Baroness remembrances

Baroness Remembrances

While I will not name the Baroness I met a few years back I thought I would elucidate some of what our conversations entailed.  Being awake to all the utter bullshit it obviously was a surreal chance meeting of someone who understands the complete deception of everything we are currently in.  She obviously was not in charge of anything, but being a Baroness she had certain protections not afforded to the peasants.  If there was danger she obviously had the ability to summons a plane to Wisk her out of it.

All the world is a stage!

In my first meeting which was by pure chance she was quite astounded of how awake I was.  I like always was pleasantly surprised that I found someone who was awake, and I believe it was the subject of the controlled demolition on 911 that was the first thing I mentioned and she noticed.  Needless to say as we continued our conversation we were surrounded by zombies she worked with and yes she worked, as they were all around us which we had a few jokes over.  But there are zombies everywhere as very few people are actually awake.

Most people simply cannot think! Smart phones and dumb people!

We kept in contact and had numerous phone calls discussing the Bolsheviks, Hitler, poison vaccines, Rothschilds (who were in her data base as she accidently called one once) and other subjects as well. Understanding true history you understand the Rothschilds have infiltrated the ruling blood families of which she was one so she did not have favorable comments to say about them in the least.

If you have death camps, it makes sense there are NO survivors to tell about it!

One of the discussions which I had research was of the blood type of the elites and they are all RH – which is of the fallen angels or Nephilian.  She was AB- as about 15% of the population is RH – so they have some of this blood in them.  However, all Presidents who are selected have the blood type B- which is the 1% as their blood turns blue when exposed to oxygen because of the higher iron content, hence that is why they are the blue bloods.  All Presidents are related and are descendants of Charlemange (34) and the rest King Edward (Can’t remember which one off the top of my head).  Obviously, voting does not matter since it is all a puppet show if you know this, as the most royal blood is the one who is actually selected.  If you know this you know they have been interbreeding forever and this is one of the reasons they are psychopaths, and why they need the blood of children to actually stay alive, hence all the child sacrificing.  This interbreeding is clearly on display with someone like vegetable Biden who literally has negative cognitive abilities.

Hitler was right!!

She had relatives who were there when Tsar Nicholas and family were abducted by the satanic Bolsheviks as they raped the little girls and did satanic blood human sacrifices on all of them.  Here relative was given a choice to either agree to never talk about this and be set up in retirement the rest of their life, or talk about it so they would murder their whole family.  Needless to say they did not talk about it so that is why she is alive.  This whole thing becomes even more interesting when you realize Russia was the Great Tartary as Red Square is pure Tartarian Architecture.  The leadership of the Tartarian’s was defeated by Napoleon and the Tsar in 1775.  America was part of Tartaria as San Francisco was a developed city in 1605.  But this is not something we discussed as I did not know this history at the time, as her ancestors were fighting the Tartarians.

Most of America and Canada was Tartarian. This helps connect the dots to true history.

Obviously we had many discussions on Hitler as she knew the holohoax was pure bullshit obviously, as the ashkeNAZI yids use this as a mind control mechanism for the masses which also serves to cover up all the genocides they have done including the 66 million white people the Bolsheviks killed in Russia.  The German’s as is obvious we slaughtered in WW2 as they were the good guys, and America was the bad guy like all wars.  She told me that Hitler was a bastard Rothschild and sent me a link on this.  While this makes sense that all the leaders are part of the bloodline, I read the truth that Hitler spoke and it doesn’t seem right in the least.  JFK is part of the blood lines but he had a conscious and went against them also so obviously he was killed too.  She told me Hitler did not die after the war and died in Argentina is 1971, and Merkel was his daughter.  Obviously Merkel is a mind control drone and like pretty much all women can be programmed accordingly.  Hitler certainly could have been part of the blood line but they do go against them also if they morals.  Hitler was just such an intelligent man that I can’t imagine him going along with the satanic bankster scum, as all his policies were so humanitarian, and even though he knew the narcissistic ashkeNAZI yids are polluted TRASH, he did not kill them, as he stated sometimes a person is too nice.  The situation we are in today is because white people are simply too nice, and the inferiority complex genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yids have no scruples in the least while having severe intellectual deficiencies.  The inversion is very apparent to me and becoming more apparent to the masses, but still not the majority.

If you do not know what psychological projection is, it behooves you to figure this out!

We also discussed poison vaccines as she told me they know exactly what the poison will do, and specifically target white males because we are the only ones who can take the faulty inbreds on.  No other race has the creativity and intelligence to.  Have you noticed how the subversive LYING RACIST supremacist egotistically RETARDED sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid maggots attack white males with the TV “programming?”  This is pure jealously from the useless eating soulless TRASH and is a back handed compliment.  As we know, joo is just a fancy word for a RETARDED urinal as the faulty inbred’s are narcissistic loser scum.  And no the Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s are not real joos nor are they semitic as she confirmed this also.  I assure you the sub human beasts are totally targeting white people due to their extreme jealousy.  If only the mental midgets weren’t so ugly and smelly right? Satan obviously chose the most RETARDED and easily manipulated filth on the planet didn’t he?  LYING is second nature to the RETARDS!

If you have the star of remphan 666 next to you, you are a LIAR! The fiery pit awaits!

