My awakening to the controlled demolition of 911!

Being in a Trance like most American’s on 911, I actually believed that terrorists hijacked planes with box cutters and flew them into the twin towers.  The absurdity of this belief to me now is completely insane. On the morning of 911 I was actually the President of a Rotary Club (which now I know is part of the cabal) running a meeting and was in shock obviously.  I went home and sat in front of my TV to get programmed with the “official” story.  I watched the buildings fall over and over again like many people.  I remember seeing the planes fly all the way thru the steel buildings coming out the other side unscathed, and said that did not see right, but I was still under the guise that no way someone would do this on purpose.  I fell for the Big LIE as Hitler so eloquently stated and described.

So why did ItsaHELLies celebrate the destruction of the towers and admit on ItsaHELL TV they were there to document the event?

I was mad at the arabs for doing this so I was all for retribution!  Since most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia I expected we would attack them.  But we decided to go after Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction?  Being in a Trance at the time I could not quite figure out what was wrong so I went with it.  I watched the bombings of Iraq and thought we sure are getting back at them!

Saddam wanted to sell out outside the petrodollar as that was his crime. He clearly had no weapons of mass destruction and did nothing wrong except piss of the satanic banksters! Even some comatose KKK slavery democrats realize this!

I look back to this and realize just how stupid I was as I noticed many of the anamolies of 911, but the mind control prevented me from further questioning it because no way someone would do this on purpose right?  I am obviously not an ashkeNAZI yid!

I watched the towers go down on the TV so I was programmed entirely so I would not question it! Turn off the TV so you can think!

Things overall went back to normal after a few months and I was very busy with my business and in the 2000’s I was making a lot of money (beast system had me) traveling to Europe a few times and enjoying life not thinking about 911.  America was always the good guy right and people hated us for our freedom, but now I know they mock us around the world for having the most enslaved minds living in Plato’s Republic, as American’s are the most used and abused people of the world.  The military machine to install the Rothschild central banks to enslave they people.

This is the hardest of all for an American to take that we fight on the WRONG side of every war, especially WW2. Having pride in Plato’s Cave America is the WRONG thing to do.

Having significant mathematical prowess, I worked for a bank out of college as a credit analyst and was there in the early 90’s when the bank went from dolling out money almost for free, to pulling back the reigns overnight.  I thought you morons caused the recession as if you would have just been reasonable we wouldn’t have gone into the recession.  Now I know recessions are completely engineered by the bankster scum.

These are the good guys! It is so obvious now!

After I moved to Southern California because I heard go west young man, I became a financial advisor working my ass off to raise assets, as they I might as well work because I didn’t have any money to spend in those first years right?  Going thru training where after a year half the class bowed out, I figured out I had raised about the same amount as your typical advisor, but my commissions earned were significantly less since I used ethics to not screw my clients.  Of course, those who lacked morals and screwed their clients were lauded at the 1 year mark because their commission numbers were greater than mine!  I remember speaking to one of the trainers and stating they are screwing their clients, and he being an older broker just said well that is the way it works.  While I made a living as a financial advisor, I did not get rich because of my ethics.  I would not succumb to the beast system.  Needless to say I left the corrupt business after a little over 10 years.

I have been screwed numerous times in business, and noticed a certain tribe almost every time doing it. Part of my awakening process for sure!

When 911 happened I was still an advisor, but since my income declined with the stock market crater of 2000, I had started selling a product to the construction industry, and the construction industry was booming at that time.  Being who I am I worked my ass off as I was not making much money at the beginning to getting huge checks in the middle 2000’s.  I was making lots of money, closing deals and having a lot of fun.  The beast system made me happy for a while.  Then my most lucrative line I represented was purchased by a very large corporation, one that I didn’t like in the least and was involved with polluting the food supply with GMO’s which I have been against ever since I looked into them. 

How do you get the masses to do the wrong thing? Just add money printed out of thin air backed by nothing! I figured out the problem!!

