Trump Support Syndrome is very real!

We all know Trump derangement syndrome as your unconscious mentally deranged RACIST Hateful intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty is just a despicable selfish slothful piece of shit at this point and since most of them did take the Rockefeller death shot they will be gone soon enough.  KKK slavery demonrats are simply repulsive TRASH! I will not miss the rude and offensive programmed morons one bit!

All comatose KKK slavery lefties are TRASH!

But in the spirit of the Brave New World where FACTS are completely ignored, the support that a paid actor like con man Trump gets is almost as bad.  All politicians are actors and narcissistic subversive LYING TRASH obviously but unfortunately Trump is a very good actor unlike severe dementia Biden who is just a vegetable.

Trump is just more controlled opposition!

So what has Trump actually done for American’s especially white American’s who built the country and are the source of practically all culture?  Absolutely NOTHING!  Empty words don’t mean a thing!

Fuck you Trump!

What did Trump do to destroy America?

-Does Trump support the ugly smelly inferior complex genetically deformed sub human beast RACIST supremacist subversive LYING parasitical terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL maggots?  Is that not extremely HATEFUL and RACIST to support the terrorist nation who attacked America on 911?  The narcissistic RETARDS are useless eaters and should always be used as urinals as God designed faulty inbreds for!  Seeing the diseased puke surround vegetable Biden should give people a little clue right?  But that FACT is ignored!

Anybody supporting the Racist supremacist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 is TRASH!

-Did Trump pardon a despicable RACIST black rapper who sang a song to kill white people?  Yes he did and that is a FACT!

-Did Trump do anything about the RACIST domestic terrorist zombie apocalypse BLM and antifa TRASH? No, he let the Racist terrorists riot at will! All of them were unconscious vomit RACIST BIGOTED leftist filth right?

How do people ignore the RACIST domestic terrorist pedophile HATE groups antifa and BLM anyway? Fucking zombies!

-Trump pardoned Jonathon Pollard who stole American military secrets blatantly and proudly who received a hero’s welcome in the RACIST terrorist maggot capital synagogue of satan ItsaHELL?  Did not mossaud admit they did the controlled demolition on 911?  Yes they did!

-Did Trump push the Rockefeller death shot to euthanize his Trump support syndrome supporters?  Yes he did!

-Did Trump do anything to support the peaceful protestors on J6?  No, he entrapped them in conjunction with the federal bureau of insurrection!

Did joo know?
Funny I don’t see many grass huts? Fuck you RACIST Trump as white people built America! You are just another subversive LYING parasite!

Trump is clearly part of the satanic pedophile bankster cabal and even visited Epstein Island!

Just how many more FACTS and proof do you need?

Trump support syndrome is very real!!

The puppet show of the Racist supremacist propaganda bullshit media attacking him is just complete and utter nonsense as it was all an act!

The ashkeNAZI yids control both sides of the blatantly false left vs. right paradigm of nonsense!  FACTS are overwhelming proving just this!

The parasitical maggots run sides!

Just this weekend I met someone who was there on J6 who knew about the Khazarian mafia, the criminal federal reserve (although he was programmed to believe Trump shut down the fraudulent entity which is a complete LIE as he has no control), and when I started naming of the parasitical yids he said I could not put a whole race into a box like that (this is what is programmed into Trump Support syndrome gullible morons) and when I said so putting a whole race in a box like white privilege is OK?  Like all FACTS this is ignored!

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS!

Don’t name the parasites and state FACTS about the narcissistic subversive LYING faulty inbred’s or people will get upset with satan’s chosen ones!

The anti-semitic pharisee money changers fragile ego is triggered by the Truth!

The Racist supremacist propaganda media run by the mental invalids is utter bullshit!  Everything is a completely inverted LIE as it is beyond absurd at this point!  And as we know all a mentally deranged comatose KKK slavery lefty can do is regurgitate the inverted LIES said on the TV “programming.”  Lefties are simply NOT alive and cannot think, and obviously accuseth of exactly what they are guilty, plus are intellectually incapable of forming complete sentences! It’s not that they cannot listen, it’s that they can’t listen because their brain is fried!

The star of remphan 666 right in the middle of the RACIST supremacist subversive LYING propaganda bullshit media!

Trump like all Presidents was selected and is an actor who has no power whatsoever as the criminal satanic federal reserve runs the government entirely.  They blackmail thru pedophila and buy all the narcissistic politicians with money printed out of thin air.  This happens at every level of government.  Let’s face it why did state governments lock people down for no reason?  They were coerced with money from the bullshit fema nonsense which was as should be obvious by now was printed out of thin air!

The titanic was sunk on purpose to murder those who oppose the criminal fed!

Let’s repeat that!  The fed lends money to the government that is backed by absolutely nothing and is printed out of thin air.  The human ego is controlled this way so they will do the absolutely WRONG thing which everyone did. 

Hitler put in place Feder’s system which produced prosperity! The ugly smelly inferior Racist supremacist sub human beast narcissistic RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid diseased puke would have none of that so they had to bash Hitler and make up the bullshit holohoax LIE! Maggots will be maggots!!

Get farmers to poison with food supply with GMO’s?  Just takes money.

Get pilots to poison the air with chemtrails?  Just takes money.

Get crisis actors to LIE about the false flag shootings?  Just takes money.

Get Doctors to inject the poison vaccine for depopulation purposes?  Just takes money.

This is how the beast system works as it is completely inverted and who controls the money supply controls the masses.  It is that simple unfortunately as the masses are easily led overall.  Just takes a little printed out of thin air money to fuel their materialistic ego. 

Notice how I use the ego which is what sex is based of to get your attention? It works doesn’t it?

I know America fights on the WRONG side of every war and that triggers the ego doesn’t it?

Fuck me!

I do what is right, certainly not what is easy in the least!

When you know agent smith attacks the truth, you know it will never be easy!

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