Vaccidental deaths!

Seeing all the people die of the Rockefeller death shot as more and more people are getting sick while the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING bullshit media makes up the most obnoxious excuses for people dying is comical and very sad. The cause of death is ABV (Anything But Vaccines) from cold showers to the farcical climate change pushed by autistic RETARD Greta Humbug.

Can you say mass murderer? The satanic cabal is very evil and will burn in HELL!

Since many years prior I have been screaming all vaccines are poison and had my life threatened numerous times for being against them, I knew this one was for the culling the satanic cabal had been talking about for years for the depopulation event.  I even had a long conversation with the Baroness on vaccines as she said they know exactly what they do and specifically target white males because we are the only race smart enough to take down their their satanic cabal so we are targeted.

This is all due to the increase of vaccines as it is more than obvious! But nobody listens do they?

The immense RACISM towards white people like me fomented by the ugly smelly inferior subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yid TRASH is oh so obvious, but the Trance people are in it is hard to break them out of the spell.  The Stockholm syndrome is quite immense as if you mention the narcissistic yid maggots you will most surely get someone to go berzerk.

The narcissistic subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast pharisee money changer TRASH goes berzerk when they are told the truth about what useless eating scum they are! Amazingly there are still the most ardent RACIST supremacists who care about the RETARDS life!

I obviously fight with the unrequited truth always as I had told everyone I know repeatedly to not get the Rockefeller death shot, as this was just a repeat of what was done to depopulate during the supposed Spanish Flu which was death by Rockefeller death shot then also, as the unmasked buried the masked.  History is rinse and repeat unfortunately.  It’s hard to believe the parasites covered this up isn’t it?

Just like 100 years ago, the unmasked will be burying the obedient slave mask wearers! People don’t learn from history do they?

When you know everything is inverted like myself actually being the open minded liberal who cares for women and children and unconscious leftist TRASH being prideful BIGOTED morally depraved filth, it is a clue that the inversion is real, but since FACTS are ignored people are unable to extrapolate out what this really means.  It means Orwell did NOT write fiction, nor did Huxley with the Brave New World.  I obviously would not know how to write updated Orwell if I did not understand the mechanics of it right?

Comatose lefties are such despicable TRASH! Thanks narcissitic RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids!

I wrote this Orwell piece in the summer of 2020 before any of the Rockefeller death shots were being administered.  Before the founder of to warn against all vaccines was murdered in late 2020. I showed this to many people and told everyone NO to the poison, but how many people listened who were in the trance?  I don’t know because if a person did take it they would be embarrassed to tell me.

He wrote this 100 years ago and it is true. The vaccine changes the DNA of the individual who takes it. Do I have to tell you that is not a good thing in the least to change you god given DNA just like trying to change your god given gender? Fuck people are stupid!

Orwell’s Animal Farm Poison Vaccine Edition

After being inundated with the most trusted news source for Orwell’s animal farm in CNN, the stupider animals were scared of a made up pandemic and believed this without a single fact to back any of it up. Because language being surreptitiously reduced due to political correctness, the majority of the animals believed this because the party told you to reject all evidence of your ears and eyes.  This as we know was their final, most essential command.

However, Ralph the Duck was in the courtyard one day when a paper flew in from about vaccines. Ralph was one of the smarter Ducks so he could actually read a bit.  To not be noticed reading this human influence, he quickly hid it and promptly hid behind the outhouse that the farmer used to use to read the document.  Reading the list of ingredients he read, aborted duck tissue, mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum among others.  Ralph could not quite comprehend what he was reading, but it seemed to him these were not good and was alarmed.  Ralph then brought the paper to Greta Humbug the social justice warrior for clean manure.  Ralph gave the document to Greta and soon she burst out in madness.  “HOW DARE YOU!”  This clearly is a violation of Snoball’s rules for human influences Greta screamed!

Greta promptly filed a grievance against Ralph with Snoball.  Obviously Snoball was incensed by this and ordered a lockdown on all he animals as there must be an investigation in how this happened.  All the animals were put into cages as Snoball the pig personally inspected all of them, especially Ralphs.

