Stop calling name stealing Khazarian ashkeNAZIs joos!

It only takes a little bit of research to figure out that the Khazarian’s who were known as name stealers and converted in the 8th century to supposed judaism but are still atheists typically are NOT related to the jews in the bible in the least.

The ashkeNAZIs are neither real joos nor are they semitic in the least!

Khazaria which today is modern day Ukraine is where they originated, not Palestine in the least.  In the bible you can reference who they are by those called the Pharisee Money Changers, as Jesus had them pegged for those who have humbled themselves and can read.  Zionism is purely satanic so anyone who supports the satanic state of the RACIST supremacist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is a Satanist also.

Palestine is NOT their homeland in the least!

The satanic made up term of judeo-Christianity is pure satanic deception as they are diametrically opposed and is not Christianity at all.  It makes sense that satan would invert everything as this gets to the heart of the inversion so people worship satan instead of God.

And people support the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911! It is pure stockholm syndrome!

The wailing wall is actually the Roman fort Antonio as it was built to destroy Jerusalem in 70ad as Jesus predicted while he was alive.  Any selected President who pledges their allegiance to this wall on a debauchery fort is pledging their will to satan himself.  The dunce cap worn by them shows this. Most of the real jews in the bible were slaughtered here.  This is a FACT that is ignored because people do not read or are too lazy to do some research for themselves, preferring to let subversive LYING “authority figures” do their thinking for them.

So the Ukrainian ashkeNAZIs pray at the Roman fort Antonia who demolished Jerusalem in 70ad that Jesus predicted? The German’s were fighting the satanic Khazarian ashkeNAZIs as America fights on the WRONG side of every war!

The thirteenth tribe by Arthur Koestler or The invention of the jewish people by Schlomo Sands are just a couple of the resources showing this, as the yids themselves even state as such.

I remember downloading this from fantompower I believe online and it certainly helped me wake up. Koestler is an ashkeNAZI yid and they actually tell this truth because they know very few people actually read. The truth is out there as all you need to do is search!

The ashkeNAZI yids are narcissistic so they have no trouble LYING and deceiving, as their inferiority complex is immense as it should be since they are and know inherently they are parasitical faulty inbreds.

They are not related to the jews in the bible in the least! Name stealers!

Since the Khazarian ashkeNAZIs self proclaim they are the God’s chosen ones, it makes sense Satan would steal this right?  This is the heart of the inversion as to deceive the masses as Satan has to appear as God and God as Satan right?

A little research shows you this, as they are the pharisee money changers in the bible. You will know them by their deeds as you cannot be a Christian and believe these deceivers! Their pride will lead them to their destruction! It is a guarantee!

As is more than obvious nowadays, putrid vulgar morally repugnant unconscious vomit RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are unconscious vomit.  Doesn’t the bible say pride goes before destruction?  Why yes it does?  Did not the gullible morons euthanize themselves with the Rockefeller death shot?  Yes they did and this is justice obviously as a dead KKK slavery demonrat is a dead RACIST!  All lefties are the zombie apocalypse as the comatose morally depraved filth willingly injected poison into themselves.  No fucks will be given to any selfish slothful satanic death cult leftist TRASH!

All mentally deranged comatose RACIST selfish slothful prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrats are conspiracy theorists, not that they realize however!

There are lots of people pink pilled as the absurdities the satanic pedophiles are pushing such as men getting pregnant as this is pushing it past the point of no return. 

To get the masses to commit atrocities, they must make them believe in absurdities! We are there!!

If you cannot see who the current Pharisee money changers are, you obviously ignore all FACTS such as who the narcissistic parasites are who run the criminal federal reserve.  Are they not all subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid schizophrenic psychopaths?  Do they not run the operation mockingbird propaganda bullshit media?  Child sacrificing Pedowood propaganda?  The whole scamdemic pushing the Rockefeller death shots?  All the advisors surrounding vegetable Biden?

People’s minds because of the mind control ignore the simple FACT that all the Rockefeller death shots CEO’s are ashkeNAZI yids. The Stockholm syndrome is quite immense!

But don’t point out satan’s minions or their fragile egos will get hurt by the truth that the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did the controlled demolition on 911, push the despicable holohoax LIE, or that the ashkeNAZI yids did slavery in America.  The narcissists fragile egos will get hurt!

I am very fond of the truth! These are FACTS! And the yids are NOT real joos is a FACT!

As an ardent anti-Racist who recognizes simple FACTS like the RACIST domestic terrorist HATE groups antifa and BLM exist, connecting the dots is very simple.  Because of the Trance they are in, the masses cannot see this extreme inversion of everything.

Hitler was fighting the same diseased puke we are fighting today! All antifa are walking unconscious zombie TRASH

The Khazarian’s were in the middle of the continent (modern day Ukraine) and it was a trade route.  Stories both from the west and east of them were replete with stories about businessmen who would be invited into someone’s home where they fed them dinner and got to know about why they are traveling and what business they were doing.  They would murder that person and then go to where they were going and act like they were them duping the business stealing the goods or the money.  The ashkeNAZI’s were name stealers and why not steal the name jew right?  Liars, thieves and murderers as God’s chosen?  Satan found his people obviously since their lack of empathy was perfect while their ability to LIE and be master LIARS as evidenced by what they are doing today.

Gosh, the 666 staring you in the face!

The narcissists are master LIARS as both Jesus and Hitler had them pegged.  Can you see why they hate Christianity and Hitler?

They all took on the useless eating narcissistic master LYING satanic bankster scum!

People are in a Trance and cannot see this obvious good vs evil as you would expect.  But it is the Truth and it answers a lot of questions.  Clarity of the mind awaits for those who sustain their thinking to figure all of this out!!

The big honker inferiority complex mental invalid race has always been the problem! Even before Jesus as Plato described the Cave. Things have not changed in the least!

For more on the Khazarian mafia go to this link not written by me but is very good!

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