Why ugly smelly ashkeNAZI yids are such useless eating RETARDS!

It is more than obvious the schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid TRASH are all useless eaters and narcissistically Einstein RETARDED maggots, as only the most RACIST supremacist would care for the faulty inbreds life.

All the ugly smelly useless eating filth does is project onto others what the schizophrenic psychopathic mental invalids are guilty!

joo is just a fancy name for a RETARDED urinal obviously, as this vermin consistently shows all of us what low life scum is on a daily basis. All putrid vulgar diseased puke leftist brainwashing come from the scatological vermin race of filth.

When you spot a big honker like this example, you have found the faulty inbred!

While Stockholm syndrome continues, people ignore FACTS about these sub human beasts.

Only if a person ignores FACTS like most people do can they ignore this morally repugnant mental invalid inferior race, and stockholm syndrome is why people defend the vermin.

Did these useless eating maggots do slavery in America?  Yes they did!

The ashkeNAZI yids owned the slave ships and Cohen and bros did the slave auctions. FACTS prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Did the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL vomit do the controlled demolition of 911? Yes they did!

Not all yids are part of the satanic cabal, but most are complicit. Supporting the ashkeNAZI yid race is simply RACIST! That is a FACT and many of them are very disgusted with their own race as they should be. But not enough to not indict the whole inferiority complex laden race.

Are the subversive LYING parasites still pushing the HATEFUL RACIST holohoax LIE? Yes the useless eater do!

The holohoax was planned many years in advance, and instead of being disposed of at Auschwitz which had swimming pools, a hospital where 3000 babies were born, and an opera house, the yids wrote all the propagandized HATE and RACISM this despicable LIE imposes onto the superior German people. There shall be no mercy!

Is the ugly smelly inferiority complex race useful as a urinal?  This is debatable as getting close to the filth is not advisable.

Some of the better looking faulty inbreds obviously!

The narcissistic programmed RETARDS are noted for being schizophrenic most likely caused by their inbreeding as the worthless TRASH have no morals or decency and decorum, so the morally depraved mental invalids will fuck anything, even their sister. This is one of the reasons why their DNA is so polluted causing their significant Einstein RETARDATION.

The insecurity and inferiority complex of the schizophrenic mental invalids is immense. The narcissistic RETARDS are not fit to run a hot dog stand.

These psychopathic RETARDS as such narcissistic mealy mouthed weasels, no matter what truth you tell, these insecure mental midgets will go berserk. None of the maggots are even remotely capable of debate since the truth is offensive to the parasites, and they will run away like scared monkeys. All the mental midgets can do is accuse you of exactly what they themselves are guilty, as psychological projection is the only weapon the useless eaters have.  Any sign of the truth being told, they will yell “anti-semitic” into the void when the ashkeNAZI yids are not even semitic, but are the anti-semites.

The pharisee money changers get upset when the truth is spoken like Jesus did! The truth makes the mental midgets go berzerk!

Obviously, none of their psychological projections work once you do some research and figure out what subversive LIARS they are, as their narcissism coupled with their persistence of their LIES falls on deaf ears. If it comes out of the mealy mouth of an ashkeNAZI mental midget yid, I know it is a LIE.  It is all the vermin know how to do to try and cover up for their severe intellectual deficiencies.

The narcissistic RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids control the subversive LYING operation mockingbird propaganda bullshit media? How anyone believes this shit is beyond me. Here they are admitting the morally depraved TRASH runs the bullshit media, but can anyone make the connection?

It is more than obvious that Hitler was way too nice as he actually should have disposed of these inferior pieces of TRASH, as none of them belong anywhere near a civilized society. Hitler understood them, but with the level of intelligence he had he was too nice.  As we know now it is impossible to even be HATEFUL or Racist to this inferiority complex parasitical cancer losers as they sure will not be return any niceties.  

Hitler really did try to work with them, but in the end it is impossible because so many of the psychopaths are simple narcissistic RETARDS it is impossible!

As we see the infection with all putrid vulgar morally repugnant mentally deranged RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit, the penetration of their filthy dross in making rude and disgusting lefty TRASH is immense since the urinals have penetrated most everywhere with their morally repugnant filth.

Just look at this disgustingly RETARDED putrid leftist TRASH! These are not women and are completely the unfuckables since no decent guy wants to be around this shit! The ashkeNAZI yid scum destroyed these women on purpose. The sub human beasts can only be dealt with one way!!

There are very good reasons the diseased subversive LYING sludge has been expelled so many times, and the sub human narcissistic RETARDS need to be disposed of for good.  This time for good as I truly think God has a plan as we go thru a cataclysmic time.  You cannot say this next number of years won’t be interesting because it will be.

The subversive LYING parasites are NOT the victums in the least! The ugly smelly vermin will not leave until they are forced!! None of this low life filth belongs in any civilized society EVER!!

The days of the subversive LYING ashkeNAZI yid maggots is about over! In due time, the narcissistic RETARDS will be disposed of properly!

If you fear God and HATE evil, you will fight the narcissistic slothful RETARDS like Jesus did in the temple when he took the whip and chase the maggots out!

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