The Vegas false flag shooting happened while I knew her as I happened to be in a hot tub at a nice hotel as few days later and encountered a high level schizophrenic psychopath ashkeNAZI yid.  I believe he stated he had just met with some Chinese generals.  But the shooting came up and I said it was complete bullshit.  This upset him that I would not believe the absolute LIES as I said it was complete absurd.  I explained to him all the anamolies of the shooting and of course they had to shut it down in the media quickly since nobody believed their shit.  Their false flags are so quickly destroyed nowadays and this ashkeNAZI yid who at first came across as so caring was getting nervous.  Then he brought up the Sandy Hook false flag absurdity with crisis actors galore and I just said what complete bullshit.  At this point I triggered his inner devil and he got incensed I didn’t believe all the bullshit LIES and stated he wanted to kill me.  I took this as an opportunity to exit the hot tub. I calmly got out and walked towards him and said your fucking hate is disgusting.  I then calmly turned around to go get my towel and he took his towel and snapped it at me.  I just walked slowly away from him showing him I was not scared and went back to my room.  Regarding the Vegas shooting, the Baroness did confirm with me that it was 5 ItsaHELLie kill teams targeting white Christians.  It was very obvious a lone gunman was not part of it. 

The false flag shootings are all such bullshit!

While overall the Baroness was very nice, she was not fond of the stupid peasants as she numerous times would just say kill them all!  She also has been in plenty of conversations with people in her circles who have been talking about the great culling for years.  Of course that is what we are currently in and I think they actually blew up the Georgia Guidestones to signify most of the task has been completed.  By 2025 million’s will be dead from the Rockefeller death shot.  She even asked me if I wanted to help kill people which kind of shocked me obviously but she was very well aware that I knew how stupid most people are.  I declined this invitation as I know if I would have accepted I could be very financially rich while my soul would be gone!  I am not one who can be bribed.  I always do what is right, not what is easy in the least.

This is completely true!

While I knew her I did write the Baroness poem!

Truth is stranger than fiction

In a world that is under an ignoble diction

While it burns with a flaming contradiction

And building a cross for its own crucifixion 

Common knowledge is a fanciful farce

Where wisdom is surreptitiously sparse

In the minds of the few it shows the simplistic parse

As the elect few dance with the illusion of marse

Consciousness dances around the heads of the masses

As the many sink in the bog of morasses

Ignorance clutches and literally surpasses

The comatose cattle of the naïve asses

The Orwellian twist employed by the select few

Mesmerizes and hypnotizes the simplistic minds to make it seem true

Of a world that is ruled in the shadows by an invisible glue

That makes you wonder who really is who

It takes a Baroness to get a semblance of the grand plan

And sift thru the web of the manipulative duplicity of the klan

To determine the mendacity of what is really done to the common man

Where the puppet show of Plato’s Cave has an infinite life span

Is this a test or is it real

And why comprehension is a rarity to this ordeal

That we call life which seems so surreal

In a place where the masses are trained to kneel

It is truly lonely to speak the truth

Where seekers of the divine are aptly labeled a sleuth

As they search the path of righteousness so they will have proof

Of the simple purity the human soul has in its youth

To coherently see the light within

You must recognize and define the darkness herein

As the master liars run roughshod over the landscape while playing the violin

Which is readily apparent much to the soothsayers chagrin

Death and destruction is merely a business model

To move the chess pieces together into some bloody cottle

Then divide and conquer by inverting and deflecting the compasses throttle

While embracing the manufactured hate and ignoring Aristotle

There obviously is more than what is before our limited senses

Which only produce an illusion that is protected by nefarious defenses

The truth lies in the pine cone which is our connection that eliminates all pretenses

Then we are able to safely navigate the correct path and jump over the many fences

The Truth is stranger than fiction

As Orwell eluded too with such clairvoyant and masterful diction

As deception and danger elude the instincts and provides the perfect contradiction

Where fiction is actually the truth as it amazingly is just an accurate prediction

While I am not a narcissistic faulty inbred Chomsky fan in the least, this statement is correct!

We also had a discussion on evil scum like Soros, as I said he will burn in the fiery pit, while she said he will suffer no repercussions for being such a disgusting slimeball.  I stand by my stance his destiny is very hot, as the narcissistic elite believe they are gods, while I know otherwise.  I understand why the bible says it is the few who are fit, not the many.

These evil disgusting scumbags most certainly will burn in HELL! I have no doubt this shit suffers eternal damnation!

There are many more discussions we had but those are the ones off the top of my head that I remember.  I thought it would be good to write them down for posterity sake. We drifted away and after I stopped using joobook we have not communicated with each other as I don’t want to bother her.  While she is part of the bloodlines, she still has some of the same issues we all do with all the bullshit that is happening.  Frankly, her troubles are compounded by it all.  I do not think even though they all have money any of them are happy.  They give the appearance of being happy, but have complete inner turmoil, which is just more of the inversion like everything else.  Money does NOT make you happy in the least but it certainly feeds the ego doesn’t it?

The exact same thing that happened in Russia 100 years ago where 66 million white Christians were murdered by the inferior sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids is playing out in America today. If you don’t learn from history, it is just rinse and repeat!

Have I told you Plato’s Cave is entirely real yet?  LOL!!

When I read Plato’s Cave many moons ago, I knew it was the truth.

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