A Flat-Earther’s Manifesto

This piece is written by a fellow FLAT earther whose social media name is yafer which is short for Yet Another Flat Earther! He has some of the best detailed analysis of FLAT earth in all it’s details. I will post of few of his pieces here as my detailed knowledge of FLAT earth does not match his in the least. I just know conspiracy globberyists cannot comprehend the simple FACTS yafer illustrates so nicely as his are more of a dissertation of different subjects he researches. Enjoy!

I believe My Creator gifted me the tools I need to understand the world He Created for me to live in. My eyes and other senses show me what is.

My Creator is not a deceiver. I believe up is up, down is down, level is level, and stationary is stationary. Any and all statements to the contrary are voodoo mind-control magic, and I shun such demonic wickedness.

I believe the natural physics of a liquid is to find and maintain its level, and to take on the shape of its container. I believe the natural physics of a gas is to expand to fill its container.

FLAT earth confirms the bible and the bible confirms FLAT earth! Plato shows us how the archons try to deceive us from figuring this out!

I believe my God-given Common Sense is the very spark of Divinity within me, and I will never accept an explanation that does not make sense to me.

I will prioritize Objective Truth above all worldly goods and honors, including and especially the ruinous glamour of a falsely-so-called “good reputation,” for I am a child of Divine Truth, not of man-made falsehoods.

I will insist that doctrines which cannot be verified by the average person do not qualify as valid Science, but are necessarily Religious in nature.

Water is always observably FLAT is common sense!

I will remember that the statement “I don’t know” is an assertion of strength and confidence, not an admission of weakness or stupidity as the world would have me believe.

I will remember the words of the Apostle when he said: “test all things, hold fast to that which is Good.”

I will remember that artificial, man-made testing environments do not necessarily reflect the behavior of the Natural World.

I will prefer questions that cannot be answered over answers that cannot be questioned.

So help me God.

The ego is satan as he does his best to deceive with conspiracy globbery!

Gravity Is Just An Illusion!! (Einstein RETARDED syndrome illusion)

Most Flat-Earthers have probably heard of the “Universal Acceleration” theory championed by the make-believe flat-earthers over at the FES psy-op. It’s a gravity model that Globies and Flat-Earthers alike rightly recognize as retarded. You probably knew that their “model” is based on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

What you might NOT have realized is that they didn’t actually change Einstein’s theory one bit. It’s not like they came up with a “flat earth” version of Relativity. No, their kooky accelerating disk just is Einstein’s bonkers theory in its native, unmodified form.

Gravity is a conspiracy theory as it is simple density per the atomic weights on the periodic table of elements why things rise and fall!

The following video is bar-none the best explanation of Einstein’s Relativity that I have ever come across. I actually recommend watching it. I’ll give credit where credit is due: the YouTuber does an outstanding job of presenting the modern theory of gravity intelligibly. And that is by no means an easy thing to do!

It all ends up being voodoo gibberish of course, but that’s Einstein’s fault, not the YouTuber’s. If you do watch it, you’ll at least understand what Einstein’s witchcraft is.

Einstein was an narcissistic ashkeNAZI yid RETARD! So you know he is a LIAR!

Now upon learning that their sacred gravity is not only beyond nonsensical, but is also not even a force anymore, some Globies will try to drop Einstein altogether and retreat back to Newton. Do not let them get away with this. They must accept Einstein, because Relativity is the only way to “math away” Albert Michelson’s aether drift experiments.

Globies have only two choices. They can either humbly adopt Common Sense and Geocentrism, or they can humbly discard the concept of gravitational force and start advocating this bamboozling gobbledygook instead:

Einstein was told he was smart wasn’t he? That canard lives on today!

How Far Away is the Sun?

Most Flat-Earthers probably already know this, but here is something that will never be explained to you in school:

Given the premises of the Globe Model, it is mathematically impossible to triangulate the sun’s distance from earth.

If you could measure the sun’s angular altitude from two points on earth using instruments that are 100% accurate, then you would get two perfectly parallel lines which will never intersect at any distance. If your instruments are less than 100% accurate (which they obviously are), then any deviation from parallel will be due to instrument error – NOT due to the sun’s position in the sky.

The sun is under the firmament and not even close to 93 million miles away which is absurd! It really is not that big at all!!