Thus, with my production I decided to create my own line of products since it was I who had the relationships in the marketplace.  I got my own business going in 2008 and only needed to sell about 10% of what I was selling before to make as much money as I did with the other company.  I started off with a bang since many of my customers trusted me implicitly.  But 2009 hit and the bottom dropped out of the whole market as purchasing the type of product I was selling literally dried up for everyone as people were throughout the whole year just selling off their inventory.  So here I was with significant overhead costs getting my ass kicked financially as I cut my overhead costs down like crazy since my reserves were being depleted.  I was humbled to say the least!

So I am not allowed to point out who the LYING thieves and murderers are who run the criminal banking system because they are of a certain tribe who have self proclaimed they are the chosen ones? Please fuck off!

This is where I figured out once again the banks caused this on purpose by giving money to people like crazy and then pulling back overnight causing this whole mess.  The banks behind the scenes caused this once again just like they did in the early 90’s and the early 2000’s.  I still had not connected the dots to who is the tribe running the banks.  There are no news stories about this for sure as they don’t want you to know!

All booms and busts are easily created by the control of the money supply printed out of thin air by the private bank criminal federal reserve. I know I could do it if I had no ethics just like I can manipulate 2 comatose KKK slavery democrats to attack each other at will!

So I am still questioning things and I know something is wrong, but I was not able to connect the dots because of the Trance I was in.  But in 2015 a friend who I worked with told me 911 was a controlled demolition.  He sent me some information and videos on it and it woke my mind up fairly fast.  How the hell did I believe that and how did they make my mind believe that bullshit?  At that point I was determined to figure it all out and really my quest was how does the mind control work?

The satanic banksters obviously did both! May the usless eating assholes enjoy the fiery pit!

As my mother passed away at the end of 2015 from I believe now from the big pharma profit machine, I then had more time to delve into this whole thing.  What really made me have a sense of urgency is my nephew who went to private school and a very good college told me he was a democrat! And all his ivy league friends were all democrats too!  Fuck me!  The one constant my whole life from asking my father at 5 years old of why are democrats so stupid, was that democrats are just dumb.  They call them progressive because they have progress from RETARDED to currently they are completely insane.  I knew then colleges where merely public brain damaging centers creating a bunch of sycophants!

The public brain damaging center are pure TRASH!

Early in 2016 as I was unraveling the Matrix I figured it was I who had the open mind and that means I was the liberal!  Shocking at first but the Orwellian inversion we are in started to make logical sense at that point.  My extreme inverted sarcasm that I used constantly to make people laugh was actually Socratic logic, and my mind started recognizing every little fact instead of ignoring them.  Needless to say 911 was merely the first of many rabbit holes I went down and I always found the same tribe at the end!  Before I even looked at the FACTS, I was reading Mein Kampf which I expected to be hateful and disgusting, but found Hitler to be compassionate and caring, and knew the holohoax was complete and utter nonsense.  The absurd population numbers where the ashkeNAZI yids population actually grew from 15.7 million in 1933 to 15.8 million in 1948 solidified it was nonsense.  6 million is some type of occult number the yids made up out of some gematria or something.

The fragile egos of the subversive LYING faulty inbreds are triggered by the TRUTH! Simply a narcissistic inferiority complex race combined with being ugly and smelly! The arrogant RETARDATION of the schizophrenic psychopaths is just repulsive!

The German’s which must of my heritage is from were absolutely the good guys fighting the criminal bankster TRASH.  I even categorized how the bankster scum started all the wars as all death and destruction is merely a business model for the egotistically RETARDED thieves and murderers.

The good superior German people suffered the holocaust in WW2, not the ashkeNAZI yid TRASH in the least! This inversion is coming to light more and more every day and the LIES by the RETARDED yids are fading!

Associating with quite a few yids and all of them being KKK slavery democrats, I obviously was quite suspect of their intelligence, yet they certainly thought they were intelligent right?  They certainly would not debate me as I scared all of them since I would never back down. I then started noticing their head jerking when I would use a philosophical quote or vocabulary they were not programmed with.  I was glitching their programming!  Inflitrating a KKK slavery democrat meeting and not finding anyone alive was the confirmation of my research, as when I was walking away from that meeting I coined the term polluted thumb drive for democrats.  Intelligence sure as hell is not regurgitation, but KKK slavery democrats believe it is because they cannot think!  Getting kicked out of a conservative meeting because I was against war was the kicker to realize 1984 sure as hell was NOT fiction in the least.

