TRUMP Sucks!!

The puppet show that is our government is full of politicians right? All of them are pontificating narcissistic subversive LYING parasites, and this includes con man Trump. Sure he isn’t a vegetable like Biden, but he still is just an actor for the satanic bankster scum still.

You don’t play in NY real estate if you are not part of the Khazarian bankster mafia scum in the least!

Trump support syndrome is very real and it keeps people from looking at the real problem who is the satanic pedophiles who actually run the show behind the scenes. While Biden is completely pathetic that even comatose KKK slavery demonrats are in flux, this does not make the lessor of the 2 evils much better, as in reality Trump is a completely con man in keeping the puppet show alive. Trump is even more of an asshole than Biden simply because Biden is intellectually incapable of being much more than a house plant.

Obviously these 2 incompetent actors don’t run shit!

Since mentally deranged unconscious RACIST extremist deplorable sycophant KKK slavery demonrats are not even remotely conscious, and I obviously do not left any of the comatose mutes regurgitate their programming in my presences, I don’t bother with them as it is impossible to wake a lefty up since they do not have a functioning mind.

Comatose lefties are a lost cause! The Rockefeller death shot has euthanized the vast majority of the gullible morons anyway!

All Presidents are selected and who has the most “supposed” royal blood is who actually wins, as voting is merely the allusion of choice. This is very apparent since vegetable BIden is NO way even came close to winning the vote. If someone denies this they are not conscious!

The operation mockingbird media is all completely fake and gay as none of it is even remotely real, and if someone is still watching their TV, they are still being programmed. Even if you can invert all their LIES, without it being completely turned off you mind will still be affected by the programming that takes place in the background. Turn is off for good as once you do you will curse the TV because you will understand what it really is, a mind control devise.

This is exactly what it is. When you are watching you simply do not realize it.

But a con man like Trump who is just an actor like all selected Presidents because he has deceived so many people that should be waking up. The road to HELL is paved with good intentions, and there are lots of Trump supporters who have been deceived that he is draining the swamp when he is the swamp.

Does Trump not support all the Racist supremacist HATE groups of the subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid narcissists? The ugly smelly egotistically RETARDED LIARS and thieves are the lowest form of scum on the planet, and they have very fragile egos whenever they hear the truth!

When you know the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did 911, all the other dots start connecting. There is a small tribe of genetically deformed parasites who run the criminal banking system as they are narcissistic retards who simply do not tell the truth EVER! Yet they run the bullshit media nonsense.

The subversive LYING narcissists will pay dearly in the end!

Trump is a con man, deal with it!

Plato’s Cave is extremely real!

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