs Bunny is real! If it’s on TV “programming” it’s real right?

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