RACIST mentally deranged KKK slavery democrats imploding within because of their extremist HATE!

When you build your foundation of your party around extremist deplorable sycophant HATE like the KKK slavery demonrats, it is bound to implode on itself.  And it is!!

The pyschological projection of extremist deplorable sycophant HATE and RACISM coming from KKK slavery demonrats is just disgusting!

All KKK slavery democrats are clearly completely unconscious and oblivious to what diseased puke they all are at this point, and at least they have been coherent enough to select themselves to be euthanized by the Rockefeller death shot. Many open minded liberals like myself who care for women and children appreciate their overwhelming support of their own demise. Somehow I think they know how miserable they all are and since they like death so much by supporting murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, injecting poison into their bodies so they get sick and die is the logical approach at this point, not that the comatose morons have logic mind you.

So being against blood human sacrifice of innocent babies is being against narcissistic RETARDS? The yids are NOT semitic so that canard is just another LIE! What a RETARDED faulty inbred race of TRASH!

As I have said many times, I am an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, so I am obviously for gun control and am pro-choice.

Thus, it is very important to have proper gun control to protect women and children in the event that someone tries to steal your gun from you so you blow their fucking head off!

Narcissistic blackmailed by the satanic pedophile theiving bankster scum wouldn’t LIE would they?

Also, being pro-choice is the compassionate thing to do for selfish slothful piece of shit who murder innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood brutal murdering clinics, as they should have the choice of what wall they stand against for the firing squad!  I say this because I care!

KKK slavery lefties are simply unconscious vomit!

It is quite possible my definitions may differ from the subversive LYING Racist supremacist bullshit propaganda media, and I assure you I am correct!

Being an open minded liberal is the complete opposite of a prideful BIGOT who supports the morally repugnant sexual deviant LGBT TRASH, as all pedophile need to be lynched and have the entrails fed to the wolves.  I say this as usual because I care!

The programming is good isn’t it?

Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and has obviously produced all the putrid vulgar RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED leftist unconscious vomit, as it is pure HATE speech and a heinous mendacious LIE to call any gullible moron lefty liberal since they even have trouble figuring out their gender nowadays.  It is very important that everyone stop calling comatose closed minded KKK slavery lefties liberal since it is very upsetting to open minded liberals like myself.  Until the despicable filth dies off from the Rockefeller death shot, it is important to be politically correct and do this.

All liberalism is cancer! It sure as hell doesn’t produce open minds in the least!

Is their any doubt that Orwell wrote fiction still, as how hard is it too see the complete inversion we are in? All KKK slavery lefties are fucking insane at this point.  This is not a debatable FACT in the least!  It is pure observable reality as lefties are devoid of any thought, and merely regurgitate their HATEFUL BIGOTED programming?

Ain’t this the truth!

Since being around a comatose KKK slavery lefties is similar conversing with a brick wall, I refuse to associate with the morally repugnant filth, and frankly dealing with stupid Republican’s is bad enough.  The false left vs. right paradigm is just such a puppet show at this point it drives me nuts how people cannot see it, but I do realize the trance American’s have been put into.

Sorry, KKK slavery lefties are simply NOT alive!

Every day people are rude to me in some way because I speak the simple truth, and I never know exactly what truth will trigger someone’s ego.

Which truth will it be?

-Chem trails?

People can’t look up into the sky?

-Synagogue of satan ItsaHELL doing the controlled demolition of 911?

Dancing ItsaHELLies? The narcissists fucking admitted it and still people freak out!

-GMO’s being poison?

How long have I been screaming about poison GMO’s? The food supply has been poisoned on purpose!

-Flouride being bad for your teeth and a neuro toxin?

But it is added to the water? And it is in most peoples toothpaste!

-Hitler being the good guy and being right? Holohoax is nonsense!

If the German’s had a death camp there would be NO survivors and most certainly NOT an Orchestra or opera house which Auschwitz had! The Holohoax is fucking absurd and a despicable HATEFUL RACIST LIE!

-America fights on the wrong side of every way?

Especially WW 2!

-Prideful BIGOTED comatose KKK slavery democrats being vile RACIST Trash?

Comatose lefties are devoid of thought!

-The earth being FLAT?

Where’s the curve? WATER is FLAT and needs a container making conspiracy globbery absurd!

-Calling myself an open minded liberal?

Republican’s are not smart and very programmed also, just not completely comatose like lefties! The false left. vs. right paradigm is total nonsense!

-Pointing out all the false flag shootings are done by ashkeNAZI yids and comatose KKK slavery lefties?

All the false flag shootings are done by schizophrenic psychopathic ashkeNAZI yids and programmable RETARDED KKK slavery democrats! FACTS prove this!

So what truth will trigger the ego today?              

The extremely divisive HATE and BIGOTRY spewing from diseased puke closed minded KKK slavery democrat scum is utterly immense at this point, as all lefties are frankly useless eaters so having them euthanize themselves is quite the solution to the problem.

The ego is the Matrix and agent smith always attacks the truth! EVERY. SINGLE TIME!

But until the filth dies, I will continue to trigger the comatose morons ego won’t I?

Doesn’t matter what truth is spoken, it will be attacked!

The Truth is more powerful than the berserk conniption fits coming from poison leper KKK slavery democrat filth I assure you!

The truth is offensive you know!
Isn’t this the truth or what?

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