It’s NOT ok to be a narcissistic RACIST KKK slavery democrat!

All mentally deranged morally repugnant unconscious vomit HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED RACIST KKK slavery demonrats obviously have a mother who unfortunately did not brutally dismember them before they were born.  This is quite unfortunate since they are all unthinking drones are pure sludge. At least the Rockefeller death shot will do what their mother should have done.

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE that spews from every narcissistic KKK slavery demonrat works less and less every day!!

The sub human maggot subversive LYING RACIST supremacist ugly smelly genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid propaganda is all a comatose diseased puke brainwashed RETARDED can regurgitate, as all lefties are completely devoid of thought.  It is very unfortunate that the German’s did not dispose of the soulless ugly smelly useless eating ashkeNAZI yid maggots!

Jesus talked about the ugly smelly egotistically RETARDED inferior maggots alot! So did Martin Luther and of course Hitler had the genetically deformed parasites pegged!

God agrees with me entirely since it is quite obvious that gullible moron unconscious narcissistic KKK slavery democrats took the Rockefeller death shot so God has euthanized them.  All I can say is I told you so.

The Rockefeller death shot is all coming from the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL! The sub human soulless beasts are behind the whole genocide! The star of remphan 666 showing they worship satan and molech is right in your face, and their destiny will be very hot in the fiery pit!

All I say it is not Ok to be a narcissistic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat, but it truly is God who has euthanized the selfish morally depraved useless eaters.  I agree with God!

If you read with bible with pride, God simply does not let you comprehend it! It is God’s filter!

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