1984 is a guidebook! Orwell lays out the mechanics of how the Matrix works and I have merely extrapolated out the mechanics for people to try and understand. Orwell hides the truth in the words he writes as I do not hide the truth.

But my awakening to the controlled demolition on 911 is what got my mind awakened to the point where I could not get enough information to look at, and while you can find it on the internet, you certainly get bullshit from the search engines like google!  If google says something is a conspiracy theory, it is obviously true!

911 was the first thing to wake me up, but FLAT earth truth is what really solidified my reawakening to what the bible says. It is why they try so hard to control the truth about FLAT earth by having things like the FLAT earth society which is pure bullshit!

Building #7, dancing Israelies, mossaud admitting they did it, Yid Larry Silverstein saying to pull 911 which is a term for a controlled demolition, steel melting at 2500 degrees while jet fuel burns at 1500 degrees, figuring out there were not planes at all but they were CGI like I know now NASA is, all combined to make 911 completely absurd.  A person has to be in a Trance to believe the bullshit and from my own experience I know I was.

Not even hit by a ficticious CGI airplane, a steel building with a couple staged fires with the records of the pentagon who just announced by Donald Rumsfeld that $2.1 Trillion dollars were missing, collapsed completely like a controlled demolition. Building #7 is the smoking gun to figuring out the 911 mess admittedly done by mossaud.

This combined with the FACT that after I woke up to 911, I read Plato’s Republic and the chapter on Plato’s Cave literally shocked my brain as I knew it was exactly true.  The same shit has been going on since the beginning of time.  The evil few have always controlled the naïve many.

Things have not changed!

The inversion makes the bible come alive also, as my skepticism of organized religion was confirmed as it is a control mechanism for the masses, and I was right to read proverbs and psalms as a child instead of the prescribed Lutheran indoctrination we were put thru in confirmation classes.  I have never been an order follower as my father was not either, and that has made a big difference.

The Orwellian inversion in the bible! What a cohencidence!

I think it is fitting I end this with a poem wrote for my father while he was on his deathbed.  He was not only my father but most surely the greatest man I have ever met in my life as he was immune to all the nonsense they are trying to manipulate us with.  My father never got angry and was well reasoned on anything he did, and he was very creative and funny.  Because he was my father and I obviously spent plenty of time with him, I did not realize I was around such a great man.  Like myself, he was attacked many times for what I know now is people jealous of him.  Since now I know how the Matrix works and is inverted, I know that is exactly how the mind control works.

A confident man will question everything. An arrogant man will believe they are always right. A good woman makes the sammiches!

I was able to read this poem for my father on his deathbed, and of course he immediately said I am not that good.  His humbleness of this statement merely solidified how incredible of a man he was, as that is how the inversion works completely.  His statement was from his heart, while an arrogant person would have accepted the compliment which stems from the head, just more of the inversion we see all around us, as the Matrix sucks.

The Rockefeller deaths shots will euthanize many idiots who selected themselves. The trumpets are playing for sure!

I will always remember you
You will always be with me
Your voice I still hear every day
The sound of wisdom to help me see

You gave me a strong foundation that keeps me upright
You taught me the will to never give up the fight
I know there is nothing I cannot endure
The sense of fairness, honesty, and integrity I learned from you, for sure

Unconditional love is what you always gave
Never raising your voice in anger, but confident, firm and fair
Respected by many as your council was true
A handsome little devil, even with no hair

A sense of humor whose timing was always right
A polished head which was continuously bright
Yet, thru good times and bad, your journey was always true
You did the right things to get all of us thru

Even though this journey is done
There is no need for any regrets
As your son I know who your are
And for the rest of my life I will never forget

Though I am truly saddened to see you leave
I know in my heart you did everything right, I believe
You are greater than all the men that I know
You are not only my Dad, but my mentor, friend and my hero

Proverbs is really the self help book above all self help books!

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