I told you so! FACTS do not cease to exist just because you ignore them!

As an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, I have repeatedly told you the truth over and over again.  The Orwellian inversion is not just one thing but everything and is confirmed in the bible also.  I am not the only one who is saying this BTW.  If your pride refused to believe me then it is on you not me as I will not take any blame.  I obviously do not let an extremist deplorable sycophant HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious gullible moron regurgitate their programming in my presence!

The Brave New World is NOT fiction!

Let’s take a look at what I have told everyone and I will do it in chronological order of my own personal awakening to the inversion.

KKK slavery democrats are unconscious- I have been making fun of democrats intelligence my whole life since they give me so much material!

Exactly how much more proof do you need?

GMO’s are poison- You do not alter God’s creation and call it good.

If a cow has a pile of regular corn and GMO corn to eat, it does not eat the GMO shit. GMO introduction poisoned the food supply, but obviously cows are smarter than most humans at this point!

911 was a controlled demolition- A little research on this proves the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL did 911

And the subversive LYING parasites admitted it!

The holohoax is bullshit- Population numbers proves this absurdity as the good German’s did no such thing.

Can anyone do math?

The media is completely inverted vomit- Whatever they say is the opposite of the truth!

Who do you think the RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI yid subversive LYING propaganda media is attacking anyway? I do not consider the yids human in the least!

All vaccines are poison- All of them are Rockefeller poison and this last one is for genocide obviously

Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it! Once again, the unmasked will be burying the slave masks!

Climate change is nonsense and chem trails are real- If someone can’t see Greta humbug as an autistic RETARD they are comatose.

If you believe Greta humbug, you are not alive!

Fluoride is a neuro toxin – It dumbs you down on purpose!

Flouride is in the water to make people stupid on purpose!

America fights on the WRONG side of every war and is a perverted version of Plato’s Republic!

America fought on the WRONG side of WW2 and all wars!

The ashkeNAZI yids are subversive LYING parasites- The HATEFUL vomit that spews from these Racist supremacist faulty inbreds is despicable!  They are narcissistic RETARDS who suffer from schizophrenia psychopathy.

The schizophrenia is clearly what causes the faulty inbreds such an inferiority complex and their arrogant RETARDATION! The useless eating maggots are such subversive LYING TRASH!

The Khazarian ashkeNAZI yids are neither real joos nor are they semitic – Lineage of cain!

Satan’s chosen ones sure are deceivers aren’t they?

Pride goes before destruction- Pride is the ego is stubbornness is the Matrix itself as it inverts the perception of reality in the mind.  What’s good is perceived as bad and what is bad is perceived as good.  The ego ignores all FACTS so people can be programmed with all the LIES thru repetition.

The prideful BIGOTS who took the Rockefeller death shot will soon see this in action!

KKK slavery democrats are RACIST BIGOTS –  They are 100% of what they accuseth!  It is a simple FACT!

The sub human beasts sure are good at this and is why they must control the propaganda media bullshit!

Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and produces HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED garbage!

No comatose KKK slavery lefty is even remotely open minded!

The earth is FLAT! – The glob is completely free mason absurdity!  Free mason’s are luciferian LIARS!

You see the earth is FLAT every day of your life! It is an enclosed environment that God made! It is so obvious!

The bible is a history book with much wisdom- God does not let you read it if you have pride which is almost everyone.

If someone was not prudent enough to check the ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot, your punishment will be death!

Slave masks are 100% bad for you- They merely point out who are the complicit zombies at this point.

Anyone so stupid to wear a slave mask deserves their fate at this point! I cannot do much about it at this point! The faster their miserable lives end the better as I will just avoid the zombies as best I can!

KKK Planned Parenthood performs satanic blood human sacrifices on innocent babies- How obvious is this?

How incredibly stupid is it for Blacks to vote for the KKK slavery party who is actively killing them? RACIST selfish slothful prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are just unconscious vomit!

The Rockefeller death shot is for depopulation purposes by the satanic pedophiles who run the world!  This is NOT suggestive conjecture it is a FACT as people are getting sick and dying like crazy already.  Did I not warn everyone NOT to take it?  Yes I did!

Did Trump push the Rockefeller death shot? Why yes he did! Trump support syndrome is very real!

Trump is completely controlled opposition – Trump support syndrome is very real as he is pure TRASH and a con man.  Anyone who supports the RACIST supremacist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is part of the evil!

Trump with anal schwab! What a cohencidence!

In the hallmark of the BRAVE NEW WORLD, all these FACTS I state do not cease to exist just because you ignore them in the least!

One of the reasons the satanic bankster pedophiles want to destroy the family is they do not want a strong wise father like mine to raise children so they can manipulate the masses.  A fatherless child does not have a good foundation to start from unfortunately.  The foundation my father built for me is why I am who I am as I refuse to LIE.  I like my father eschew popularity and seek the truth thru kindness and love.  That is why all the bullshit bounces off me completely.

All garbage liberalism vomit is anti-family!

We are obviously in such a dystopian state currently that my truth will be perceived as HATE, but that HATE is coming from those who merely do not think and it is them who are HATEFUL.

This is not fiction in the least!

It is the unrequited truth that it is I who am the open minded liberal who cares for women and children, not a comatose lefty in the least who at this point cannot even form complete sentences! 

I do not like LIARS in the least!!
This is true!

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