The Brave New World is NOT fiction!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS combined with narcissism where people are programmed with complete LIES and refuse to consider they make be completely wrong.  This is pure bigotry, stubbornness, pride and is what the ego is.  The ego inverts the perception of reality turning what is good into bad and bad into good.  The bible clearly talks about this in depth, but if a person has pride in their beliefs they obviously will not listen to me, hence they will stay in the Matrix or Plato’s Cave.

The bible is alive! Organized religion sucks!

The difference between myself and most others is I am not shy about speaking the truth.  This causes issues obviously if the masses are programmed with the complete opposite of the Truth which is the case.  Thus they will accuse me of confusing people when it is them who are completely confused.  Thus they psychologically project what they are guilty of!  It happens to me constantly and it is because people’s minds are completely inverted due to the brainwashing.

At least I am not pregnant right?

The ignorance of FACTS is necessary to keep people locked into the Matrix of LIES.  By repeating the LIES over and over again combined with the brain damage that occurs at the public indoctrination centers it keeps people in the narcissistic Matrix.  Feelings are nonsense and they always will be.

The most frustrating thing of all is when I state simple FACTS which I could back up easily, and instead of asking my why I say that, they just call me retarded because they cannot comprehend what I say or it does not confirm their programmed beliefs. I am the proud owner of the world record for being called RETARDED! Yippee!!

Orwell’s quotes are 100% accurate as people have been extremely brainwashed.  So much so that most people can only regurgitate what was on the previous nights news.  If you watch TV you are being brainwashed period.  If you do not eat properly the poison will affect your brain’s function to keep you in the Matrix.  The food supply currently is garbage and you must eat properly if you want to think.  There is no other way you can wake up without first cleaning up your diet.  Eat organic and no high fructose corn syrup which is a poison GMO and eliminate processed foods as much as possible.  You are what you eat and if you eat shit, you are shit and stupid!

Gosh, GMO’s have been a great way to poison the food supply!! Just give the farmers some money so they do the wrong thing! Monsanto is pure evil! I have been warning about this for years! I was right!!

Mentally deranged morally depraved prideful BIGOTED selfish slothful projecting RACIST intolerant KKK slavery demonrats are not alive in the least, and everything the unconscious vomit accuseth they are guilty. The Orwellian inversion starts with this right here as all a comatose lefty has are feelings and thus are programmable walking zombies.  And the gullible morons have euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot. Obviously they are not alive anyway.

Gosh, a KKK slavery demonrat! Does a picture paint a thousand words or what?

Another aspect of the Brave New World is turning women into whores which they have done.  This obviously destroys women as a women’s virtue and value is directly associated with her prudence which includes not sleeping with a bunch of guys.  Each guy a women sleeps with they are depreciating, and there are women who have been posting on TikTok how many men they have slept with.  Like everything else, this is an inversion of good as the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid maggots have repeated the LIE that women’s liberation is the ability to sleep around.  This is contrary to a women’s natural instincts to have children and raise properly the next generation.  Unfortunately Women are very emotional and are much more easily manipulated by rhetoric than men, and you can see why the parasitical yids wanted to get women to vote, not that voting matters anyway.

They literally got comatose women to practically walk naked exposing themselves as a piece of meat, while at the same time saying this shit. Can you say complete inversion? The slutwalk for women’s rights! I read how disgusting men were by as it was a very easy place to get laid! Obviously not the right kind of men who would take advantage, not that these zombies had a clue though! I am sure the propaganda media blamed it on a straight while male like myself, as that is what subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid fakes joos do!! Fuck this inversion from HELL!

But it truly is the ignorance of simple FACTS is what the brainwashing accomplishes.  Like the simple FACT that water is FLAT is constantly ignored but it is completely apparent with your own eyes on a daily basis if you drink liquids at all.  The water needs a container like a glass or the Antarctica Ice Wall.  Water does not work on a ball, and if you believe in the made up conspiracy gravity theory you are a programmed moron.  It is that simple.

The earth is blatantly FLAT! If they can make you believe in conspiracy globbery, they can make you commit atrocities like murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics!

Ignoring that slave masks deprive your of oxygen and are bacteria infested when you breath in them is ignoring FACTS.

A bunch of compliant slaves!

Ignoring the poison ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot is ignoring FACTS!

I screamed as loud as I could to NOT take the Rockefeller death shot! But did people listen? The smarter ones did but if people did take the depopulation shot they would be embarrassed to tell me. The idiots selected themselves as they predicted so long ago!

Pride or the ego ignores FACTS because you believe you are right.  And that is why pride leads to destruction!

The masses simply do not think. Most people would rather DIE than think unfortunately. The mass of men truly live in quiet desperation!

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