Repeal #19! Why women voting is a huge mistake!

As a philosopher I obviously am not very popular when I tell the truth.  Especially with most women when I tell them this as they throw a conniption fit which further proves how right I am!

The masses use their feelings to make decision, not intelligence in the least!

But the reality is that the smarter women agree with me all the time, and the others merely solidify why what I say is right!  Never has a women ever been able to tell me why they should vote, but most women will offer me some programmed regurgitation while they are going berserk.

Repulsive feminists are disgusting TRASH!

FACTS are important and it is a FACT that many women vote for the narcissistic prideful BIGOTED RACIST KKK slavery democrats right which merely proves their intellectual deficiencies. As is obvious, HATEFUL selfish KKK slavery democrats are RETARDED!  That is abundantly obvious nowadays as lefties are comatose.

These despicable hateful RACIST PRIDEFUL bigots are pure unconscious vomit!!

God simply made women as nurturers and care givers as their natural role to bring up the next generation, as this in reality is the most important job of all, yet the complete opposite has been brainwashed into them by such repulsive selfish narcissistic RETARDED feminist TRASH! True empowerment of a women is too support her raising her children to be good people for the next generation, as men should always be around to support a women in her natural endeavors.

I bet RETARDED 2 bit whore Harris disagrees right?

The only good feminist is one who has already been run over by a truck and that is obvious at this point.  Feminists are filthy disgusting whiny ass RETARDED bitches who should never reproduce and frankly should be euthanized for their own protection.  All leftist brainwashing is repulsive and done by the ugly smelly inferiority complex genetically deformed narcissistic RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid TRASH!

So who are the ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human human beast maggot TRASH that brought us repuslive feminism? Every single time!

The rude and offensive behavior of all mentally deranged HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats is repulsive and for sure none of them are able to debate an open minded liberal like myself who actually cares for women and children. Prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are so RETARDED at this point they cannot even figure out their gender.

All comatose lefties are just repulsive vomit at this point they cannot be saved! The RETARDATION is just immense!!

Men and women are supposed to compliment each other, not be at odds with each other as our current beast system, yet many women have been made into raving lunatics with all this diseased puke leftist vomit. Calling a comatose lefty a liberal is a heinous mendacious LIE since their polluted thumb drive minds are closed shut! It truly is amazing comatose lefties can tie their shoes.

Men and women are not equal on purpose and compliment each other. Obviously all putrid vulgar leftist TRASH is equal because the sludge is all RETARDED!

Men and women are different and any statement contrary to this is simply RETARDED.  There are 2 genders plus many mental illnesses for the blithering idiots who think there are more, as you cannot change your gender only mutilate your private parts.  To actually be a KKK slavery democrat at this point requires a dose of insanity topped with intense narcissistic unconscious delusions.

These are the untouchables since they should NEVER reproduce since they are too RETARDED! No respectable guy would ever consider this filthy whiny ass TRASH!

Even the parts fit correctly as God designed them!  I think God knew what he was doing while those who say a man can get pregnant are literally absurd. The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, RACISM and BIGOTRY coming from leftist vomit everyday is repulsive as they are clearly not alive.

Repulsive lefties are so RETARDED at this point euthanasia really is the only cure! And they took the Rockefeller death shot! LOL!!

Women overall simply do not have the cognitive function to form a reasonable solution to any problems, as they throw their emotion blither into everything they do which will produce the wrong decision every single time.

Because women are emotionally based, they can be manipulated to commit the most heinous crimes like murdering their innocent babies. Overall, women are simply stupid. It is reality!

Emotion and intelligence are inversely related, as women are simply emotional creatures created by god that way to be good care givers for the next generation.  Women overall are not equipped intellectually to vote and therefore should not for their own benefit. The FACT only the minority of women sees this blatant reality is further proof it is the truth.

If my truth bothers you, that is your problem! If you want to complain about my truth you are at risk of me giving you a linguistic enema.

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    • I get intelligent women agreeing with me all the time and they are the most vocal and supportive. Unfortunately it will always be in the minority. It sure stops every comatose leftist in their track however, especially if you as a women say it. I personally do not let any comatose lefty regurgitate their programming in my presence!

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