That evening while Snoball was thinking of the proper punishment for Ralph, he had his favorite dish duck soufflé and it was delicious!

The next morning there was a lot of commotion as it appears Ralph was attacked in cage and then disappeared leaving only a few feathers.  Because of National Security risks of reporting the truth about this murder, it was avoided by all the ministry of Truth outlets.

But at least CNN has told all the animals that just because people are dropping dead from taking the poison to not be concerned, because if you cannot figure out they are murdering innocent babies are the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, how could you make the connection here?  Besides, to avoid all human influences, the animals were told to memorize the basics of complete knowledge.  Terms such as keep safe by social distancing since you are told to do so, wear your slave mask because oxygen is not needed for the braindead, and take your poison vaccine as you will no longer get sick after you are dead.  These phrases, Snoball said, contained the essential principle of Animalism. Whoever had thoroughly grasped it would be safe from human influences. The birds at first objected, since it seemed to them being dead was not so good, but Snowball proved to them that this was not so, since then they no longer could get sick.

This is all so obviously true it is sad!

Having a chance event to meet a Baroness and have many discussions with her to confirm all that I knew pretty much solidified everything which is not normal obviously, but they know most people are in such a trance they simply will not wake up and will select themselves to go to the slaughterhouse alone.  And they did as I warned as many people as I could.  I told you so but I could not stop abject stupidity in the least.  The vaccine regrets are coming out of the woodwork at this point but it is too late as every day the poison is weakening their immune system and I really don’t think it can be removed.  It is just a matter of time.

Damage has been done and I think they blew up the guidestones because they have realized their depopulation goal for the most part. Sick pieces of shit aren’t they?

Just about everyone knows someone who is suffering from the poison at this point, as a very nice guy I work with who did take the first 2 shots unfortunately, had his 51 one year old sister vomiting profusely and pass out so she had to go to the hospital to do some tests.  I know she took the shots and could possibly have lately taken some boosters as I do not know her.  His 80 something mother who took the shots is also sick so they could not go to see his sister. 

This is a list of the prideful BIGOTS who did not look into the poison ingredients!

We are clearly in a momentum stage of deaths by Rockefeller death shot and it is going to be getting much worse soon as the deaths will peak I believe not in this upcoming year, but the year after that.  Deagle’s population estimate of 100 million American’s in 2025 is probably correct, so you do the math?

2025 is not that far away is it?

If you have roughly 330 million American’s now, that means 230 million will die.  I will shed no tears for when RACIST rude and offensive HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties I assure you as the zombies being put out of their miserable existence is a blessing for them.  They may be breathing but they are simply not alive and since they are gullible morons almost all of them took the Rockefeller death shot.  If the truth I am saying and everyone keeps realizing I have been right about everything here on our FLAT earth offends you, that is normal as the truth is very offensive in our dystopian world especially to comatose leftist TRASH!  If you are offended by my comments and not offended by the satanic pedophiles murdering all these people, there is something wrong with you not me.  But that is the reaction people have as they are offended by words, but not the brutal murder of an innocent baby.

The human ego will deny the truth I write! It is how the Matrix works!

I have done my best to wake people out of Plato’s Cave and I have most certainly been attacked by agent smith more times than you can imagine, as it is a constant where people accuse me of what they are guilty.  I think I average about 5 times per day getting called retarded because people simply cannot comprehend any FACTS or the words that I say. 

Plato’s Cave is very real!!

Vaccidental deaths is what is happening as it is time to turn off your TV “programming.”  Stop being deceived by satan’s minions. If it comes out of the mouth of a narcissistic ugly smelly inferior ashkeNAZI yid maggot, it is a LIE.  Jesus and Hitler were right!

Hitler was a brilliant compassionate man! In the inverted world we live in obviously he branded as the opposite right? What else would you expect from the diseased puke maggots? joo is just a fancy word for a RETARDED urinal!

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  1. We went through a similar scam and genocide with a fake Spanish flu and poison vaccines over 100 years ago. My late grandfather remembered how many people who got jabbed died. Whereas some of his family had a flu for a few days and all recovered.

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