The mass of men regurgitate!

The unfortunate reality of our current dystopian world is the simple FACT that the masses are programmed to regurgitate what an authority figure says.  This is what our public brain damaging centers are doing on purpose so the masses are controlled.  It is reality whether you choose to believe it or not.

Schools are simply control mechanisms for the banksters!

Since American’s who unfortunately are the most brainwashed in the world and are enslaved in their minds, people watch videos typically and if they confirm their belief system they feel this replaces reading.

America is the land of the enslaved mind! A perverted version of Plato’s Republic!

However, reading books are more important than an videos as especially old books where people simply were more intelligent and not distracted so much from all the fluff we have going on to entertain the masses keeping them distracted from completely inverted clown world we are currently in.  Books make the mind think while videos which certainly may have very good information do not.  Videos if a person does not have a good grasp on true history are merely a solidification of the LIES we have been told, and especially those that tell 80% while deflecting of the 20% blatant LIES.  Alex Jones and David Icke are perfect examples who give you a ton of truth while deflecting from the satanic Zionist bankster TRASH!

Alex Jones even named ItsaHELL right after 911, but obviously he has been compromised since like probably a little while later. It would not let me download it unfortunately as this truth is censored! Bill Cooper was awake and he knew it was all coming. That is why they killed him! David Icke still promotes the holohoax which is their key mind control device.

The puppet show is designed to keep people regurgitating gibberish in the false left vs. right paradigm.  As long as they have debates and discussions here the faulty inbreds behind the scenes are happy.

Once you start naming the real issues like the earth is FLAT or you mention the LYING thieving bankster TRASH who did the controlled demolition on 911, you are exiting the false paradigm and are in a danger zone, and will be called a conspiracy theorist which will be leveled at you for telling the truth.

Once you realize it is the same satanic zionist bankster scum behind all of it, you always find them at the end of every rabbit hole! Every Single Time!

The mind control which inverts the mind makes it so people will regurgitate what they hear instead of thinking for themselves.  This is how the satanic bankster scum has their control, as by repeating over and over again their LIES they program the masses because they do not think.  I have stated this many times over as I understand the process, but if a person is not able to think, they will not understand it.  The programming gets in the way of comprehension all the time.

TV’s are poison for your mind literally! Turn it off!!

How does satan program you into the world?  He offers you money if you are a good slave and do the wrong thing.  Programmed doctors were paid well to inject the Rockefeller death shot to euthanize people right?  They ever were deceived to believe they were doing the right thing right?  The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Their intentions were not evil, but their actions were not that they realized it.  The Trance prevented them from looking at the FACTS that the vaccine was pure poison.  This is how you cull a population! Sad but true.  All it takes is a little bit of money to get people to do the WRONG thing.

People are deceived as most do not have bad intentions, but the few absolutely do. And the few always control the many! This is unfortunate!

When you understand America fights on the WRONG side of every war for the satanic Zionist bankster TRASH, the full magnitude of the issue comes into focus.  But peoples pride tends to stop them from believing this.  The ego denies the truth which is the ultimate inversion to reality on our FLAT earth.

How evil of Iran to not have a Rothschild’s enslaving central bank!

The belief in LIES perpetuated by authority figures is exactly what our world is.  Anything Truth that invades that space will be deamed a conspiracy theory and denounced as HATE speech, which it will be perceived as such by those programmed with LIES.  Even though a KKK slavery lefty is a Racist as evidenced by what they accuseth, they do not want to be called one right?  But it is a blatant FACT that the comatose morons are.  The false left vs. right is simply absurd at this point as the media inverts everything.

Orwell’s quotes are 100% spot on! Going to the Fabian Society he understood the mechanics of the whole inverting process.

The reason this is such an issue is that regurgitation is not intelligence in the least as it breeds arrogance when something someone has been programmed with comes out of their mouth without a filter as then they will refuse to listen as the ego does not listen EVER!  Thus if the mass of men merely regurgitate they will be believing the LIE, and if you believe one LIE all the rest will be LIES also.  It unfortunately is all encompassing.

From personal interactions plus reading Orwell’s 1984 this is what I figured out. I also figured out what they program as the ego is actually the complete opposite of the truth. This is done on purpose for sure!

Thinking is the few not the many, and it has always been this way.  Socrates was put to death for trying to try and get people to think, as nobody is able to think for someone else.  And if a person is not able to think at all like a KKK slavery lefty, then they are easily manipulated by emotion that is devoid of logic.  Lefties are simply useful idiots for the evil psychopaths who rule the world.  Sad but true.

This is true unfortunately, as if people actually thought there would be a revolution. Most people are easily led!

The few have always controlled the many.  That is our unfortunate reality.

Nor will it ever be!

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