How to stay healthy!

Our world is completely upside down, and this is is what I do to stay healthy!

No flouride consumption.
Avoid the Rockefeller programmed RETARDED big pharma pill pushing Doctor
Avoid GMO’s as much as possible
I see that only about 10% of the food in your typical grocery store is edible
Avoid comatose toxic whiny ass programmed RETARDED RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats
Use only alternative medicine
Buy direct from farmers who practice chemical minimization or organic
Exercise (which I need to do more of!)
Drink distilled water, artesian water or non fluoridated well water.
No sodas or toxic energy drinks
Avoid fast food as much as possible with only a few would I even eat at
Invert completely the government recommended food pyramid

Thus, whatever the propaganda operation mockingbird media or government is saying, I always do the complete opposite of that bullshit!

These are what I do off the top of my head as I know our bodies are incredible machines that God created as the vessel for our soul. I am not perfect but this is what I recommend if you want your brain to actually function. All the toxins in the food and especially the neuro toxin flouride are on purpose to make you docile and stupid.

If you are stubborn and egotistical so you don’t listen to me, well I cannot help you!

Did the bible not tell you? Yes it did!!

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