The reason for this is that the Globe Model assigns the sun’s angular altitude to the curvature of the earth. The sun’s altitude therefore determines the observer’s orientation.

When two observers in two different regions are both looking at the sun and seeing it at two different altitudes, then according to the Globe Model, those are the angles of the globe’s surface at those two points. The importance of this cannot be overstated: if the sun’s measured altitudes at two different points logically determines the observers’ relative orientations (aka latitude/longitude) at those two points, then those same measurements logically CANNOT determine the sun’s absolute position.

If two observers ever did manage to measure two angles that eventually intersect, then the LOGICAL conclusion would HAVE to be that they have misidentified their own latitude and/or longitude!

Why did Werner admit on his tombstone that there is a firmament? Because he knew what a fraud free mason NASA was! He obviously was a free mason!

So how in the world did scientists come up with 93 million miles??

Most Flat-Earthers already know the answer to that, but suffice it to say that this number had to be declared BY FIAT. It is a mathematically impossible measurement. Only a committee, or a “high council,” could give a definitive answer to the sun’s distance, given the Globe Model’s premises.

And that of course is the whole point.

Tesla knew how the whole thing worked! Tesla, not Einstein was a genius!

As George Orwell said: “Do you suppose it is beyond us to produce a dual system of astronomy? The stars can be near or distant, according as we need them. Do you suppose our mathematicians are unequal to that? Have you forgotten doublethink?”

The Globe Model makes the Heavens inherently incomprehensible. As a result, only Government decrees can restore to the Heavens the logical comprehensibility that the Globe Model strips away.

And that’s just one more reason to always keep it flat. 

You see a flat earth every day! You see globbery on the TV “programming!”

Why Would They Lie?

A Globie recently asked me why the heck governments would spend hundreds of years and trillions of dollars convincing us the world was round if it was really flat. Here was my answer:

Firstly, NASA’s budget is about $50 million every day, and what exactly that budget gets spent on is classified Top Secret. That makes it the most lucrative tax-dollar money-laundering scheme in all of world history.

The shape of the earth LIE is just to get your feet wet!!

Secondly, and more importantly, because the Elites need the masses to be obedient, complacent, and trusting in order to implement their One-World-Government agenda. The best way to foster complacency is to give the people Scientific Dogmas that are inherently unverifiable, so that we have no choice but to “trust the experts.”

You cannot convince billions of people that they are just animals (Evolution), or that they have no God (Big Bang), or that they are just soulless economic robots (Communism/Capitalism), or that raising their taxes will save their lives (Climate Change), or that self-defense is irresponsible (Gun Control), or that bearing children will make them miserable (Feminism), or that self-mutilation will make them happy (Transgenderism), unless you FIRST brainwash them into accepting government propaganda above their own common sense (Heliocentrism).

FLAT earth opens ups a can of worms that never stop, as if they LIE about the shape of the earth you know they LIE about more things, and then you realize they LIE about everything! The Matrix is real!!

If you can make a man believe that the ground beneath his feet is moving for no other reason than because “science says so,” then you can make him believe ANYTHING you want to, no matter how absurd it sounds.

You could convince him that there’s 87 different genders. Or that sodomy is genetic. Or that pregnant women have fish in their wombs.

Lefties can be made to believe anything since they are comatose, and the satanic pedophiles most certainly control the masses!

Hell, you could tell people that they have to wear a face covering or else they’ll just start dying, and as long as they’ve been properly conditioned to equate Science with the Word of God, they will believe you!!

In fact, not only will they believe, they will even repeat it to others and feel intelligent while doing so.

And THAT is why they tell us we live on a spinning space-ball.

People that wear slave masks are truly zombies!!

These are just a few of yafer’s posts as he has a plethora of them and most every answer we get as flat earth truthers. But I have taught yafer all his incredible information is ignored by conspiracy globberyists because they cannot comprehend FACTS! It is the human ego that is really the issue because the ego believes the LIES while ignoring all FACTS due to the brainwashing which inverts the mind! To convert a globberyists to the truth requires a front door and back door approach, and yafer and I make a very good team! What can we say, wacked out conspiracy globberyists are scared!

Ignorance and stupidity is the inability to question your own beliefs and actually admit you are wrong. Wisdom is acquired thru a succession of errors!

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