Compilation of my responses on social media!

This response is to the confusion of why I state the KKK is part of the RACIST prideful BIGOTED narcissistic slavery democrat TRASH!

” Like crime, rape is an occurrence that happens due to a lack of intelligence to control animalistic impulses. Hence your preponderence of rapes by black men who overall are very intellectually deficient and do not belong in a civilized society in the least. This will go for any society with limited intelligence and is why we find such a preponderence of pedophilia among the ashkeNAZI yid fakes joos due to their blatant arrogant retardation.

Even more so than Blacks, the schizophrenic psychopathy of the inferiority complex laden ashkeNAZI yids makes it even more important to segregate the parasites from a civilized society as their polluted DNA is simply beyond repair. The yids are simply the biggest inbred losers on the FLAT earth as the narcissistic intellectual children’s pool dwellers truly are repulsive vomit. Yet the ugly smelly inbreds believe they are smart? That is the biggest absurdity of the Orwellian inversion!

The yids intellectual deficiencies are the reason they are such subversive LIARS and psychologically project onto others what they themselves are guilty, hence the master LIARS of the world.”

The KKK never left the RACIST prideful BIGOTED slavery demonrats!

Responding to a supposed Christian and his mockery of our FLAT earth!

“Is reading the bible your God?

Reading the bible and comprehending the bible and believing it are 2 different things.

The wisdom in the books of Proverbs and Psalms are immense, but it takes not faith to understand them but reason.

Faith without reason is folly.

It is a FACT that Flat earthers in general are very anti-organized religion.  The reasoning behind this is almost all of them are satanic glob believers as they have faith in this free mason extortion fraud NASA lie while they refuse to use reason to research FLAT earth.

You can read the bible without believing it since the amount of verses showing the earth is a flat circle covered by a firmament or dome, plus flat and stationary are immense.  There are zero verses for conspiracy globbery which is actually designed to keep you away from understanding God’s creation.

God exists for FLAT earthers because of the reasoning behind flat earth backed up by the bible, and thus we can have faith backed up by reasoning.

To believe in the glob you must rely on faith only because it has absolutely no reasoning behind it whatsoever.  If you believe water curves, please tell me how far above sea curve you live on our spheret?

You have faith in God like most who purport to be a Christian but you have no reasoned beliefs why you have faith.

FLAT earthers have the reasoned belief that the FLAT earth confirms what the bible states, and this proves to us that there exists a necessary, eternal, supreme and intelligent being.  This is no matter of faith, but of reason.”

The bible confirms FLAT earth and FLAT earth confirms the bible! Any questions?

Responding to someone about my experiences with KKK slavery democrats and understanding they are simply comatose.

“A friend who I lived with when I rented a room in a mansion and I drank many bottles of wine with him, invited me to a wine tasting party (January 2017 right after Trump was elected) he was having (and yes he is a yid which is one of the reasons why I know how they are programmed) where almost everyone was a yid or at least a KKK slavery democrat.  I was the only non democrat which is hard to believe since you know me.  But I am a social guy.  I make people laugh at parties!

At the end of the party where we all had drunk a good amount of the wine (All really good wine) there were 6 of us sitting around a table finishing our last sips before we called it a night.

One of the guys there was an artist (artists don’t have logic) and started saying Trump is so stupid. The rest obviously agreed.  I said wait a minute, obviously I would say the same thing about Obama, so which one of us is right?  Blanks stares at that point was quite apparent.

I can’t remember is someone called Trump a racist which is exactly what they are programmed with, but I asked them this.  If someone is Black, and they vote specifically for Obama because he is Black, are they racist?  They all responded with NO!  I said it’s the FACTUAL definition of racism!  Then I asked them if a women voted for Hillary specifically because she is a women, is that sexism? Once again that is the definition of sexism.  Again they said NO!!  One of the women piped up women can’t be sexist!  How convenient!  Then someone piped up that democrats can’t be fascist!  I was flabbergasted.

Besides going to a KKK slavery democrat meeting anonymously and not finding anybody alive, I realized how big the problem is!  They literally have no intelligence and can only regurgitate!

An eureka moment at least but it is obviously quite a problem when all lefties are walking zombies!”

Narcissistic KKK slavery demonrats are simply NOT alive! No intelligence whatsoever!

Explaining the ego which is the Matrix

“We all have an ego, but what really is the ego?

The ego denying the ego is exactly what the ego is.  We all have one, but the majority of people will deny it exists, and that is exactly how the ego protects itself from the Truth.  The ego is a LIAR and it psychologically projects onto others exactly what it is guilty every single time!!

We all have 2 minds in reality, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.  The conscious mind will think, be creative, and can solve problems through critical thinking.

The subconscious mind is where all the programming from TV, music, and the indoctrination centers called schools focus on to create an obedient slave.  When a person is in a Hypnotic Trance they are functioning completely off of the subconscious mind, as evidenced by any mentally deranged lefty who are completely unconscious, but because they have absolute no filter of intelligence, adamantly believe they are right when they are always 100% wrong and guilty of what they accuseth.

People on the right have plenty of ego combined with all the programming creates a logic vs logic confusion which renders their thoughts very docile and confused. Righties are also in a Trance like state but have some sense of consciousness to at least have decency and decorum, unlike completely wacked lefty zombies. Orwellian Doublethink describes this very well.

Orwell’s Doublethink:  His mind slid away into a labyrinthine world of doublethink.  To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process itself – that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.  Even to understand the word “doublethink” involved the use of doublethink.

The ego is pride in believing you are right, it is stubborn, bigoted, and it has absolutely NO intelligence and is pure emotion. The ego ignores all FACTS. Satan is the ego.

The ego is the Matrix, Plato’s Cave, Orwellian World, Brave New World, & Clown World.

As long as you do not understand what your ego is, you are not free, as you are enslaved in your mind.

“It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.” Voltaire”

This is what the ego is, which is the opposite of what they teach in the public indoctrination centers falsely called schools!

A yid who has evil scumbag subversive LYING Saul Alkinsky as his picture.  He has since blocked me.

Shrodingerskitty who has subversive LYING parasite Saul Alinsky as his picture

Fighting ashkeNAZIs on gab group!

Sauls first psychologically projecting first post

“Miss me with that racist bullshit…”


How do you propose to stop a despicable RACIST like severe dementia Biden as he kills more Black people with the crack pipes? Wasn’t KKK slavery demonrat Biden spewing enough of his extremist HATE toward Black people by murdering them at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics? The KKK sure is ecstatic aren’t they?

I despise RACIST TRASH myself as an open minded liberal!!


Well, look we found something to agree on. I reject racists sounds like you do as well.

Sounds like a great place to terminate the discussion.

End on a high note and all that.


If only our definition was the same right?



See, now there you go trying to steal my sunshine and drag this into the dirt again.

Not going to happen, little buddy.

I’m going to leave it on the high note and walk away.

I want to remember you just like that.

Goodbye now.



VoltTear: Just curious with this most recent act of HATE, BIGOTRY and Racism by the KKK slavery democrat party towards Black people by getting them addicted to drugs with the crack pipes, have the donations been poring in from the KKK like they did for Hillary?

KKK slavery democrats sure are good at killing Black people aren’t they?

Any Black voting for the RACIST KKK slavery demonrats is unconscious!

A post I did!

We have recently seen in our Flat Earth group being infiltrated by too many RACIST bigots and this should be very concerning to all the administrators of Flat Earth.  We must have NO tolerance for any HATE and BIGOTRY in our group, as only open minded liberals like FLAT earthers should be allowed. We obviously have been open minded to refute all the LIES that the public brain damaging centers falsely called schools have been indoctrinating unsuspecting subjects with.  If someone is so closed minded to not realize this, these BIGOTS must be removed!

Thus, I think it is appropriate that a stance is taken at this time to ban the extremist HATE speech that comes from all mentally deranged cultural swine projecting RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED domestic terrorist KKK slavery demonrats!

As we clearly know, sycophant farm animal lefties are only able to spew their ignorant programmed regurgitations they are programmed with as all of the RACIST BIGOTS are intellectually incapable of debate, much less form a complete sentence. 

It is extremist deplorable HATE speech to call a comatose lefty liberal since the gender confused morons don’t have a functioning brain in the least!

Thus, I propose an addition to the group description that we will not tolerate any HATE, RACISM or BIGOTRY, so NO sycophant KKK slavery lefties allowed EVER!!”

All comatose KKK slavery demonrats are indoctrinated with conspiracy globbery and because they are so closed minded you cannot even talk to them about FLAT earth! It’s the no intelligence rearing it’s ugly head!

My post on sewer equality

                 Sewer Equality NOW!!!

As a progressive liberal it has come to my attention that over 98% of sewer workers in America are men!!  In these challenging and unprecedented times, this travesty of inequality must be addressed!!!   This extremist deplorable injustice must be addressed as to make sure we have equality of outcomes, women most certainly have the right to get dirty and smell like the sewer also!

This extremist deplorable discrimination against women working in the sewers must be addressed immediately, and severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden must muster up the strength to at least tweet about this although it is quite obvious he in intellectually incapable of doing so since he has the intelligence of a half eaten turnip as typical of sycophant farm animal KKK slavery Democrats. 

A greater opportunity must be given to Feminists which will really empower women for the greater good, although would they know?

By not providing for sewer equality, this is clearly violence against women and is equivalent to letting women be raped!  This discrimination of women in sewers is pure HATE towards women and the children they are trying to provide for, as being against this is to be a HATEFUL intolerant BIGOT!!

Stop the discrimination of women in sewers NOW!!!

Sewer silence is violence!!!”

The sewer is the perfect place for an whiny ass selfish slothful unfuckable RETARDED feminist TRASH!

A narcissistic conspiracy globberyists calling me retarded for the millionth time and my response!

” This one sure has an ego problem doesn’t he?

Like even a telescope has infinite vision?  LOL!!!

I appreciate the compliment of your attempt to insult my intelligence to protect your fragile ego, as it adds to my world record.

You have a mentally deranged morally depraved RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist friend, you call the mental invalid an open minded liberal?  How wacked out is that?  Can the comatose lefty figure out its gender?

Both Scott and I are open minded liberals and I assure you Greta Humbug is an autistic retard!  Lefties are not alive!!

Obviously, your thoughtless indoctrinated regurgitations are much different than Scott and I’s critical thinking and reasoning skill that were not destroyed in Public brain damaging centers call schools. 

But understand we were both brainwashed like yourself with conspiracy globbery, as we recovered however.

I hope you refrain from such HATE speech in the future however like calling a closed minded BIGOT lefty liberal, as that is extremely offensive to open minded liberals like Scott and I!!

If disinformation google says it isn’t FLAT, it merely proves it is FLAT! Men can get pregnant? Fuck me!

A post of mine

Can you tell the different between comatose KKK slavery democrats and Orwells 1984 HATE minute?

There is no difference!!

Orwell HATE minute!
KKK slavery democrats!

This is just from 2022 as I obviously do not save them all. Needless to say I have not lost a debate in a very long time! I shouldn’t be this devastating!

Plato’s Cave is very real as a person’s pride prevents the understanding of true reality!

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